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first_img Share Share LocalNews DC Bridge officially commissioned by: – February 1, 2012 Tweet 43 Views   2 commentscenter_img Share Sharing is caring! DC Bridge officially commissioned.A new bridge funded by the People’s Republic of China which has been affectionately referred to as the “New Roseau Bridge” has been officially commissioned. At the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday the Prime Minister announced that the bridge would be named the Dominica China Friendship Bridge (D.C Bridge) as a symbolization of the relationship between the two countries.“That bridge shall be called the Dominica China Friendship Bridge in other words the DC Bridge in recognition of the very close and cordial relationship which exists between China and Dominica and a demonstration of our gratitude to the government and people of China for their continued support to Dominica in very difficult and trying times,” Prime Minister Skerrit declared.Prime Minister Skerrit also announced that the West Coast Road Rehabilitation Project when completed will be renamed the Edward Oliver Highway, in recognition of the First Premier of Dominica E. O LeBlanc under whose leadership the West Coast Road was constructed.The Chinese Ambassador His Excellency Wong Zonglai who also addressed the opening ceremony explained the dimension of the bridge and noted that it will create a “fresh route” within the city particularly during the festive seasons.(L-R): Ambassador Wong Zonglai, Permanent Secretary Lucien Blackmoore, DLP suporter cutting the ribbon and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.“The bridge is located at the mouth of the Roseau River, the second largest river of Dominica with a span of 17 meters, a width of 10.5 meters and a height of 3.7 meters. It will provide a fresh route in and out of the capital for pedestrians and vehicles weighing as much as 40 metric tons, considerably facilitating the residents and lessening the traffic burden of Roseau and its environs. The functions of the bridge are maximized during the festive season’s one of which; Mas Dominik 2012 which we have just began to celebrate.”Ambassador Zonglai further explained the bridge is designed of “high stability corrosion resistant and flat evasive best suited to its geographical surroundings” as well as “solar powered street lamps lining around the bridge with the mutual agreement between China and Dominica tackling the global climate change by applying green technology and providing sustainable development”. According to the Ambassador the four stone lions which have been erected on either side of the bridge “are audacious stands which symbolize the sincere blessings for the Dominican people while adding to the diversified architectural style of beautiful Roseau”. One of the 4 lions erected on either end of the DC Bridge.Meanwhile the Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau North Constituency Julius Timothy told Wednesday’s ceremony that the newly constructed bridge will serve as a link between the Roseau Constituencies as well as the entire island.“This Roseau River has been an important landmark for four constituencies with the prefix Roseau they are; Roseau South, Roseau Valley, Roseau Central and of course Roseau North, no wonder there are several bridges over the Roseau River and they create that important link between the people of this Constituencies and indeed the people of other Constituencies as well.”This “place of beauty” Timothy said referring to the bridge “will improve the ambiance of Pottersville and enhance the aesthetics of that area of Roseau. The bridge will also open new possibilities for the people of Baytown. It also opens up the opportunity to ease the parking congestion in Roseau”.The construction of the bridge commenced in May 2010 with a cost of EC $8 million.According to the Chief Technical Officer Kendall Johnson, although the bridge can “safely accommodate two lanes of two-way traffic as currently demarcated” it is anticipated that the main flow of traffic will be out of the city; that is from Hanover Street and unto Elliot Avenue. [nggallery id =131]Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

