conTgos smart app for travel communication

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Agents and travel management companies will find relaying safety messages on to travellers during a crisis easier, as conTgo works on launching its first smart phone application later this year.The mobile solution provider co-founder Johnny Thorsen told e-Travel Blackboard that while the company’s current advanced mobile initiatives are able to distribute communications to both “smart phones and dumb phones”, conTgo is focused on adopting smart phone platforms. Mr Thorsen said the company is in the process of testing the application but is also focusing on receiving all areas of approval before releasing it into the market. In regards to smart phone applications there are many areas “around the world that restrict what corporations allow you to do on a smart phone”, he said.“Sometimes people are blocked from installing applications on their phone for security reasons and therefore you can’t just build an app and throw it out there and assume it will reach everybody. “It has to be approved by the corporation and you also have to be thinking about the fact that if you are travelling and roaming you might not always have data on your smart phone and then what?”Mr Thorsen added that the Group’s other struggle is increasing its tracking approval in order to distribute communication through the new application.According to the co-founder, unless a traveller submits prior approval, it becomes illegal to track movement once the person steps out of its home network.“So you’ve got to create the process to allow users to allow tracking as part of moving into that world,” he said.Mr Thorsen also told e-Travel Blackboard that the mobile solution provider is also looking to launch a program which assists travel companies in reducing and saving on future spending with its Travel Data Warehouse. The forward looking reporting platform, submits intelligent and real time reports that highlight cutbacks that can be made over the next week or next month.“It has forward looking capabilities, so instead of looking at the past and how they lost those savings, look to the future and see what you can save next week or next month,” Mr Thorsen stated.“It’s very basic and very logical but it is just funny that the whole industry has spent ten years looking backwards.”Click here for more on e-Travel Blackboard’s interview with conTgo’s co-founder Johnny Thorsen. last_img

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