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Month: March 2017

after three years of active preparation, Xining First People’s Hospital finally ushered in the evaluation of the level of a comprehensive hospital in three. 22 December 2011 – 23, the Qinghai provincial health department organization of hospital accreditation group of 24 experts to the city hospital, according to the "three general hospitals of Qinghai Province, the review rules" requirements, detailed and careful review. After reviewing the group of experts on the two day of justice, objective, comprehensive evaluation, Xining First People’s Hospital to 904.436 points of excellent performance, good performance, successfully passed the first class hospital evaluation of the three.  

April 22nd, the staff member of the Xining Bridge Street office Tian Guiqin holding a good stew of meat from home, rushed into the north of the city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine ward.

March 19th, the newspaper published the "warm love, the old man’s heart" reported, after a lapse of more than a month, the 79 year old widowed king, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, may at any time to leave the world. In April 22nd, the reporter saw the old man is playing bottle king in the room, the old man lying in bed, his face has been swelling. "We are dedicated to the elderly please the care, care of the elderly living every day." According to the new century community director Hua Chengze introduction, the elderly sick, get the help of the small bridge office and the Northern District Civil Affairs Bureau, the elderly medical expenses and living problems have been resolved to a certain extent. read more

"71" on the eve of the District Bureau of Justice Party branch organized political and administrative party members and cadres to join the party activists to celebrate the party’s birthday forum activities. In June 29th, combining with the development of the learning party organization construction and "police officers" of the core values of education activities, to further practice the "loyalty, for the people, justice and honesty" core values of police officers and men as the theme, to celebrate "71", promoting party building, innovation and development activities. Party members to discuss how to better carry out the "legal" seven, promote the construction of the rule of law culture; effectively play the people’s Mediation "first line of defense", to provide legal services timely and convenient for the masses; continue to reduce the threshold of legal aid, to expand the coverage of legal aid; actively carry out resettlement work, the implementation of the employment guidance, emancipist training, social security and other policies; strengthen the community correction exploration team construction, classification management, individualized instruction, focus on helping the correction method etc..
forum from the train and bring up a strong spirit of the pursuit of Ideological and political, judicial and administrative team, good conduct of noble occupation, Party members and cadres to promote self-development and self-improvement, establish the correct values, in an efficient, convenient and high-quality service concept that all. read more

  October 31st, Xining city held the 2009 annual party ordering and distribution work meetings, arrangements for the New Year party issued.

the meeting pointed out that the party newspapers and journals is an important position of public opinion of the party and plays an important role in building a socialist harmonious society. All localities and departments and units should stand on the in-depth study and practice the Scientific Outlook on Development height, fully understand the significance of good newspapers and journals, the issuance of work, conscientiously do a good job of Party newspapers and journals of the publicity and distribution work, expanding the coverage of newspapers and journals, give full play to the use and role of Party newspapers and journals, widely publicize the party’s theory, line, policy, guide the majority of Party members and cadres and the masses of the people thinking of the goal of building a well-off society, to provide strong public support for the construction of a harmonious society. At all levels of the organization and publicity departments should fully understand the important role of Party newspapers and journals, from strengthening the party’s ruling ability construction, further enhance political awareness, overall awareness and sense of responsibility, to complete the subscription hundred-percent party issuing task. read more

10 31, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department held a joint conference and the literary work will promote the work. The meeting reviewed and summarized in the general secretary Xi Jinping literary and artistic work forum important speech under the guidance of the development of literature and art work in our province, the deployment of the current and future period.

the meeting noted that the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech forum for two years, propaganda and cultural fronts in our province and the majority of artists as a guide, always adhere to the people-centered creation, pay more attention to the social, literary production continued in-depth, and strive to build a Chinese style, western style, the characteristics of Qinghai literature works jointly explore the road of cooperation, mass cultural activities flourished. read more

In December 5th, our province the first Chinese sports lottery Lotto cup youth badminton tournament in the provincial capital of the start, hundreds of young people from across the province to compete on the same field, habayashi hegemony.

is the air pollution situation improved in winter spring season, the provincial capital will be clean energy heating in winter as a major breakthrough in the blue sky project ", the implementation of the year to complete the urban area of 200 tons of steam coal fired boiler coal gas, reduce dust pollution of burning coal producing city.