first_img Share Sharing is caring! LocalNews Court rules against Defence team’s “no case submission” by: – February 16, 2012 Share Tweetcenter_img Court gavel. Photo credit: lazytechguys.comJustice Bernie Stevenson-Brooks has ruled against the Defence team’s no case submission in the trail to determine whether Kenrick Tyson murdered Cecil James.The trial began on Monday and the Court heard from the former girlfriend of the accused that they both waited in a “shack” outside of the deceased home on the 9th of May, 2009. When the deceased arrived home the accused allegedly struck him on his head three times with a 2” x 4” piece of wood. He was found on May 10th, 2009 on his bed half naked with the bed linen soaked through with blood.On Wednesday the prosecution closed its case after having called 8 witnesses to testify including the former girlfriend of the accused Nasha Daniel.At the close of the prosecution’s case the defence team comprising of Wayne Norde, Bernadette Lambert and Ronald Charles led by Wayne Norde made a no case submission.Norde’s submission was based on the fact that the prosecution did not lead sufficient evidence before the Court as to the cause of death of Cecil James.He told the Court on Thursday morning that his submission was based on two limbs; that the prosecution did not prove the actus reus meaning the commission or act of omission which must be a voluntary act that causes the damage or harm.His second basis for making a no case submission is that the prosecution did not “provide an inch of evidence as it relates to the cause of death of the deceased Cecil James”.“Very critical in this case is that the prosecution has not produced through any of its witnesses how the deceased died. The prosecution has failed to prove that any act of the accused caused the death of the deceased.”Norde went on to highlight sections of the case the Queen vs Eston James in which the Court ruled that “the cause of death is critical in cases of murder” and also that “the prosecution has the duty to prove that the accused caused the death of the deceased”.He said the body of Cecil James was discovered, an autopsy was conducted as indicated by Inspector Romain Riviere but the prosecution did not furnish the Court with the contents of that report or a pathologist to provide evidence as to the cause of death.He urged the Court not to allow this “level of laid back, lackadaisical procedure” noting that if this is accepted by the Court.Norde submitted therefore the prosecution had failed to establish that the accused caused the deceased’s death.However the Prosecution team led by the Director of Public Prosecutions Gene Pestaina along with Clement Joseph and Arthurlyn Nesty refuted these arguments stating that “the acts of the accused accounted for the death of the deceased”. According to him; “there is no evidence that the deceased fell off his bed and knocked his head, the evidence is consistent with the uncontroverted evidence of an eye witness and the prosecution’s main witness Nasha Daniel.He explained that while it is a factor that the cause of death in a murder trial is required it does not mean that if the prosecution does not provide a medical or scientific cause of death that a murder was not committed.Justice Bernie Stevenson-Brooks did not uphold the submission by the Defence and stated that “there was sufficient evidence on the issue of causation which was produced and that a jury properly directed could make a decision on the evidence presented”. Dominica Vibes News Share 6 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

first_imgLocalNews USAID to undertake basic literacy campaign in the Caribbean by: – June 29, 2012 Share 170 Views   3 comments Tweet Sharecenter_img Share Sharing is caring! USAID’s Acting Representative, Steven HendrixA United States Agency International Development (USAID) official recently announced that the agency is seeking to undertake a basic education and literacy campaign within the Caribbean region.USAID’s Acting Representative, Steven Hendrix, said that the program has been developed based on a request by Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, who visited their Barbados office about a month ago.He explained that Prime Minister Skerrit’s area of “keen” interest was basic literacy and education as he expressed deep concern about adolescents who are unable to read proficiently.“His concern was that kids when the reach adolescence; when they become teenagers, that our sons and daughters be able to read and write at a proficient level. We don’t want to pass on children who do not have the proper skills to higher levels in the schools and create problems in the schools, so I think quite correctly he identified an issue which we ourselves acknowledge”.In response to Prime Minister Skerrit’s request, Mansfield Blackwood, the Senior Technical Specialist for Economic Growth, will be leading a team in organizing this campaign.According to Hendrix, because Prime Minister Skerrit was a beneficiary of a USAID scholarship and is aware of the pertinence of USAID funded programs, they took on his suggestion. “He knows the benefit of USAID programs and so when he says, look we have a problem we need more programming in basic education and basic literacy, we’re gonna listen to him”.He further stated; “we listen to all of the Caribbean leaders, we listen to the general secretary of the OECS Secretariat….and we do support their leadership and their initiative to do what’s best in their countries”. This basic literacy and basic education campaign is expected to commence before the end of the year. Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

