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Month: May 2017

we all know that the goods are displayed in the supermarket have their own rules to follow, reasonable goods display allows consumers to find the products you want to buy the fastest, then, how to do a good job on display goods? How to display the goods and how to play it?

A. position. In the five layer shelves as an example, if the company’s products on display at the golden display line, namely second, have 4 points; if the display in the first layer and the third layer, have 3 points; fourth, 2; fifth, 1 points; if no goods, have 0 points.

B. area fraction. Products placed on the shelves of the outermost row of the number of products that are row. The taste of the product on the shelves at the same time, there are 2 rows of each row can be 1 points, the 4 row of the surface was a score of 2 points, the 6 row of the surface was a score of 3, there is no row surface was a score of 0. read more

castles in the air can be conceived, but can be put into practice is very few. Entrepreneurship is the case, no matter how innovative entrepreneurial ideas, dare to really do not have much, the last can only envy others to see your original idea of entrepreneurship.

creative cartoon character is like the head of the bulb, when the bulb shines, immediately let people realize: ideas have emerged in his mind. However, not every light bulb can realized as a table full of money, in the actual execution, may find that creativity is not easy product; or can not find suitable supplier to manufacture; it may not be the appropriate channel to sell, or even to find customers to buy. The master of business Leike AI University and innovation management class, a group of business people a headache problem. I thought about how to answer this question! read more

as soon as the summer comes, people want to drop the ice cream. Investment in ice cream projects, how to choose the brand? Be prepared, choose carefully, and you can gain a lot of money in this highly promising industry.

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clothing industry has always been more entrepreneurs are more concerned about the direction of investment, but in the face of the current variety of clothing to join the project, the specific kind of clothing store to do better to make money? Now there is a market for lovers clothing, open a couple of clothing stores is a good choice to get rich.

lovers clothing franchise business skills one: shop marketing, everything must be around the "love" word.

some of the details can not be ignored, the shop light should be bright, goods display to be neat, floor windows regularly clean, damaged items should be repaired in time, these small details will give consumers a comfortable shopping environment.

sales skills is also very important, when customers try to be timely recommendation, mouth to sweet, treat customers with patience. Good service attitude, repeat customers will be more and more. read more

online booking in the development process of the hotel also occupy a certain position, the hotel industry seems to be online booking too much attention, but we can really be the number of telephone call center into the hotel reservation? The telephone marketing is a direct marketing important sale channel, because consumers take the initiative to contact you in this case, they will be more easily transformed into the book, how to do a good job in the hotel sales calls?

the first phone call: the operator only told me the price of the wine without asking about my purchase intention and the purpose of the trip.

second: the telephone operator tries to understand my intention to buy, but he is just talking, I don’t know what he’s talking about, so unfortunately they failed to attract my reservation. read more

tea shop has now become a very common feature of the street shops, for women entrepreneurs now open a tea shop is also a good time to join. Now on the market of milk tea restaurant popular consumer favorite, then in the competitive market, the female entrepreneurs how to milk tea restaurant franchise success? This needs to start from the management of milk tea restaurant franchise. How to do the management of milk tea restaurant franchise? Please follow the next full network Xiaobian a look!

image is the key to tea catering stores, image can be divided into two parts, tangible and intangible, through the store impression demand, service personnel coping skills and good order and so on, can maintain the good relationship with customers.

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actually is related to many factors, if entrepreneurs want, I hope you can pay more attention in every detail, entrepreneurial success depends on many factors, one of the most important point is to have a good attitude, so as to improve the probability of success, allowing you to treasure life. Exactly how to do it? Let’s go and see it.

1, first of all to find out why shop

now, many workers have been quietly bid farewell to the single mode of life, using their spare time to go to the street to open some individual shops, such as fashion jewelry stores, beauty shops, pet care, music, or online florist shop.

at the same time, years of hard work forced them to crave a sense of stability, a lot of people say that the shop is in order to achieve their own interests, and more people that they have found their own decisions in the business sense. When they go to work, they are employees, happy cooperation with colleagues, easy to deal with; off work, they are the owner, and the clerk to advance and retreat, master the course. read more

if the franchise market is enough to understand the words, you should know that the market also has a lot of profit will magnify propaganda opportunities, as everyone knows, this propaganda and illegal pyramid has what is the difference? Of course, if we choose business opportunities, business opportunities can choose to join the chain, illegal MLM business opportunities are not credible, the key is a distinction. So, how to distinguish between franchise and illegal pyramid schemes?

recently in the country for the occurrence of the "franchise" name, illegal pyramid scheme phenomenon, this phenomenon is due to people of pyramid schemes and the concept of franchising is not clear, will not let it happen again.

