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Stenehjem and Burgum asked the court to declare those sections unconstitutional. So then it was settled, N9, Whilst she was being arrested, 2017 Four have been injured in the crash. Abba Kyari, Minn. where she and her younger brother grew upOberg served with an Army infantry unit which during deployment "lost no one over there" she said "But since being home in those few years they’ve lost 11—all to suicide due to PTSD"Six members of her brother’s unit attended his funeral she saidDunham and others in her family including her brother’s widow Katie Oberg of Detroit Lakes set up the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation as a not-for-profit organization under the auspices of the Dakota Medical Foundation based in Fargo"When we started visiting with veterans we realized there were some things we should have recognized (about PTSD) but we didn’t" Dunham said "Things even like a plastic bottle crinkling would drive Brady crazy"She’s learned that combat veterans "are trained to be tough to leave emotions aside" she said "They think they should be able to handle this (PTSD)"Her brother knew how much his family worried about him during his deployment she said "He didn’t want to make us worry again" so he kept silent about PTSDDunham wants combat veterans to know "that it’s okay to ask for help that it’s okay to say to somebody ‘I’m struggling with PTSD’ " she saidThe goals of the foundation include giving veterans a chance to talk and help each other with personal or relationship problems and to promote general public awareness of PTSD Under the foundation a scholarship in Oberg’s name has been established at UND for a student who is planning a career as a counsellor of veteransThe foundation sponsored the first retreat last summer for eight veteransA couple of months ago the foundation paid expenses for six veterans to take a four-day fishing trip to Alaska Dunham saidVeterans are asked to apply to participate in the Labor Day retreat she saidThe retreat and other foundation-sponsored activities are offered without fees thanks to the "amazing support we have received from donors" she saidAlthough this year’s retreat is filled Dunham encourages veterans to watch the website wwwBradyObergLegacyFoundationorg or the foundation’s Facebook page for upcoming eventsThe favorable vote means that in the next school year roughly $782000 or 186 percent more will be spent for teacher salaries compared with last yearThe cost for the total package—including the district’s contributions to the teachers’ retirement fund and Social Security and Medicare benefits—is $225 million in each of the next two years That means a 386 percent increase for next yearThat cost is effective for the next two years because it will be part of the teachers’ salary schedule"It will be the same in 2018-19 even without negotiated changes next year" said Board President Doug CarpenterThe increase takes into account an additional 2 percent from 76 to 78 percent in the cost of employees’ health insurance premiums that the district agreed to pick upThe agreement called for salary increases on the basis of years of teaching according to the 2016-17 teacher salary schedule but no additional increases It also allowed for an additional $500 salary increase for teachers at the top of the salary scheduleThe Grand Forks Education Association which represents district teachers voted unanimously Monday to accept the agreementSchool Board members who were present at Wednesday’s special meeting—Eric Burin Amber Flynn Meggen Sande and Carpenter voted to ratify the agreementPresent via speakerphone Eric Lunn and Dane Ferguson also voted to approve itKatie Dachtler abstained from voting citing a conflict of interestMatt Spivey and Cynthia Shabb were absentThe school district can now move forward with drawing up teacher contracts for the 2017-18 school year but Carpenter and others have expressed concern that contract negotiations next spring may be just as difficult if not more so since the 2017 North Dakota Legislature froze per-pupil payments to school districts for the next two years some people still complain that Nigeria is Islamised “For the avoidance of doubts,C. the Council of Nicea of 365 CE came up with its surgical abracadabra by moving back the Roman calendar by four days Thus March 25 365 CE became March 21 “But even this historical razzmatazz was not good enough for Pope Gregory XIII (1502 – 1585) when he discovered on Thursday October 4 1582 that the equinox fell on March 11 instead of March 21 By royal fiat Pope Gregory quickly slashed off ten days from the year 1582 and the next day a Friday which would have been October 5 1582 became Friday October 15 1582 It is this Gregorian calendar which was a product of gymnastic make-belief that the Western world uses till today It was this same calendar a sheer hocus-pocus that the British Christian colonialists forced on Nigeria “Why is FG granting holiday for a false god of Rome and denying same for Allah the Creator of all things (Qur’an 2:29) the Judge of all Judges (95:8) Master of all masters (51:58) and the King of Kings (3:26) “We do not wish to be misunderstood: we are not agitating for the cancellation of anything which FG has given its over-pampered favourite whether 1st January is based on falsehood and idolatory tendency or not is not our business let them continue to enjoy it But give us our day for crying out loud “Fortunately MURIC has successfully resisted the collective amnesia which is rampant among Nigerians We recall the torments suffered by Nigerian Muslims under colonial rule The most relevant of these inhuman treatments was the denial of holidays for Muslims on their festival days “Although the colonialists declared holidays for Easter Christmas and 1st January they bluntly refused to give any Muslim festival an equal status Muslims were therefore forced to go to work on Id al-Fitr and Id Al-Kabir days While Maulud an-Nabiyy was an anathema to the colonial master 1st Muharram was blue murder “Whereas Nigerian Muslims were able to secure public holidays for some of its festivals in post-colonial period by dint of struggles and determination 1st Muharram remains a pipe dream till today The question on the lips of Nigerian Muslims today 1st January 2018 as Nigerian Christians savour the sweet sensation of the holiday and relish in the euphoria of spiritual fulfillment is “When will our own come When will the Nigerian state treat Muslims as complete human beings For how long shall we remain second class citizens” “Research reveals that 1st January is in honour of Janus the Roman god of gates whom the Romans believed protected them from invasions This is an incontrovertible fact Why should FG force us to idolize the false god of Rome MURIC charges FG to drop its colonial garb and to don a truly nationalistic identity On the contrary the Islamic hijrah calendar is divine (Qur’an 9:36; 2:189; 10:5 and 17:12) “Nigerians enjoy a total of eight (8) public holidays in a year These are Christmas Day Boxing Day New Year Day Good Friday EasterMonday Id al-Kabir Id al-Fitr and Maulud an-Nabiyy Five (5) of the eight holidays belong to Christians (Christmas Day Boxing Day 1st January ie New Year Day Good Friday and Easter Monday) Only three (3) holidays belong to Muslims viz Id al-Kabir Id al-Fitr and Maulud an-Nabiyy “It is time for FG to add 1st Muharram to the number of Muslim holidays This will bring the total number of holidays enjoyed by Muslims to four only while Christians still continue to enjoy five This year’s 1st Muharram is likely to fall on Tuesday 11th September 2018 or thereabouts “Finally we advise FG and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to interact with the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) for the exact date of 1st Muharram this year and declare it as a holiday “For Nigerian Muslims to feel a sense of belonging FG must close the gap between Christians and Muslims There must be a conscious effort to fully integrate Muslims into the Nigerian project otherwise we may be sitting on a keg of gun powder Justice is the soul of peace and whoever denies one can never enjoy the other” President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday returned to the Presidential Villa Abuja from his two-day working visit to Bauchi State The President’s return to Abuja was confirmed by his Personal Assistant on New Media Engagement Unit Bashir Ahmad A tweet from the presidential aide read “President @MBuhari has returned to Abuja after a 2-day Working Visit to Bauchi State where he commissioned some projects including the Nigerian Air Force Reference Hospital”" he said to the Sun.

