Google Honeycomb is only for tablets

first_imgThere are a few Android tablets out there right now, and some — like the Samsung Galaxy Tab are even pretty good — but it’s still not very contentious to say right now that Android isn’t very good for tablets. Heck, even Google has said as much.And that’s the whole point of Android 3.0, aka Honeycomb. Google recognizes that making a good tablet operating system is not just about making the display bigger: people use tablets in different ways than they use smartphones, and even the simple act of making the display larger can stress to breaking even the most robust operating system.Honeycomb, then, is a landmark release for Android tablets… one that will make all of the tablets that came before look chunky and half-baked by comparison. But what about smartphones? Will Honeycomb be a similar radical leap for Android smartphones as it will be for Android tablets?Google today has confirmed that it will not. Why? Because Honeycomb isn’t coming to smartphones. It’s a tablet only release.This is coming as a surprise to some, but it’s actually not much of one. Apple, for example, originally released the iPad with iOS 3.2, which never came to the iPhone. Instead, the iPad and iPhone branches of iOS were reunited months down the line under iOS 4.1.The same thing is going to happen here. Google is going to get Android up and running with tablets, then unify both branches of the Android code base later down the line. That’s not to say that some of the more appropriate functionality of Honeycomb won’t be coming to Android smartphones sooner, though: Google’s already promising some gradual feature roll-out of Honeycomb’s more smartphone-specific perks.Read more at PC Maglast_img

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