first_imgFourteen primary judges and two alternates are chosen for each Games.The team of international technical officials – or judges – for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has been officially announced following its approval by World Archery’s executive board. Making a case for Archery at the Commonwealth Games It is almost the same group that officiated at last year’s Olympic test event. The only change is that Indranil Datta has replaced Lian Wang, who will instead attend the Olympic Games with the Chinese team and officiate at the Paralympics. There are 14 judges plus two alternates on the list. Hannah Brown will act as chair and Robert Erica as deputy, while Vladimir Dominguez takes the role of director of shooting.Advertisement Promoted ContentTop 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All Time2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearThe Biggest Cities In The World So FarYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic BombsTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksA Guy Turns Gray Walls And Simple Bricks Into Works Of ArtThe Highest Paid Football Players In The World8 Things That Will Happen If An Asteroid Hits Earth7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The Universe Two judges, Karla Cabrera and Sabrina Steffens, will officiate at their second consecutive Olympics. Graham Potts, who was chair of the commission at Rio 2016, is a member of the jury of appeal at Tokyo 2020. A further 14 judges plus two alternates have been named for the upcoming Paralympics. That team will be chaired by Bob Pian, has Katy Lipscomb as deputy and Andrea Bortot as its director of shooting. A full list of technical official assignments for the 2020 Hyundai Archery World Cup season is also available. Read Also:IOC, IPC Intervene in WADA-RUSADA Case in Sports Arbitration TOKYO 2020 OLYMPIC GAMES – JUDGESHannah Brown, Great Britain – chairRobert Erica, Netherlands – deputyVladimir Dominguez Ambros, Cuba – director of shootingRinga Baltrusaite, LithuaniaKarla Cabrera, PhilippinesFulvio Cantini, ItalyIndranil Datta, IndiaGuillermina Garcia, MexicoDave Martin, South AfricaKaren Pan, Chinese TaipeiSabrina Steffens, GermanyPecilius Tan, SingaporeSchandorff Vang, Faroe IslandsAlex Vecchio, BrazilDavid Catalan, Spain – alternateLaura Lynne Churchill, Canada – alternateTOKYO 2020 PARALYMPIC GAMES – JUDGESBob Pian, USA – chairKaty Lipscomb, Great Britain – deputyAndrea Bortot, Italy – director of shootingAndrea Aguilar, GuatemalaShahrzad Allahyari, IranRanjan Bhowmik, IndiaCharmaine Ho, South AfricaFrankie Hoong, SingaporeMartino Miani, ItalyFlemming Skjoldborg, DenmarkRubens Terra Neto, BrazilLian Wang, ChinaAlison Hagaman, AustraliaAslihan Unsal, TurkeySaruul Enkhbat, Mongolia – alternateAhmed Koura, Egypt – alternateMore information about judging and a full list of technical official assignments for 2020 can be found online. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Loading… last_img read more

first_img However, only five of the 40 payments “appeared to be aligned to purpose”, said the report. The rest – totalling some $8.3m – either had “little or no supporting documentation” or were considered “unusual/higher risk” with no patterns “identified in terms of the nature or the value of the payments”. Details were thin on the ground in some cases – with the governing body of the central and east African region, Cecafa, receiving a payment of $0.5m when the only information given was that this was to organise an Under-17 match in Burundi. Meanwhile, the governing body of the southern African region, Cosafa, was allocated $400,000 to stage an Under-20 game. The story was largely the same for the annual subvention funds that Caf pays to its 54 member associations, which is currently $200,000 per year – having risen from $50,000 and then $100,000 per year under Mr Ahmad. Of the 66 high-risk payments reviewed, 48 – worth some $11m – had insufficient documentation. Particularly troubling were three payments of $100,125 each supposedly made for the benefit of the Liberian FA – one of which ended up in Estonia, two of which were sent to a mystery company in Poland. This was called Rosenbaum Contemporary and when its website was operating – prior to disappearing in 2019 – it identified itself as an industrial company. Why the money went there is unclear, with PwC recommending legal action to recover the funds as well as a desire to “rule out ‘insider’ involvement’ within Caf”. Complicating matters for those trying to understand the true nature of Caf’s finances is the fact that many of the organisation’s payments are made in cash, particularly to staff. It cites a withdrawal of $350,000 in cash in December 2017, which was simply marked as “payroll expenses”, by way of example. Of the 25 information requests that PwC made to Caf, all were granted save for three – with both “bonuses” and “travel expenses” among the latter. “During the review, it was observed that payments