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first_imgJust a few months ago, the media fawned over an unusual story featuring hip hop legends Wu-Tang Clan and real-life comic book villain Martin Shkreli. Now it seems that the tale will make its stage debut.As the story goes, Wu-Tang Clan created a one-of-a-kind album called Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, and put it on the market for the highest bidder. The bidder was a man named Martin Shkreli, who infamously raised the price of an HIV medication by over 5,000%. Purchasing the unique Wu-Tang Clan album only fueled the flames of contempt, especially when he publicly said he hadn’t even bothered to listen to it. He also wanted to get Radiohead to make him a personal record too…The story had one interesting caveat, as a photograph of the contract signed by Shkreli appeared to have a clause allowing Wu-Tang to organize a heist and recover the record, so long as Bill Murray was in on it. Of course this ridiculous hypothetical never actually appeared in the contract, but it did inspired a new musical comedy called Martin Shkreli’s Game.According to Rolling Stone, the new musical will debut at NYC’s Midtown International Festival, and imagines a scenario where Bill Murray and Wu-Tang members team up to retrieve the Shaolin disc. Writers Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esther tell us more about their “musical caper comedy” in a new video, which you can watch below.The Martin Shkreli’s Game musical is set to premiere on July 19th, and an IndieGogo page is set up to help fundraise for the costs and wages of the actors. We can’t wait to see this story come to life!last_img read more

first_imgThe Bookstore Basketball finals were held Sunday at 8 p.m. and resulted with Finnigans ND squeezing out a win against the Holy Cross Seniors with a final score of 21-17.The Finnigans team included sophomore Conor Colpoys, senior Colin Terndrup, junior Patrick Mazza, junior Brian Spahn and senior Tim Cole.Freshman Rebecca Wiley was in the audience during the game and said she was not expecting it to be as suspenseful as it was.“From my personal experience, when my Bookstore Basketball team had a game it was very relaxed,” Wiley said. “You could tell both teams were playing for something really big … so they put everything they had out there.”Fans endured the nearly two-hour game despite the unusually cold weather for late April. Wiley said the high attendance by fans was indicative of the spirit of the tournament.“You can tell the Bookstore Basketball means a lot to the Notre Dame community considering so many people came out to watch the game even though it was freezing,” Wiley said.Members of both teams suffered minor injuries during the game, and at one point Colpoys was pulled out so that a cut on his knee could be bandaged, although he had barely noticed the cut amidst the excitement of the close game.“It was very surprising how many injuries and blood there was,” Wiley said. “The play was very rough and it just showed how much both teams really wanted to win to represent their respective schools.”Freshman Erin Callaghan said she was impressed by how both teams played, especially after experiencing the competitiveness of Bookstore Basketball with her own team.“Their dedication was obvious,” Callaghan said. “The play was very organized and you could tell they put a lot of thought into their practices and communicating very well on the court.”Callaghan said both teams’ dedication was the key element towards their advancing in the tournament.“Aside from sheer basketball talent, I think that what helped bring both teams to the finals was cohesiveness as a team and a shared desire to win,” Callaghan said.Wiley said she believes the key to making it to the finals is team enthusiasm for the game. She said her favorite part about this tournament is the humor the students brought to it.“It’s been fun seeing people dress up and build humor and community through a sport,” Wiley said. “This game was a great finish to the tournament because it engaged a lot of the Notre Dame community and it was a game that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.”Tags: Bookstore basketball, Bookstore Basketball final 2015last_img read more

first_imgThe Keen Company’s 2014-15 season will include the first major New York revival of A Walk in the Woods, as well as a revival of the Andrew Lippa and Tom Greenwald musical John & Jen. Both productions will play off-Broadway’s Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row. John & Jen Related Shows The season will also include a one-night-only benefit reading of John Patrick’s The Hasty Heart, which was originally presented by the Keen Company in 2004. The event will feature most of the production’s original cast: Stephen Bradbury, Emily Donahoe, Anthony Manna, Keith Nobbs, Brian Sgambati, and Paul Swinnerton. The season kicks off on September 9 with Lee Blessing’s A Walk in the Woods. The drama tells the story of a Russian veteran and an American newcomer who meet informally after long, frustrating hours of peace talks. Tony nominee Kathleen Chalfant will take on the role of Botvinnik, originally written for a male, with Paul Niebanck as John Honeyman. The production will open officially on September 30 and run through October 18. Show Closed This production ended its run on April 4, 2015 View Comments With music by Lippa, lyrics by Greenwald and a book by both, John & Jen explores familial connections and commitments. The musical tells the story of Jen and her relationship with two Johns in her life: her younger brother and her son. Performances will begin on February 10. Opening night is set for March 3. Both A Walk in the Woods and John & Jen will be directed by Jonathan Silverstein. A Walk in the Woods will feature scenic design by Scott Bradley, lighting design by Josh Bradford, costumes by Jennifer Paar and sound design by M.L. Dogg.last_img read more

