2TB Xbox One S launches August 2 if youve got 399 to

first_imgDuring E3, Microsoft announced the Xbox One S. This updated console would be 40% smaller than the current Betamax-sized Xbox One and would be able to play 4K media. Microsoft said that the system would be released next month, and sure enough, the company has today announced that folks can purchase an Xbox One S on August 2. Well… at least one specific edition of the system.This version of the Xbox One S comes with a 2TB hard drive. Because of that, it’s priced at $399. That’s $50 more than the 1TB model, and $100 more than the 500GB edition. The 2TB version can be pre-ordered now from the Microsoft store, though Microsoft says that it will be in limited supply.While the $399 edition will be available on August 2, the other, non-limited edition consoles, will be sold at a later date, explained Microsoft.Though we know a good deal about the Xbox One S, there are still some questions that need answering. The most important one being: how hot will the machine run? Since the console is smaller, it runs the risk of operating at higher temperatures. Given how Microsoft had a huge overheating issue with the Xbox 360, this is something it would want to avoid. With that in mind, we can assume Microsoft has carried out extensive testing to ensure the  Xbox One S has optimal airflow and a good thermal package. Extensive real-world use will tell us either way.Unlike the current Xbox One, the Xbox One S can stand vertically, though Microsoft hasn’t said if the vertical stand comes with the system or is sold separately. Given how the PS4’s vertical stand doesn’t ship with the console, chances are that the Xbox One S’ vertical stand will also be sold separately.The Xbox One S seems like a good deal, but considering how it is only a few months removed from the holiday shopping season, folks may want to wait before buying one. Microsoft has been known for heavily discounting the Xbox One during the holidays, so it is reasonable to assume it will do so again for the Xbox One S. Even if there is no price cut for 500MB or 1TB versions of the system, we can at least expect console bundles that come with two or more games.last_img

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