this year, the provincial capital repeatedly suffered haze pollution can not be ignored is that the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot dust emissions, resulting in emissions of air pollutants, the urban atmospheric environment has been affected. According to the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, according to the beginning of the year to develop coal gas rectification task, at present, Xining city coal gas has entered the rectification stage, for heating in the winter before the completion of urban area of 200 tons of steam coal fired boiler coal gas works. At the same time, the work completed by the end of 92 coal site remediation, construction area of coal trading market, banned the serious pollution, the coal enterprises operating without license and coal heap places, solve the city’s coal dust pollution. In addition, the city within the scope of the delineation of 710 catering service units to implement the comprehensive management of soot pollution, the installation of fume purification devices, and switch to clean energy, prohibit the burning of raw coal. (author: Zhao Junjie)
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On the morning of January 13th, mayor Wang Yubo hosted the municipal government party (enlarged) meeting, study and implement the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee, arrangements for the deployment of a quarter of the key work in the five. Wang Yubo stressed that the members of the municipal government party must take the lead in-depth study and understand the spirit of the five plenary meeting of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee, closely combined with the actual work, the major strategic task of the provincial government to reflect the annual work plan, to reflect the specific work arrangements, reflected in the work of innovation, with the actual the effectiveness of the deployment work hundred-percent to implement the provincial government and requirements. read more

Xining customs tax revenue has reached 419 million yuan, an increase of more than last year, more than last year, more than $31 million in tax warehousing. This is the Xining customs clearance, the first time since the tax break 400 million yuan mark.

Xining customs revenue growth this year to two factors. On the one hand, our province’s economic rebound and constantly improve people’s lives the good situation, boosting the customs import and export value growth. According to Xining customs statistics, 1-10 months, the province’s total import and export value of $637 million, an increase of 40%, to achieve a trade surplus of $90 million 270 thousand. Especially the ferrosilicon exports 127 thousand tons, worth $170 million 740 thousand, and the amount of value increased by 1.6 times and 2.1 times respectively; clothing, textile yarns and fabrics and products, furniture and parts exports grew by 23.3%, 47.9% and 8.5 times. On the other hand, Xining customs constantly optimize the supervision and service, to strengthen the tax collection and management efforts.
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how to use the most simple way to identify the authenticity of tobacco and alcohol? How can I buy safe rice, flour, oil? What is the healthiest way to eat?……" The afternoon of October 10th, organized by the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce of the "food safety lecture" science knowledge into the community in the city area Shi Po Street community. The staff about the food safety problems to attend lectures and 60 old city Industrial and Commercial Bureau food supervision department.

it is understood that the elderly on food safety knowledge is deficient, to strengthen food safety propaganda work, let the elderly people know more food safety knowledge required for daily life, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau food supervision department held for the first time in the group of the old propaganda lectures on like food safety science, to improve the elderly people’s rights consciousness, ability of food safety cognition and identification of fake and shoddy food. In the lecture, Industrial and Commercial Bureau official starting from the food color, flavor, logo, packaging, explain in detail the basic knowledge of food safety, with the method of some of the most basic knowledge of food safety and the authenticity of the elderly people. (author: Xiao Ling Hai Liusun)
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in recent years, under the correct leadership of the west district and the higher hospital, West District People’s Procuratorate adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and

"Three Represents" as the guide, thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, firmly establish the concept of socialist rule of law, closely around the strengthening law

law supervision, maintaining fairness and justice, the procuratorial work theme, earnestly fulfill the procuratorial functions, to further promote the three key tasks, and strive to maintain the jurisdiction of

district social harmony and stability, in the realization of the procuratorial work in the process of scientific development has made new progress, has been superior leadership and the people

approval. In September 28th, the province’s procuratorial organs held the eighth "double first" commendation meeting, the hospital was awarded the provincial procuratorate first class merit, the hospital read more

July 1st, Xining airport will open a number of routes. Among them, the air encryption Beijing – Xining direct flights, flight number CA1233/4, HNA new Taiyuan – Xining direct flights, flight number HU7795/6, Xining – Tianjin will also open direct flights. By then, the counterpart of the 6 provinces and cities will fly from the original class of 21 to class 27, which greatly facilitates the economic and trade cooperation between the two sides, cultural exchanges and convenient passenger travel. (author: Jia Ming)  

December 29th, Hao Peng chaired a provincial executive meeting, listen to the "13th Five-Year" plan drafting reports on the situation, research to accelerate the development of multi-level capital market and the modern insurance services, people’s livelihood and the livelihood security work at the beginning of the year.

Sponsored by the Shandong deaf deaf sign language research center, the city’s deaf school hosted the first deaf deaf youth sign language summer camp in Xining recently ended in Qinghai

sponsored by the Shandong deaf deaf sign language research center, the city’s deaf school hosted the first deaf deaf youth sign language summer camp in Xining recently ended in Qinghai. Shandong Kai Yantai special education school was the school, Xining school for the deaf, Datong 52 deaf students with deaf friends from all over the country took part in the summer camp activities.