first_imgBy Kim CoderUniversity of Georgia Are the trees in your landscape boys or girls? When planting trees, not appreciating different tree genders can lead to many unwanted problems. Female flowers and female trees produce fruits and seeds. Male flowers and trees produce pollen. Making the correct choice of tree gender can be important. Anyone who has ever smelled putrid ginkgo fruit, washed mulberries off their car, or sneezed at tree pollen should understand.Sexual reproduction in trees allows male genetic components (pollen) to reach female components of the same species, grow to fertilize an egg and produce a viable embryo within a seed. This fertilization process is made possible by flowers or cones. The type of flowers or cones a tree produces determines tree gender. Tree flowers can have male parts, female parts, both male and female parts together, or none at all. Some of these parts may or may not be functional. You cannot tell flower function (or gender) just by looking. Trees do not show their gender until they are sexually mature and start to flower. Sexual maturity in trees, depending upon the species, can occur from 1 to 50 years of age. Sometimes sexual maturity occurs for only male or female flowers and cones.For example, young hardwood trees just becoming mature tend to generate male flowers first and then eventually generate female flowers. The opposite pattern occurs in some young softwood trees. Female cones are generated for many years before male cones are produced on the same tree. Many trees will remain the same gender their entire life. Once sexually mature, some trees can change gender from one season to the next, over the life of a tree or as the environment changes. For example, in one maple species, 10 percent of young sexually mature trees in a forest changed sex from year to year. Trees have four primary sexual systems: Cosexual, monoecious, dioecious and polygamous. A tree that produces single flowers with both fully functional male and female parts is called cosexual. In the past, this type of flower was called a perfect flower. Trees like redbud, dogwood, yellow poplar, magnolia, apple, cherry, pear, rhododendron and American elm and are cosexual.Monoecious trees separate male and female parts into different flowers or cones on the same tree. Fir, birch, hickory, pecan, chestnut, cedar, hazel, beech, walnut, sweetgum, white cedar and hemlock are examples of monecious trees. Dioecious trees separate male and female parts on different trees where one tree is strictly female and one strictly male. Trees such as boxelder, persimmon, white ash, ginkgo, holly, red cedar, Osage orange, aspen and willow are dioecious trees. A polygamous tree has cosexual, male and female flowers or cones on the same tree or in different combinations on different trees. Red maple, sugar maple, black ash, locust, mulberry, tupelo and sumac are examples of polygamous trees. Ash trees are notorious for confusing and blurring tree gender lines as polygamous trees. In one ash species, individual trees averaged 63 percent male flowers, 36 percent cosexual flowers and 1 percent female flowers. In the eastern U.S., some 40 percent of the trees are monoecious, 30 percent are cosexual, 20 percent are dioecious and 10 percent are polygamous. Around the globe, about 75 percent of all trees are cosexual, 10 percent monoecious, 10 percent polygamous and 5 percent dioecious.For most trees, sexual behavior is not strictly male or female. Trees effectively reproduce using different combinations of functional sexual parts distributed in different types of flowers and cones. The strict gender concepts of pure male and pure female we understand with animals must be flexible when applied to trees. So inspect your trees and take an inventory. Do you have more boys or girls in your landscape?last_img read more

first_img continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr The Federal Reserve Bank of New York this week released second quarter data on household debt and credit that showed total household debt reached a new high of $13.86 trillion – $1.2 trillion (in nominal terms) more than the previous peak reached in the third quarter of 2008.The bank noted that this is the 20th consecutive quarter with an increase in household debt. Mortgage balances are the largest component of this debt, which rose $162 billion in the second quarter to $9.4 trillion – also surpassing the previous high reached in 2008. However, mortgage delinquencies are improving with balances 90 or more days delinquent down 1 percent in the last quarter.On credit card debt, balances hitting 90 or more days of delinquency grew to 5.2 percent, continuing its upward trend that began in 2017. Credit card balances also increased $20 billion during the quarter to $868 billion. A report from the CFPBlast month revealed that two-thirds of actively used credit card accounts don’t pay off the full balance at the end of the billing cycle.last_img read more

