Fuel prices to drop for third consecutive month

first_imgRelated posts:Regulatory authority approves drop in fuel prices National Oil Refinery seeks a decrease in fuel prices, likely for September Costa Rica (still) has the most expensive gas prices in Central America Gas prices to drop again this week in Costa Rica Facebook Comments Motorists will save some money at the pump this month. Fuel prices are set to decrease again in October. The new prices will go into effect by the end of this week.The Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) on Tuesday approved a decrease in per-liter prices for gasoline. “Plus” gasoline will fall ₡13, diesel will drop ₡11 and “Super” gasoline will ₡2. That means “Plus” will cost ₡744 per liter ($1.39), “Super” will cost ₡777 per liter ($1.45) and diesel will cost ₡658 per liter ($1.23).Changes in international oil prices and to the U.S. dollar exchange rate resulted in a fuel price decrease, ARESEP said. This is the third consecutive month that fuel prices have dropped.last_img

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