Metacritic caves on giving game developers numeric scores

first_imgLate last week, Metacritic — the popular review aggregate site for games, movies, music and more — began to rank game developers with a number. It was a move that sparked a lot of controversy. Essentially, the way Metacritic’s developer review algorithm worked was by averaging the scores of all the games that developer had worked on. That was problematic enough: it’s one thing to say that a game sucks based upon its numerical score and quite another thing to say that a developer sucks, or is bad at his job, based upon the review scores given to games he has worked on. There are tons and tons of talented game developers toiling away at companies making shit games, because they aren’t the decision makers. It’s got to be demoralizing enough to have worked on poorly reviewed games, let alone be told you suck an equal amount as the average of all the games you have worked on put together.The other problem, though, was in what those numbers might have been used for. Game publishers already use Metacritic averages to determine whether or not to pay out bonuses to game developer companies… is the next step to deny a hard working person a raise based upon his Metacritic developer average?It was just a bad idea all around. Luckily, Metacritic’s caved and removed the ranking. It may just be a temporary move, though, as Metacritic Games head Marc Doyle is saying that they’re pulling the developer ranking feature primarily because their database of developer credits isn’t yet good enough to provide accurate ratings.. not that rating human beings numerically is a bad idea to begin with. Read more at Metacritic [via Rock Paper Shotgun]last_img

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