History and Liverpool 1-0 smile at Atlético … with moderation

first_imgBesiktas3-one0-3 Leicesterone-0one-one ChampionsJuventustwo-03-0 Temp.CompetitionRivalGoingReturn Real Madridtwo-0two-two ChampionsBayernone-0two-one 18-19CupSant Andreu0-one4-0 Las Palmas0-twotwo-3 12-13CupJaen0-3one-0 Qualifying with triumph of Atlético in the first leg Betistwo-0one-one Getafe3-00-0 ChampionsLeverkusentwo-40-0 Eibar3-0two-two 11-12Europa LeagueLazioone-3one-0 Perhaps neither Juventus, the only team capable of tracing him, almost a year ago, at this point in the Champions League. Atleti went to Turin with a 2-0 (goals of Giménez and Godín), but ended up falling 3-0 and therefore removed. It is the precedent that, by recent and because it should serve as a lesson, moderates euphoria in the dressing room.Of those 26 double-match duels that began with triumph, seven were in Europa League (2012 and 2018) and in six of them the Atleti also won in the return, only Sporting from Portugal escaped. In Copa he did it 14 times and only Las Palmas won the second round (2017), although his 2-3 in the Calderón was not enough to turn the 0-2 of Gran Canaria. Hannovertwo-oneone-two 15-16CupReusone-twotwo-0 Valencia4-two0-one 17-18CupLleida0-43-0 ChampionsMilan0-one4-one 14-15CupHospitalet0-3two-two Who strikes first strikes twice and in the case of Atlético this is accomplished quite frequently. Almost as a norm. Of the previous 26 qualifiers in which the Simeone team, since that 2011-12, won the first leg, passed round in 25. Although it is true that he rarely had a rival like the one waiting for him in Anfield, so you have to take the data with caution … 16-17CupGuijuelo0-64-one 13-14CupSant Andreu0-4two-one Athleticone-0one-two Europa LeagueCopenhagenone-4one-0 Sportingtwo-0one-0 Sevilletwo-onetwo-two Lokomotiv3-0one-5 * In bold, Atlético’s goals.But the most intense clashes have been, without doubt, the five Champions. To Milan (2014) and at Leverkusen (2017) beat them at home of first and to Bayern (2016), to Leicester (2017) and to Juventus (2019) at home, like now to Liverpool. Against the Bavarians, Atlético took what is for many the most agonizing joy of the Simeone era. Saul’s Maradonian goal in the Calderón he gave advantage to the rojiblancos, who in Munich suffered a gale during the first half. However, only Xabi Alonso scored and even Oblak failed a penalty to Müller. After the break, Griezmann tied and Lewandowski shot the suffering with 2-1, but it didn’t happen from there and Atleti got into the final. The outcome can be An example to hold on to.last_img

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