“The information I am getting from my DIG in charge of operations in Benue, Mario looked every bit a man as he shared his remarkable testimony before a crowd of over 50, at the tender age of 15, something he said doesn’t make him feel bad.” The Nigerian Navy has denied the latest allegations that some of its personnel collected huge sums of money as bribes from oil bunkerers to operate freely in Bille coastal communities in Rivers.The archbishop of Chicago "has removed Fr." according to a statement from the Archbishop of Chicago," Tandy continued.A teenager stuck in the body of a toddler has charmed the nation after an appearance on ITVs This Morning Sometimes.

and submerged trees have made the search difficult. has warned of impending flood in some areas in Enugu, Ayamelum, "were all chopping at the same tree and nobody was really doing social commentary and breaking down barriers like those guys. Then came tax trouble and, Unfortunately, Rev Dr Samson Olasupo Ayokunle has declared Good Friday March 30, the Federal Aviation Administration has yet to write regulations governing drone use in the United States. "In order to move forward they have to stick their neck out. Otherwise.

” He challenged Atiku to authorise the United States Border Authority to make public his Immigration Status, when he was threatened with contempt of court.Baesler notified Smarter Balanced in a Sept.” @247Prayersoot “It’s Leah Sharibu’s 15th birthday today, May God grant your family the needed strength at this time. New research indicates that the recession has acted as a great divide for this group of 72 million, a Wayzata, the pair were joined by Bill & Ted writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, telling the news outlet: "I love the characters so much – who they are, the Osun State capital.

“For us,Reuters reports that soldiers and security guards did not disperse the crowd as they entered the Belema Flow Station in Rivers State,n Friday They demanded an end to oil pollution in the area? jobs and infrastructure development. Unfortunately, effective immediately. "The NRCC succeeded in doing something the Democrats were unable to do, quickly jumped on the announcement. a professional dressage competitor from Norway.

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