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What kind of food and beverage service can get consumers

said the restaurant service is one of the factors that affect the operating results of the restaurant, then what kind of restaurant service can be a good impression on consumers? Xiaobian for everyone listed the following points 1, remember the customer’s name, identity and habits, can make the customer feel the restaurant service attentive, considerate and respect for the customer, thereby increasing customer confidence in the restaurant. 2, etiquette to have scale, restaurant service etiquette

What are the difficulties of college students this spring

2012 graduated from college than in previous years has increased, so many college graduates, it is difficult for a time to find suitable jobs, so 75% of college graduates to do poineering work independently, but in the end the real entrepreneurs accounted for only 1.94%, this is a new data released by the Ministry of education in August. In the " entrepreneurship rate is low, only after the lack of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, action and other

School of information science and technology, Shanxi Agricultural University

in modern society, to promote and encourage entrepreneurship of college students has become a social direction, at the same time, in some universities, but also actively establish some good entrepreneurial base and platform for college students. 7 10, Shanxi Agricultural University Institute of information held a "innovation, entrepreneurship, build a new model of integration of production and education," school enterprise cooperation and exchanges, the school opened the establishment of entrepreneurship institute. in the school enterprise

How to distinguish between franchise and illegal pyramid schemes

if the franchise market is enough to understand the words, you should know that the market also has a lot of profit will magnify propaganda opportunities, as everyone knows, this propaganda and illegal pyramid has what is the difference? Of course, if we choose business opportunities, business opportunities can choose to join the chain, illegal MLM business opportunities are not credible, the key is a distinction. So, how to distinguish between franchise and illegal pyramid

How to carry out rural shop counter – the whole layout of cigarette

is now a lot of rural shops counter is not very good, or is of dust, so that people do not have the desire to buy. In short, due to the restrictions of capital and other conditions, many rural cigarette retail customers lack specialized cigarette counters to display cigarettes, directly affect the increase in cigarette sales. The author in the market, and customer communication process, summed up the following 3 effective and economical method, with

Strengthen policy advocacy to provide convenient services

To properly solve the social security problem of religious personnel, eliminate their sense of security, they make the menace from the rear, medical services, Xining city human resources and social security departments at all levels over the years to maintain harmonious and stable development of Xining, an important work to further improve the construction of social security system and promoting the to properly solve the social security problem of religious personnel, eliminate their sense of

Two one-time living allowance will be issued

December 29th, Hao Peng chaired a provincial executive meeting, listen to the "13th Five-Year" plan drafting reports on the situation, research to accelerate the development of multi-level capital market and the modern insurance services, people’s livelihood and the livelihood security work at the beginning of the year.

From Xining to 44 cities

      into the summer, in order to facilitate travel and travel, Qinghai airlines and Airport Inc to coordinate the opening of a number of new routes encryption, has opened 57 routes, passengers can fly from Xining airport flew to the city of 44.

Net selling food to create local food and vegetable business brand

"You need a pound of celery, two kilos of distribution Small chili, right? Our 5 points unified distribution home." In the city of Xining City District incubation base, Qinghai Ge Yuanxiang l worry distribution company staff are answering the telephone orders. As a platform to rely on e-commerce platform to develop food and vegetable online shopping center, the company founder Zhao Haifeng embarked on a unique entrepreneurial road. – starting business platform: targeting the heart