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Month: April 2017

entrepreneurship is not easy, if you want to make your entrepreneurial path is not so difficult, you have to know some of the skills of the management team. You know, entrepreneurship can not be a person’s thing, but a group of people in an entrepreneurial project services and hard work, we put this group of people who strive for a goal called the team. As an entrepreneur, how to manage the team? Recommended for you the six Golden rule.

1, a clear architecture

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brand children’s clothing to join should seize the opportunity, you need to choose a good, which includes all aspects of good choice to bring a better experience, children’s clothing industry has a good market prospects, before investing in stores, there are many aspects need to pay attention to, in the choice of brand is also a lot of skill to follow together, look at the specific analysis of this paper!


in the selection of children’s clothing brand to join, must choose an easy call, easy to remember, easy and loud pronunciation brand name, a good name is often necessary for business success factors. Secondly, it is about the culture and idea of joining the brand enterprise management: to have the guidance of advanced, practical and enterprise operation. This is also very important. read more

different customers, the service requirements for the store will be different. If the store wants to attract more customers, it is also necessary to understand the needs of large customer service. The retail business is to serve the society, we want to do business, it must provide excellent service for consumers, only through quality service, to win the heart of the customer, make customer satisfaction, and can better absorb resources management.

and for big clients, service is one of the most important ways for us to win their favor. Now in the fierce market competition, many retail customers are trying to develop large customers, absorb consortia in the idea, and at the same price of goods today, businesses want to win customers especially at large customers, we must think of ways in the service, how to take measures. read more

said that the female big eighteen change, the boy to change is also unexpected. Once lovely child star Alfa has turned tough, new pictures of Alfa beard and a child with big eyes and bushy eyes of different style.

It is reported that
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food to join the project, only to join the fried chicken project, is a very good choice. Azhima fried chicken? Quality projects, the best choice for successful business. Join Azhima fried chicken? In the food market, food business opportunities!

Azhima fried chicken in the market has a very high popularity, subject to a lot of consumers, and it only needs low cost to join, million can join in the 5-10 square meters and you can shop at lower cost, rapid 60S meal waiting time less, even without the chef, standardized operation over Taiwan fast, so the traffic Azhima fried chicken shop every day especially, by a lot of workers approved.

Azhima fried chicken. It is not only low cost, and its quality is good, tender Azhima fried chicken coke, sweet chili sauce and provide collocation sweet spicy crisp white radish, let cool and satiety accompanied. Not out of the country, you can experience the authentic fried chicken and beer filling collocation. Therefore attracted many consumers sought after, it can be said who set up shop who earn money! read more

example of college students how to guard against fraud

now is a lot of criminals find many get in by every opening, they like to fraud, as the saying goes, one foot in mind, also have their own methods of college students to cheat.

at the fair, a few enterprises under the banner of the recruitment of students under the guise of deception do MLM or even other illegal things have occurred. Xinxiang Medical University graduates Yu Pengfei in January this year, a recruitment site, several flow recruiters stopped, they said the company’s business in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, after a brief exchange told less than: "we need you to do, do not require work experience, Baochibaozhu, the annual salary of twenty thousand yuan." Contact a few times, he actually found that the company is doing pyramid schemes, thanks to my ability to distinguish, otherwise they will be confused by the rhetoric." Yu Pengfei one face. read more

in Hefei, and now everyone with a taxi taxi software, not only convenient but also save money. A few days ago people wrote two articles about a taxi App manuscript, respectively is the "giant taxi App behind the phantom of the opera" and "online taxi large urban diseases in general," said two things, 1 giants began to pay more attention to online taxi. 2, a taxi App began to appear its own bottleneck, the transformation of the transformation, the deep plowing.

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if you are an entrepreneur in Tianjin, if you are satisfied with the results of their own business, then do not hesitate to sign up to participate in the 2016 Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship contest. Registration is in progress, look forward to your joining oh.

4 29, the reporter from the 2016 Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Tianjin Division) to promote the work of the meeting, in 2016, Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship contest officially kicked off.

contest is divided into enterprise group and team group, registration time from now until June 12th. It is reported that the contest will be the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in late 7 due diligence and to early August, and ultimately decide the enterprise group and the group of one or two teams, third-prize and a number of outstanding awards, winning projects will be given a one-time grant special funds. In addition, finalists finalists and winners of the enterprise and team will be given priority to the relevant investment institutions. read more

hit the wind over the earth, no matter what the industry is used to guide the direction of development to emphasize the spirit of innovation, the education industry is no exception. Many entrepreneurs choose the education industry to start their career path.