This is a large-scale marketing

from after the Spring Festival this year, a large number of provinces and cities in the mainland by illegal MLM "encirclement and suppression", illegal pyramid selling organization gathered in Hainan, when the peak number of up to more than 30 thousand people in the disaster area MLM Qiongshan City, the first two months of this year, industrial and commercial bank payment remittance 6000, about 1. 500 million yuan, of which 90% of pyramid schemes. There are more than 1000 sales personnel every day, ICBC provided against the remittance to qiongshan. In the illegal pyramid selling participants, mostly young people around the age of 20, the youngest only 13 years old, personnel of farmers, laid-off workers, veterans and social Xianzarenyuan, and part of College graduates. read more

food and beverage market to join the industry so much, you choose the project did not? You don’t know across the food catering to join interested, anyway, Xiaobian know pasta join has become many businesses choose, a lot of people are the value of the huge business opportunities in the market and the choice of pasta, pasta now is investment, operators are finding new investors to join, pasta has too much everyone to learn shop method, there are many operators, find the method is the key.

pasta joining process these need to pay attention to

to do business should look at the situation of consumer groups. To serve God is to understand their needs. The need to do some research: to understand customer acceptance across the hall; and eat noodles taste; they can accept the price; they want to type noodle consumption. This is a promotion for you after the opening of the noodle shop, is more practical to know the needs of customers read more

now the society is an open and pluralistic society, under such a social background, whether men or women have more adequate social resources to conduct business activities, and women entrepreneurs who also has a lot of entrepreneurial advantage.

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in the process of economic development, only the continuous improvement of efficiency, in order to effectively save costs, save time. This time, Xiamen enterprises from the disk of the customs warehouse work is like? The following and Xiaobian together to understand the specific.

not only the high efficiency of their own positions, shorten the production time, but also the flexibility to select the disk node, it is a real reform bonus!" In June 2nd, industries (Xiamen) Co. Ltd. the enterprise completed in 2016 the customs warehouse work since the disc disc ", the company’s Customs Division Chen Yan told reporters.

processing trade enterprises need to import large quantities of bonded materials, for the convenience of daily use of bonded materials enterprises, since the implementation of the customs books to manage, namely the enterprise according to the import and export and the actual use of record in the book, the customs in the annual unit inventory record contents and materials storage, enterprises often need short-term production with the customs. read more

no matter what kind of business, not to sell but trouble. Shop is to sell products, earn profit. Products can not be sold, the backlog of them, the way to get rich businesses blocked. Building materials franchisees need to master the sales skills?

1, Institute of closed questions the sales process, according to the questions some closed questions and we design each selling point, is to allow customers to answer "yes" and "no" problem. In the design of the closure of the problem, as far as possible to allow customers to answer "yes", if the answer is "yes", then we will be able to sell the basic success.

2, who is the buyer, who is the decision maker. In the sales process, try to attract the attention of policy makers, but also to be good at dealing with the impact, because it may affect our entire sales process. For example: the young couple with a shopping, more than women; middle-aged couples buy high-end products, mostly male dominated; the whole family, old and young to buy goods. Parents are the decision makers, money, children are the users, effects of goods. read more

clothing stores are usually provided by the headquarters supply channels, but even so, which also has a different classification of the difference, for those who want to engage in the business of clothing to join the business is not unknown. Here Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the current clothing to join the source of the purchase of two kinds of sentiment analysis:

1. domestic products

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occasions, the shoes will be different products. It is precisely because of the different types of demand, so that the shoe market is now more and more products. With the gradual evolution of the aesthetic, footwear products have continued to increase, especially in the case of men more and more emphasis on the image of their own health, shoes brand is endless. This article is mainly about the Chinese business men’s leather shoes ranking, which has the needs of consumers can focus on understanding.

China business men’s shoes list: AOKANG

AOKANG, founded in 1988, today, has become a leader in the field of Chinese leather products, many of the brand, to footwear, now has three major shoe production base, with more than 3 thousand chain stores, its sales network is all over the country, at the same time, the brand of shoes has the China brand, A Well-Known Trademark in China, Chinese leading leather leather Wang and many other honors, China is currently the most iconic big brand shoes. read more

is now entering the major shopping malls, it is not difficult to see a lot of men’s clothing stores, but also those brands store business is quite good. Of course, the quality of the brand is certainly more attractive. Operating men’s clothing store is not easy, how can we make more money? The following Xiaobian for everyone to do a simple analysis.

