Omar Hilale Blames Venezuelas Humanitarian Crisis on Dictatorship

Rabat – Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Omar Hilale, has told his Venezuelan counterpart on Tuesday 18 that his country should focus on its internal catastrophes rather than meddling in Morocco affairs. During a discussion at the UN headquarters in New York on April 19 that centered on UN Sustainable Development Goals, Venezuela’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Rafael Darío Ramírez, stated that the UN’s goals would only be fulfilled if they take into account “occupied territories,” among which he included the Sahara.In his intervention, Omar Hilale, Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the UN, deplored the humanitarian situation of the Venezuelans, who suffer extreme poverty while their country has unlimited oil and gas reserves.  “The population of the richest country in the region in oil and gas is condemned to poverty and misery due to the monopolization of its national wealth by a Chavist dictatorial oligarchy,” said Hilale.The official added that the situation in Venezuela is so disgraceful that “Venezuelan children have to search for food in garbage bins,” and that the Venezuelan president’s call for humanitarian aid when the country is loaded with hydrocarbons is a case-in-point that the regime is both “corrupt and bankrupt.” Shedding light on aspects of corruption in the Venezuelan regime, Hilale said: “while his people do not find medicaments to heal themselves, nor food to eat, nor milk to give to children and while the government shuts down schools to economize electricity, the Ambassador to the UN allows himself to stroll in his two private jets in the United States and Caribbean countries.” Hilale noted that Venezuela would not achieve sustainable development without democracy and human rights. He regretted that the dictatorship, coupled with famine, cripple this south American country. He further called on Ramírez to humble himself, as the regime he represents kills peaceful protestors on daily basis for merely demanding their basic rights, such as a real democracy, dignity and food.Moreover, Hilale reminded him that Morocco did not wait for the UN’s Sustainable Development program and launched a 7-billion-dollar development project in the. He pointed out that people of the region will benefit this massive investment, noting that “it is not the case for Venezuela, the last dictatorship in Latin America.”

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