During the

summer camp, the organizers invited the experts studying in America, South Korea, the use of sign language made a special speech brilliant, with the campers to jointly explore the charm of sign language and deaf culture, through the success of deaf deaf children to establish the deeds of lectures, encourage the optimistic life attitude and self-confidence, the courage to pursue their dreams. To participate in the summer camp students also learn art design, the experts and scholars have made handmade cloth hairpin and cooking courses, learn some daily sign language of the United States and South Korea, to feel the charm of different foreign language. A variety of game competitions, seminars and exchange activities, so that the activities of deaf students to broaden their horizons, increased confidence, deepen friendship, enhance the spirit of teamwork. read more

the evening of May 19th, by the Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Anhui provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly organized, and the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Anhui province and the acrobatic troupe rehearsal of the common project in 2015 the National Arts Fund – vaudeville drama "Snow Leopard Prince" first performances at the Anhui Grand Theater, audience of more than 1200. Deputy director of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee, deputy director general and Secretary General of the National Arts Fund Zhao Shaohua attended the show and give a high degree of evaluation of the successful debut of the play.

snow leopard Prince lasted two years of planning, a row. Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Anhui performing arts group has repeatedly into the Xining, Yushu and other places to carry out folk songs. The play was listed as the ten largest performing arts brand in Anhui in year 2016. read more

restaurant demonstration street, you can see in the lobby Houchu, business households of Hot pot bottom material for publicity, pharmacy business documents are complete and standard management…… This is the staff in the district health and food and Drug Administration recently part of the area restaurants, canteens, pharmacy visits, the results obtained. Reporters followed the interview found that the current urban areas, food and drug market operating order is good, strict management norms, a food and drug safety umbrella has been propped up.

strengthen supervision level

escort health

[people feel] more and more people are willing to eat in the Nanshan Road food service food safety demonstration street. Public reflection, a better way to eat a better environment, better service, food safety and more assured! Many of the operators on the street also said that today’s customer turnover rate is high, the business is better! read more

April 20th morning, Xining City Education Bureau held a mobilization meeting in the work style construction, learning to convey the "opinions" of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee on the style of construction activities, read the "Style Construction Bureau of Xining city education activities implementation plan", deputy party secretary of bureau of Comrade Ma Shengqing on behalf of the bureau Party committee made a mobilization speech. All personnel attended the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that all the staff should fully understand the significance of the change of work style, strengthen the consciousness of developing style of construction activities; fully understand the existing problems in the construction of work style, enhance the style of construction activities carried out targeted; clear style construction general requirements, improve the effectiveness of style of construction activities; implement to ensure the effectiveness and style of construction activities. At the same time, the leading cadres should take the lead role; all the staff should actively participate in and innovate constantly; open the door and find out the problems. In order to create a new breakthrough learning organ, a new breakthrough in the work of innovation, in the development of new breakthroughs in research, new breakthroughs in improving the efficiency of office work, a good image of total tree of educational administration. To closely combine the key work in 2007, the arrangement of the activities of the construction of the year, to ensure that the work carried out. (author: he arrow) read more

6 29, the Qinghai provincial Party committee held a meeting of leading cadres. Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department Jiang Xinzhi attended the meeting and announced that the central decision: Comrade Wang Guosheng chairman of Qinghai Provincial Committee, secretary; Comrade Luo Huining no longer serve as the Qinghai provincial Party committee, standing committee member, and another appointment.

Luo Huining presided over and spoke, Wang Guosheng, speech, Mr. Hao Peng.

in the warm applause, Luo Huining made a speech. He said that the adjustment of the main leadership of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, fully embodies the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of Qinghai fully affirmed and caring, I firmly support the central decision. Comrade Wang Guosheng’s political consciousness and overall situation consciousness, leadership experience, ideological emancipation, vision, hard work, honest, pragmatic and pragmatic style. Comrade Wang Guosheng has done a lot of fruitful work in Hubei, and Qinghai will be able to join the team members to promote the cause of a new level. I hope that the cadres and masses at all levels of the province, like me, support Wang Guosheng’s work. read more


  a) to actively create a favorable environment for the development, continue to stimulate the vitality of social entrepreneurship, this year the city market supervision and management departments will continue to earnestly implement the national and provincial and municipal services public entrepreneurship, innovation of preferential policies and measures for the completion of the municipal government, a new round of market development plan of doubling the get the end of the year, individual industrial and commercial households increased to 5722 households, 4465 households increase enterprises.

it is reported that last year the city market supervision and management departments focus on changing functions, decentralization, unified registration conditions of approval, to further promote the "after the first photo card reform, the full completion of the" three in one, a photo of a code registration system reform. Through a number of reform initiatives, effectively stimulate the vitality of social entrepreneurship and innovation, the formation of the main body of the market continued rapid growth in the new normal volume. Last year, the city’s newly registered enterprises 6103, an increase of 11%; newly registered individual industrial and commercial households, an increase of 6%. As of the end of last year, the city’s total of 27497 types of enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households of 96692, farmer cooperatives, the total market players reached 127 thousand households. read more

The morning of August 21st, the eastern area of Xining City 2012 "poverty alleviation, dream university education of Poor College Students Aid release ceremony, 37 students received a grant of 102 thousand yuan. Funded by 37 students, admitted to the University of the province’s 28, each student grants of $3000, the province’s 9 students, each received $2000. (author: Zhang Yaning,)