Australians heart Rome

first_imgRome is the favoured destination for Australian tourists and is considered Europe’s Most Attractive City according to TripAdvisor’s third annual European Cities Survey. Jetabroad Managing Director, Darin Walters said the survey of 2,963 participants may not be “the most scientific of studies, but is a great guide and mirrors the changing tastes of Australian travellers”. While Rome was voted third Most Attractive City last year, the city has shown considerable improvement and is considered Europe’s number one destination for fine dining. “Many voters consider it one of the traditional European capitals, long known for its history, architecture, food, and weather. London, on the other hand, is viewed as something of an upstart, while old prejudices against the food and perceived expense continue to bubble up,” Walters said. London fell out of favour with participants this year, considered as the most expensive city as well as home to the worst cuisine in Europe.However, despite poor results Walters said London is “still considered as being the most exciting city in Europe”. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img

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