HP TouchPad 64GB and 4G model due in August 7inch this fall

first_imgJuly 1st has come and gone, and sales of the HP TouchPad have officially kicked off. Not everyone is quite as excited as Russell Brand, however — reviews of the TouchPad have been mixed so far. One of the common knocks against it is the fact the tablet’s performance felt a bit sluggish at times, which is a bit of a surprise considering that there’s a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood.Help could be on the way, however, if a leaked presentation slide is an accurate indication of what HP has up its sleeve. As soon as August, there could be two additional TouchPad models to choose from. Apart from a 4G enabled version that will ride on AT&T’s cellular network (which features 32GB of internal storage), there’s also a beefed-up 64GB model coming.AdChoices广告The 64GB TouchPad features a pair of additional tweaks apart from that increased storage capacity. A second leaked slide indicates that the model will sport a glossy white back as opposed to the original black one — which is notoriously bad for attracting fingerprints.But it’s not what’s outside that really counts. Inside, the new white, 64GB TouchPad will pack a 1.5GHz processor. That’s a pretty substantial bump from the original 1.2GHz and one that should make a world of difference in terms of the device’s overall performance.There’s also mention of HP’s OPAL tablet in the presentation, which is reported to be a 7″ TouchPad. HP has managed to keep the more diminutive version relatively hush-hush up till now. No hardware specs have been revealed and no leaked images have appeared, though that will no doubt change as launch day approaches. OPAL is due to arrive sometime this fall.Read more at PreCentrallast_img

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