Microsoft shows off what the Xbox Ones Kinect is really capable of

first_imgWe know that Microsoft’s next gaming console is coming with an all new Kinect, but how different is this new hardware from Redmond’s first attempt? As it turns out, thanks to a handy explainer from the Xbox team, the answer is “very different.”The first generation Kinect was a cool idea, but it really wasn’t ever accurate enough to rely on. Even under ideal conditions, games that relied on Kinect would fail miserably at delivering an even moderately acceptable user experience. The thing Kinect has proven most useful for is the voice recognition and gesture swiping through menus — that is to say, not a whole lot. There are a few cute Kinect games, like The Gunstringer and Power Up Heroes, that worked well enough to be enjoyable, but there wasn’t enough there to really pull most users in.When word got out that the new Kinect would not only be included with the Xbox One, but its existence on your entertainment center was mandatory, it left a bad taste in the mouths of many. To help demonstrate just how different the new Kinect is, Microsoft put together a video showing off the many ways in which accuracy has been improved for this new system.The big things that trip up the original Kinect appear to have been major points of interest for Microsoft in this new release. The company’s demonstration shows that the new sensor is well aware of your body and is able to keep tabs on all of your parts as you move around. The thumb and tip of the finger make it easy to track when a fist is made, as well as when your wrists rotate. the straight lines in the skeleton view clearly show off how many points the sensor is tracking simultaneously, which means all of that information is available to the developer.The end result is a more accurate representation of your movements in game, which should make it much easier to actually enjoy the games that tap the power of Kinect for a more immersive experience.last_img

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