Christmas came early Google Reader for Android is here

first_imgOf all of the Google apps I have wanted on my Android phone, Google Reader is probably the biggest. Everything I have used that has tried to offer the Reader functionality onto my phone has failed. I love my Google Reader, but it’s just plain not as useful without the mobility of an app. Fortunately, my favorite overlords have decided to grant a Christmas wish two years in the running, and released Google Reader to the Android Market!Reader has always been available from the mobile web, but the experience has been incomplete, and you always have to login to your Google account every time (rather, I do, because I don’t store my passwords). An app that was tied into your Google account on your phone just makes more sense. Plus, Google managed to stuff the app full of on-the-go functionality!The biggest benefit to Reader Mobile is the ability to both add new things to my reader feed, and have it sync with my reader account on my desktop so you am not reading stuff twice. So far I can say this: Google nailed it with this app. It’s extremely easy to either pop in a URL or search, and, oh man, is the search awesome. You can search for literally every kind of social networking thingy there is, and add the results to your feed.Google did a really great job, and everything so far works exactly like I thought it should. This is exactly what I, and any other Android using Reader fan have been looking for.Grab your copy of Reader in the Market today!Read more at Google’s blog.snap20101201_164538snap20101201_164538snap20101201_164523snap20101201_164500last_img

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