first_imgTopics : Chargui’s sharing of the post in May angered some conservative social media users who demanded punishment in a nation periodically polarized between secular and Islamist political wings since a revolution that introduced democracy nine years ago.Court spokesman Mohsen Dali said the sentence was on charges of inciting hate between religions and races.The case has brought criticism from rights groups.Saying she was a victim of a “repressive law” that curtailed free speech, Amnesty International said the prosecution did not allow Chargui’s lawyer to accompany her to court, where she was asked about her religious beliefs and mental condition.Chargui blogs on freedom and women’s issues. A Tunisian court has sentenced blogger Emna Chargui to six months in prison and a $700 fine for reposting a Facebook joke about the coronavirus written as if it was a Koranic verse.”This is unfair and unjust … this proves that there is no freedom here,” Chargui, 27, told Reuters from home where she had been waiting for the ruling.She plans to appeal as allowed within 10 days.last_img read more

first_imgTanah Abang Hospital president director Savitri Handayana shared that sentiment, saying that safety for both visitors and workers was of utmost importance.“When we change the [hospital’s] status to serve only COVID-19 patients, everything inside the building is automatically put at a higher risk. We must therefore prepare the infrastructure and services to increase our safety standards,” she said, noting that initially there was anxiety among the staff.“If health workers are dying, who will treat the patients?”Both Budi and Savitri said that health workers aged 50 and above and those with comorbidity factors would be assigned tasks with a lower chance of interacting with COVID-19 patients, whether at the pharmaceutical or nutrition divisions or in administration.But Savitri said the workers remained committed to serving the public.“Medical workers have to be ready for any circumstances. We have taken the [Hippocratic] Oath,” she said.Concerns over the occupational hazard of medical workers have emerged following what the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) describes as a “speeding up” of the COVID-19 death rate among Indonesian doctors.The association reported on Friday that two more doctors had died from the disease in the past three days, bringing the nationwide death tally to 117 doctors.The World Health Organization (WHO) has demanded minimum standards for occupational safety to be implemented in healthcare facilities in the wake of the rising number of health workers infected by the disease.Health workers represent less than 3 percent of the population in most countries but account for around 14 percent of all COVID-19 cases globally, with even a higher proportion of 35 percent reported in some countries, according to the agency.Indonesia has among the highest COVID-19 death rates for medical workers anywhere in the world.Siti Ainun Dwiyanti, president director of Jati Padang Hospital in South Jakarta, said that the most challenging transformation for hospitals was to deploy more health workers. The five-story hospital in South Jakarta will have a total of 63 beds, an increase from 12, within the next three weeks.So far, the hospital management has accepted 13 volunteer doctors and nurses and is still requesting more to the city’s health agency.Siti said the criteria for patient discharge would also be stricter. “We can’t [afford to] haphazardly transfer patients under hospitalization,” she said.Officials have said the city has recently recruited some 1,800 medical workers to support the dwindling number of healthy practitioners, while more hospitals are being enlisted for help.The city health agency issued a circular on Sept. 4 appointing 13 city-owned hospitals to treat only COVID-19 patients, in an attempt to increase bed capacity. As of Sunday, the occupied rates for isolation beds and ICU beds in Jakarta have reached 75 and 83 percent, respectively.Aside from the 13 hospitals, Jakarta has another 54 referral hospitals, which, aside from serving non-COVID-19 patients, also treat patients with moderate to critical COVID-19 symptoms.There is also an emergency hospital at the Wisma Atlet compound in Central Jakarta that is used for self-isolation purposes and the treatment of patients with mild and moderate symptoms, while state-owned oil and gas giant Pertamina has also built an emergency COVID-19 hospital.Indonesian Public Health Experts Association (IAKMI) chairman Ede Surya Darmawan said that increasing safety standards was urgently needed to prevent more health workers from getting infected, which, if not addressed properly, would lead to a total collapse of the healthcare system.“The principles are similar to before, as hospitals anywhere must employ risk prevention and reduction of infectious disease measures. But with the change in status, all aspects must be upgraded, including the frequency of disinfection, regular testing for workers, and the [capacity] of laboratories to perform more tests,” Ede said.”Paying special attention to health workers should be a priority.”Topics : Sawah Besar Hospital president director Budi Wibowo said the hospital’s management had attempted to motivate its medical workers upon learning that they had been appointed to help treat coronavirus patients.“It’s human to be worried, right? Especially when we first find out about it. But Jakarta needs to add more beds, so we tried to persuade and motivate our team to take on this responsibility,” Budi told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.He was quick to add, however, that guarantees over their occupational safety must follow. “We shouldn’t motivate them to do something if we cannot guarantee their safety. What we can do is repair existing facilities, such as [adjusting] the flow of patients and air circulation,” Budi said.“The latter is no less important than providing protective equipment.” The rising number of coronavirus cases in Jakarta has forced the capital’s administration to add 13 city-owned hospitals to the roster of COVID-19 referral hospitals that specifically treat patients with the disease. But as the hospitals prepare for their transformation, many challenges remain.Medical specialists have been working tirelessly on the frontlines as their colleagues support other essential services for patients who require care.However, as more hospitals get enlisted to treat COVID-19, all their medical workers face similar exposure to the deadly disease.last_img read more