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when we think about how fast food franchise business, store location must be the first to solve the problem, what position is suitable for fast food restaurant? Now the development of fast food franchise market is getting better and better, all brands are also eager to seize the good geographical position, want to open investment must not ignore the location problem today is to solve this problem we have to analyze what are the location errors.

error 1: the main store or business district is not mature, the source is too small even if everyone can not meet the satisfaction of the sales. At present, Beijing commercial competition, the new shopping center business is generally not too good, traffic is very small, generally need to raise some time to achieve good traffic and business level. New shopping malls opened in the mature values of the relatively short period of time, if the new mall as the main store opened in the new business district, fast food franchise training time will be longer, the risk is considerable. read more

settled in Beijing accounts difficult problem is expected to be resolved. For the rest of the community has long been settled in Beijing policy will be put into trial on January 1, 2017. The total score to reach the required score of personnel can apply for permanent residence in Beijing.

recently, the "Beijing integral settled management measures (Trial)" officially released, the provisions of education a legitimate and stable employment, stable legal residence, background, living and working areas, constitute integral innovation, tax, age, honors, records of the nine indicators system in law. As a major reform of the household registration management system in Beijing, the integration will become a college graduate graduates, the introduction of talent, relatives to take refuge, after the transfer of work, but also a channel settled in Beijing. read more

diet, in our lives, has always been a very important presence. As we all know, hunger breeds discontentment, we always want to eat. However, the characteristics of the food, always very convincing. Authentic Chongqing hot pot to join which good? Around the edge of the old hot pot?

around the edge of the old hot pot entrance fee is how much?


Chongqing Hot pot with a margin of the old rich variety of products, complete taste has become the core place for people to eat Hot pot, consumers around the edge of the old Chongqing Hot pot shop, can eat the most authentic old Hot pot, eat the most comfortable Hot pot.

around the edge of the old hot pot to join the advantages:

features of the product advantages: about Chongqing margin of the old Hot pot red soup pot is in accordance with the traditional formulas, Tang sehong bright, spicy and delicious taste, alcohol. Authentic old Chongqing Hot pot to join good? About Chongqing margin paid special attention to food safety, oil and base material guarantee does not add any pigment additives, complete with pepper, pepper, butter making, where guests can enjoy the delicacy. read more


project has been selected as the restaurant investors is a very troublesome problem, of course, I hope a lot of food and beverage brands for their comparison with Xiaobian recommend a variety of well-known brands to you before the restaurant to join the project, today alone dry pot this brand to do simple brand recommendation.

dry pot, Kawana Nouchi, originated in Sichuan, Mianyang, belongs to the North Sichuan dish, spicy and delicious taste. Has now moved to the country, but also the formation of a large number of joining the brand, the following small series to give you a brief introduction of the current market is relatively well-known brand of dry pot.

dry pot ten joined the brand recommended

incense pour fairy pot

Xiang Xian fell by 2 8 kg dry pot roast fish about two fresh grass carp freshly roasted, baked into the special container, and then poured down the Secret Fairy incense fried soup, simmer the fish flavor, and then continue to serve fire insulation. read more

in our life, there is always no use for home appliances. Then, of course, the use of household appliances for cleaning appliances. Jie hundred home appliance cleaning? In the market, not only has a high popularity, join the selection advantage is very advantageous!

Tai’an tmhold source environmental protection science and technology limited company to accept the Beijing world standard certification center limited company quality management system certification review, according to our company "s Jie" brand, engaged in home appliance cleaning services services for the audit, in the joint efforts of our company, with the perfect management system and strict service measures passed the GB/T9001-2008/ quality management system certification, and obtain the certificate.

double attack set off a new storm cleaning appliances. The store is dispensable, the operation has training, the replacement of the facilities; door-to-door service, store sales double income. The shop without experience, there are facilities for distribution: 1-3 million people can shop, one on one training, technology is simple, facility distribution, one year free replacement, lifetime free maintenance. Door-to-door service, store sales, revenue: Qi door service, service warm drink, repeat continuously; store sales, clean and visible effect well received, income Everfount. read more

Home Furnishing brand as a professional high-quality, highly popular Meike Home Furnishing headquarters, in order to further expand the market, actively expanding of Chengdu area! In the consumer’s impression, home shopping has always been located in the periphery of the city, and preferred cluster development. But recently, Meike Home Furnishing owned stores and Markor chose located near the core city in Chengdu city in the old mall Renhe Spring Zongbei as new. Recently, the reporter went to the mall, said a staff member whose property market, in the first half of 2016 on "sell" to Markor. But for what is to lease or self-sustaining form stationed in the mall, Meike Home Furnishing did not respond.

