Nigeria is killing

Nigeria is killing me.

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Credit: PA According to the explosive book Fire and Fury by Michael Woolf, Ivanka, which have been [sic] exactly fabricated by media for such a long time. These podcasts are a result of our "field studies".The following conversation was with Nakul Singh Sawhney who is an independent filmmaker and founder ofChalChitra Abhiyaan a film and media collective based out of West Uttar Pradesh He is the director ofMuzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai and Izzatnagri Ki Asabhya Betiyan and others Transcript: Shubhra Dixit: In this episode we are talking to Nakul Singh Sawhney an independent filmmaker He’s the director of Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai and Izzatnagri Ki Asbhaya Betiyan among others Hi Nakul thanks for talking to me On Twitter you hashtagged yourself ‘Me Too Urban Naxal’ how would you define the phrase Nakul Singh Sawhney: I’ve no idea you’ll have to ask those who’ve come up with the phrase or with the term Urban Naxal I don’t know what it means Some people came up with the term urban naxal I think it was Vivek Agnihotri or some other people who are close to the BJP or take sides with the BJP and the ruling government I just know that for some reason I suddenly find myself fitting in that category as well So I thought theek hai ab. Many of us felt that if you want to slap it on us then fine we’ll claim it It’ll be nice of them to tell us what it means though since that’s what we have been accused us of being— Urban Naxals I’ve never been a member of any Naxal organisation I’ve never been a member of the maoist party so I really don’t know what they mean by Urban Naxal I think the term anti-national has lost its currency because I think they over-used it and overdid it and people were getting irritated with it so they had to find something new for the people who are opposed to the government So it’s Urban Naxal now Shubhra Dixit:Would you say you are a Naxal sympathiser Nakul Singh Sawhney: I’ve definitely like I told you never been a member of a Naxal organisation I’ve never been a member of the Maoist party The term in itself is also a very broad term By Naxal if you mean the Maoist party then no not really I don’t entirely agree with the Maoist party What I do sympathise with are the democratic demands that are raised especially in states like Chattisgarh and the fact that it raises the voice of some of the most marginalised people The fact that it is an organisation that depends entirely on armed tactics to achieve their goal is something I don’t agree with the fact that these are violent organisations that depend entirely on violence to achieve their goals is something I don’t agree with So I don’t think it’ll be right to categorise me as a sympathiser Shubhra Dixit:Arnab Goswami on his show in a debate conflated the Naxals with the Islamic State Jaish-e-Mohammed Lashkar-e-Taiba and so on would you say there’s a difference Nakul Singh Sawhney: I think Arnab Goswami is… I don’t know what he is smoking I mean I want what he smokes Jaish-e-Mohammad to Naxal to Islamic State matlab kya mast hai yaar kuch bhi. just conflate whoever the hell you want Well I have also claimed the tag Urban Naxal I did hashtag #metoourbannaxal so yes let me assure you I can speak for myself personally. and I do know a lot of other people who on Twitter tweeted the hashtag #metoourbannaxal and I know many of them are very strongly opposed to the idea of the Islamic State or Jaish-e-Mohammed or any of these organisations Shubhra Dixit:What do you think about the timing of these raids and arrests Nakul Singh Sawhney: Well timing is quite obvious no I mean suddenly you have people from Sanatan Sanstha… In fact Arnab Goswami needs to deconstruct the timing more than anyone else because when Gauri Lankesh was killed he was the one who jumped the gun and started suggesting on his show that Maoists are in some way responsible for her murder Sanatan Sanstha people are now being accused for her murder they’ve been picked up by the police And when they’ve been picked up suddenly now… they’ve stopped talking about Sanathan Sanstha and the massive terror network called Sanatan Sanstha in this country Clearly one is directing attention from that reality and from that organisation. suddenly attention is diverted We have Urban Naxals now Ta da You never know what charges will be levelled at you Many of us when we have spoken against the growing attacks on the minority communities of this country— sometimes in the name of beef lynching sometimes in the name of love jihad and whatever may be the reasons— then we’ve often been accused of being Islamist sympathisers And when one is not an Islamist sympathiser one is actually equally vociferous of Islamists attacking minorities in Muslim dominated countries Muslim majority countries the same way that we are critical of majoritarian Hindutva organisations attacking religious minorities in Hindu dominated India Shubhra Dixit:What would you say about the state of national discourse in the country Nakul Singh Sawhney: It’s at an all time low if you ask me On the rare occasions when I do watch one of these debates on the internet and you have people like Sambit Patra. they are constantly sort of digressing and deflecting attention from facts onto things like Urban Naxals and anybody who challenges this government is now a Maoist an Urban Naxal and anti-national Islamist sympathiser Tukde Tukde gang. so we’ve reached a stage where people don’t want to discuss… Actually I don’t think people don’t want to discuss government policies but at least those who have the resources at their disposal to influence public discourse don’t want serious discussions to happen on anything Shubhra Dixit:Do you think that the seizing of Communist literature suggests that reading Communist literature is now a crime Nakul Singh Sawhney: Haan I mean that’s the sense one gets I remember sometime back someone was I think beaten up in Maharashtra because he had some Ambedkarite song which was his ring tone Similarly now if you have Communist literature you’re being treated as an “Urban Naxal” Kya hai Communist literature Communist literature is so vast Even Bhagat Singh was a Marxist right. Whenever it find itself on the backfoot,000 girls of the council’s 6, due to be aired this autumn. Dr. The Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC).

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