first_imgThe home was overdue for a reno.Although the $1.1 million price tag is hardly cheap, it is a bargain compared with other riverfront sales in suburbs like Fig Tree Pocket and Graceville, where riverfront properties can go for between $2.5 million and $6 million. According to the On the River report, Westlake had the most affordable riverfront sales in Brisbane across 2017. Brisbane riverfrontage that sold for just over a million.A four-bedroom riverfront home sold for just a fraction more than its land value.The house at 57 Carnegie St in Westlake, which has an undeveloped land value of $950,000, recently sold for $1.1 million.It went to an overseas investor after sitting on the market for close to a year.My Brisbane Home agent Sharon Dozzi said the home was on one of just three streets in Westlake that had north-facing riverfront properties.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus20 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market20 hours agoThe home sat on the market for a while.“It was flooded in 2011 and no renovations have been done, so that is why it was so cheap,” she said. “You would expect a renovated property to sell for about $300,000 to $400,000 more.”The suburb is one of the most affordable areas in Brisbane for people to get a riverfront property.last_img read more

first_imgThe value of sterling relative to the dollar and euro has taken a hammering in recent weeks as the UK’s new prime minister Boris Johnson has vowed to take the country out of the EU on 31 October regardless of whether or not a withdrawal agreement has been passed by parliament.The currency was not helped today after the Office for National Statistics (ONS) this morning reported that UK GDP fell by 0.2% in the second quarter of 2019. The provisional figures marked the first quarterly contraction in seven years.As of 11am UK time today, sterling was trading at $1.21, according to XE, down 18% compared with $1.48 on 23 June 2016, the day of the EU membership referendum. In the same period sterling fell by a similar degree against the euro, and is currently trading at €1.08.Andy Scott, associate director at advisory firm JCRA, said sterling would likely fall further if the UK was to slip into recession.  Source: UK Foreign OfficeBoris JohnsonHowever, asset manager DWS has argued that the recent decline of sterling “has not been all that dramatic” when viewed in a longer-term context.“The sabre-rattling by Boris Johnson and his team about the UK leaving the EU without a deal has taken a toll, but a relatively modest one,” DWS said in an investment update published today.“Partly, that is because plenty of risk has already been priced in following the referendum. And of course, things could get quite a bit worse for the pound in the coming weeks.”#*#*Show Fullscreen*#*# “With the EU so far refusing to reopen the withdrawal agreement and Boris Johnson’s government having committed to leaving at the end of October, a no-deal exit is looking increasingly more likely,” he added. “We continue to advise clients to prepare for the worst – sharp moves in both directions – while hoping that pragmatism prevails and avoids a disorderly exit that will hurt both sides.”center_img The UK parliament is currently on its summer recess and will reconvene on 3 September, and until then “plenty of more or less plausible scenarios will no doubt be mooted” by Johnson and pro-Brexit politicians, DWS said.“In our own view, the risk of a disorderly, ‘no-deal’ Brexit probably peaked in spring,” the €662bn asset manager said.“Stopping ‘no deal’ won’t be easy, but it can certainly be done, if parliament is determined. And in sharp contrast to the situation in spring, there now is plenty of evidence parliament will have both the means and the will to do so.”last_img read more

first_imgMejica, meanwhile, was detained in thecustodial facility of the municipal police station, facing charges./PN He was Jan Robert Mejica Barangay Sulangan,Dumangas, police said.   ILOILO City – A 20-year-old collegestudent was arrested after he allegedly stabbed his schoolmate in Barangay PDMonfort North, Dumangas, Iloilo. Police were looking into personal grudgeas the motive in the stabbing. Police investigators said the incidenthappened around 10:28 p.m. on Friday when Mejica challenged Michael JognSimasu-ay, 20, to a fist fight. Simasu-ay allegedly ignored Mejica and walkedaway but this prompted the latter to stab the victim on the back of his body.Simasu-ay received treatment at the Dumangas District Hospital. last_img