The New Overwatch Hero is Not What We Expected

first_img When Overwatch started teasing change, many were expecting a new hero, but many were expecting Doomfist, a character integral to the events occurring within the game.What we’re getting instead is an entirely new character named Orisa, who is a tank support robot. Even more interesting is that we had been introduced to her before. We just didn’t know where to look.Blizzard Entertainment started teasing a new hero’s release earlier in the month, specifically on the Numbani map. A tweet from the official Overwatch account noted that there had been an attack at the Numbani airport, which players recognize as the starting point on the map. There weren’t any civilian casualties reported but a number of OR15 units had been destroyed. Stay on target ‘Overwatch’ Coming to Nintendo Switch… In Case FormLego Adds Two More ‘Overwatch’ Sets: Wrecking Ball and Junke… center_img [BREAKING] OR15 defense units destroyed in confrontation with unidentified assailant at Numbani airport. No civilian casualties reported.— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 24, 2017This was also reflected in-game, with the airport in the map showcasing the carnage.Earlier in the month, Blizzard had teased a new character, but didn’t mention if she was playable. In a blog post on its website, the company introduced Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old genius grant recipient who had been making strides in artificial intelligence and robotics.Most fans theorized that Efi wouldn’t be playable based on her age. There’s something odd about having to beat up a child.However, unbeknownst to us, she’s the creater behind Orisa, and teased her existence in that blog post.“I want to create things that make our lives better. And someday, my dream is to build something that can keep us safe, like the new OR15s! I think that would be great.”Orisa is a former OR15 unit, actually the one that is pictured in the tweet embedded in the wall, according to her origin story video. Efi put Orisa together from disposed parts left over from the attack in an effort to create something that could protect the citizens of Numbani. Considering Doomfist was the one that initiated the attack on the airport, according to Efi, the city is going to need a lot of protecting.Orisa is described on the Overwatch website as a tank and a “central anchor of her team.” She has the ability to project barriers on the frontline–similar to Reinhardt–and can launch graviton charges to slow enemies–much like Zarya. Her ultimate attack is a “supercharger,” which is a device that increases the amount of damage inflicted on enemy team members caught in its path.Orisa is the third character introduced to the original Overwatch roster since the game’s launch. She follows Ana and Sombra, who are a support sniper and an offensive hacker respectively. In contrast to Ana and Sombra, Orisa contains elements from other characters, making her one of the first introduced heroes that isn’t completely unique. Considering that she’s a robot created with a lot of the same technologies available already, it makes sense.Orisa is currently available to try out on the PTR. There isn’t a date for her official release. But you can get Overwatch: Origins now from Amazon.last_img

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