In fact, we might be able to
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autumn has come, seeing the end of the summer, has already seen government requires payment of high subsidies, but many people’s seemingly no such ideas, which makes many workers puzzling. Am I not eligible for a high temperature allowance? So many companies do not violate the rules?

high temperature allowance is a special compensation for workers engaged in economic construction and enterprise production and operation activities under high temperature conditions. The purpose is to ensure the payment of the summer season under high temperature conditions for economic development and enterprise production and management activities, safeguard the enterprise workers in the labor in the production process of safety and health.

state regulations, the employer arrange workers under high temperature (daily maximum temperature reached 35 degrees above), outdoor work and can not take effective measures to reduce workplace temperature to 33 DEG C, and shall pay to the employee high temperature allowance. Currently, all around the adjustment of high temperature allowance standards, Beijing’s high temperature allowance announced in July 7th to double. July 3, 2015, the Ministry of human resources and social and other four departments issued a notice requiring all localities to grant high subsidies. read more

opened a fast food shop, is also a very good business opportunities, has the strength of choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, worthy of trust, it is worth joining. Hunger breeds discontentment, small business choose to join the fast food market, good market opportunities, trustworthy!

successy opened a fast food franchise needs to master the business strategy. Now because of busy life, many people choose fast food in the diet, can save more time, open a Chinese fast food restaurant, but also there is a market, a huge market demand, attracting the attention of entrepreneurs, each big city fast food franchise market is a hot, want to run it we must master the corresponding strategy, we have the following in a detailed introduction to the subject.

one: highlight the theme of promotion. Promotional activities to give customers a fresh feeling, you must have a good promotional theme. In the promotional theme to have the following characteristics: first of all to have impact, left a deep impression to customers; secondly should be attractive, to key words short enough to stimulate customer interest after the original. In order to impress consumers, fresh. read more

is such a delicious soup has a very large market demand, however, now operating the same store very much, resulting in industry competition is very fierce. Therefore, if you want to open a lucrative soup stores, there is a natural need to do related work in place, so that it can ensure that businesses are profitable. Then, open a lucrative soup stores to do what?

nowadays, along with the soup has been welcomed by consumers in the market, many entrepreneurs have shifted to the eyes of the soup franchise project, thus joined the market development of soup shop project is very good. Some good ideas to entrepreneurship for all entrepreneurs to introduce today, invest in soup stores how to realize the money?

1, open stores — money soup items     Xiao Bian had said the soup franchise is a good choice for business, because in this variety of restaurants with the society, a fancy store is certainly will attract the public eye, you might think, are the same everywhere the shop, suddenly there is a characteristic shop print in your eyes, you will not choose it? The answer must be yes. In fact, it is so intuitive that we store the benefits of soup. read more

now, the cause of furniture, with a new choice. In the market, not only by the consumer’s love, to join the furniture project, or very high-profile choice. Simple way to join the success of entrepreneurship is just around the corner!

furniture industry to seek a breakthrough and transformation, many furniture enterprises to seize the trend of custom features, solutions provider change from single product Home Furnishing supplier to the overall system, provides solutions to "design + product + service" "one-stop" for consumers.

this is the performance of enterprise upgrades, but also the performance of the whole house custom hot, according to this situation, custom home improvement in five years is still the protagonist of the home industry." Experts pointed out that the market competition is fierce, who first grasp the opportunity, who will be able to get good development. In recent years, more and more consumers demand for home improvement, more emphasis on the unity of the decoration style, but they are also getting busy, do not have too much time to run a number of experience stores, extreme hope can stop buying home products." It is aware of the consumer demand, some businesses launched the first house custom mode, living room, dining room, bedroom, study series together, to meet the consumers a one-stop shopping, product style integration needs. 2017, I believe there are more businesses into the field of whole house customization. read more

business is very difficult, want to achieve success in the industry stores normal profit, in the shop at the beginning, entrepreneurs should be able to do the preparatory work from the current store, join the market, want to quickly profit to earn high profits, to join the hotel is a good choice, but the preparation of franchisees is very important, it after the hotel directly affect the traffic and performance. So before the hotel opened, the franchisee should be ready to do what?

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