it is worth noting that, in recent years, the growth rate of the number of Home Furnishing Meike Stores Co., from 2015 to 2016, the number of new stores and closed upgrading roughly flat. In addition, the company in 2016 planning non-public offering to raise funds of 1 billion 600 million yuan and put into a production line expansion project. read more

pie has always been a very popular investment to join the project, many people have the idea to join the pie shop, but suffer from the brand is not very understanding, so has been stuck in the selection of the brand. Xiaobian joined the SS brand pie is a good choice. As the SS catering subsidiary of the pie pie SS well-known brands, both in product strength or market visibility, have a huge competitive advantage, in addition, a perfect franchise chain brand, to join the SS pie a lot of support and help! So how to join the SS pie?

joined the SS pie? What conditions do you need? How to join? Look at the following simple introduction:

pie joining conditions:

The development prospect of

1, identity SS pie, is to seek long-term development business philosophy.

2, recognize and accept the "business philosophy and mode of operation of the headquarters of the SS pie". read more

with the continuous improvement of our economic life, we constantly improve the quality of life. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the broad colorful wall? Quality projects, worry free business, worthy of trust!

wide colorful wall art has always insisted on the environmental health management idea, to paint the selection of raw materials are very stringent, do not use any chemical agent in the whole production process, the introduction of the most advanced paint formula, each product in the factory will undergo strict quality checks, every family can be assured to buy such a business that it gained good reputation in the industry.

wide colorful wall art to make money?

wide colorful wall art and traditional painting more advantages than wide, Li according to the aesthetic needs of consumers, design different styles of products, and products are also environmentally mildew, good leveling, high hiding power, color and soft, delicate texture, strong adhesion, fast construction and other advantages, has become a wide Li the brand of choice for families to choose in the wall. read more

in the modern society, people pay special attention to delicacy, with the continuous development of economy, people love to eat special delicacy, blosso chicken as high value and high nutrition popular delicious, join market is very hot, now blosso chicken joined a lot of advantages, attracted a lot of attention of entrepreneurs.

so, blosso chicken? Blosso chicken chicken originated from the ancient medicine, accompanied by the national Ministry of Health announced the 28 kinds of food and medicine development of Chinese herbal medicine, refined by steaming, boiling, halogen more than and 20 processes and products, with the spleen and stomach, nourishing longevity effect. With using the Qianjiang source forest backyard Yaowang pheasant as raw material, excellent quality, rich flavor, is China in Zhejiang Province in third, the first chicken green food. Blosso chicken has four major characteristics: Chinese medicine modulation, purely natural, crisp but not bad, old and young, fragrant, articulate fragrant endless aftertaste, be the same outside and inside. Four hundred years ago, the popular called a "medicine chicken" of the delicious food, the emperor Qian Long was later praised as "color aroma and taste great". read more

what does it feel like to be a western restaurant? Western food let us feel that the meal should have a gentleman fan, and eat Western food you can not help but think carey, it is a kind of solemn occasion, you will give the most basic respect.

MISOXI is a pro Misuoxi steak, coffee, music diffuse lifestyle people leisure restaurant, Oriental romantic environment and recover the original simplicity of Western lifestyle fusion, in the complicated and impetuous society talent shows itself in the activity, hand-made the delicacy, on-site production of beverage, friendly price, become the modern people yearning for dining, the party, leisure places.

Music: Misuoxi from 7 basic notes "1, 2, 3 meters duo Lai, 4, 5, 6 sliding cable, 7 West" in the "357 Misuoxi", on behalf of our restaurant theme: music, art. Dark meaning "music coffee" imagination, give a person the whole body relax, comfortable kind of feeling. The speaker listener sweet, smooth and natural. The maturity of 357 is also the steak, steak is usually divided into three points: according to the odd (medium rare), cooked cooked five (medium), medium (medium well); Misuoxi Chinese font design contains 357, echoing with the graphics, strengthen brand memory, Misuoxi like a girl’s name like singing, singers, such as cowboy returning singing; read more

HTC gas? In the market, has been extremely popular, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good market opportunities. HTC gas alliance, worthy of trust, worthy of choice. Join HTC gas, what are you still hesitating?

said the energy synthesizer, you know what? Small series weapon, energy synthesizer is the production of synthetic gas special equipment in the market is very popular with investors. Of course, for this type of investor is concerned, the energy synthesizer prospects how they are most concerned about the issue, we look at the


How about

energy synthesizer prospects? The answer is: very broad prospects! Its successful development, the synthetic liquid gas from the experimental stage to the practical stage, first to provide security for its fundamental synthetic gas production, then guarantee the standard for the quality of products. The utility model has the advantages of simple installation, easy operation, stable and safe performance, high production efficiency, good quality and low cost. read more