and reimbursements to ExCo members majorly contribute to Caf’s administrative expenses”Caf’s ExCo – which is effectively the organisation’s board – also has issues to address in light of the audit, which questions the manner in which they are compensated. “Exco members – jointly or through a committee comprising a part of the Exco members (e.g. compensation committee) – propose and approve salaries, bonuses, end of term benefits, indemnities and allowances for the members of the ExCo, leading to a self-approval situation.” Thirty-five payments made to the ExCo were reviewed yet not one had all the “required documentation to clearly establish the legitimacy of the payments”. In 2016 – a period when Mr Ahmad’s predecessor Issa Hayatou was in charge – $36,150 was paid to wives of ExCo members yet the latter could not provide documents regarding the “eligibility of spouses of ExCo members for such payments”. “Caf has also booked several ad-hoc payments to ExCo members – e.g. buying gifts, offering donations, organising funeral etc. – for which no documents were provided for review,” the audit added. Despite receiving indemnities of $450 per day when on duty and an annual bonus of at least $60,000, ExCo members are considered by the audit to hinder Caf’s daily working activities. “The ExCo, which is held responsible to take all executive decisions, meets once a quarter, resulting in delays in key decision making and preventing managers of Caf departments from making timely business-critical decisions.” “Caf being a football governing body to promote and develop the game in Africa, it is important that Caf effectively manages its stakeholders – external and internal – effectively. Currently, there is little or no understanding about who the stakeholders are for the individual department.”With an unclear hierarchy and delays in decisions, Caf’s working environment appears far from perfect – with the result that staff are said to be “demotivated”. “Staff expressed a lack of systematic communication, concerning key decisions, resulting in great amount of unclarity… and feeling of exclusion,” said the audit. “Staff are unaware of the existing organisation structure… Job roles and responsibilities assigned to individual staff members are not properly defined and known.” The list goes on – from a lack of leadership, committees meeting on an “ad-hoc basis without systematic planning” through to the lack of a dedicated IT department. In addition, staff attendance, overtime, vacations and medical absences are said to be neither monitored nor captured. Meanwhile, large swathes of financial records are simply missing – with PwC estimating that it was unable to access around 20% of the data required for the period in review, which covered 2014-2019. “Several sweeping governance and operational measures have already been implemented before and during the six-month partnership with Fifa,” Caf’s statement said Read Also:CAF Super Cup clash offers chance to forget Champions League debacle “The ExCo has scheduled a meeting for 14 February to validate the 2020-21 Caf roadmap which will take into accounts (sic) all the recommendations.” Given the roadmap suggests relieving the ExCo of management and administrative responsibilities, it promises to be quite some journey. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Football’s governing body in Africa has been shown to be in a state of disarray, an audit has revealed. Ahmad Ahmad The investigation into the Confederation of African Football (Caf) questioned the body’s accounting, its governance, and its payments. Caf’s presidential office was “directly involved” in the controversial decision to employ Tactical Steel, a little-known gym equipment manufacturer, to become a key supplier of sportswearThe audit highlighted transactions totalling more than $20m (£15.4m) which either have “little or no supporting documentation” or were considered “higher risk”. One area the PwC audit suggested further investigating was “the role played” by Caf President Ahmad and his attaché, Loic Gerand, among others, in the deal with French company Tactical Steel. The company’s financial dealings with Caf were described as “highly suspicious”. Mr Ahmad has already strenuously denied any wrongdoing with regard to this case. The forensic audit – which was complicated by Caf’s tendency to make most of its payments in cash – also suggested considerable reforms were needed throughout Caf. The organisation’s structure was described as being over-reliant on decisions made by the executive committee (ExCo), despite the latter meeting “once a quarter, resulting in delays in key decision-making and preventing managers of Caf departments from making timely business-critical decisions”. In addition, a lack of clarity in Caf’s organisational structure has left departments “understaffed” and existing staff both “overworked” and “generally demotivated”. The confidential audit, a copy of which has been seen by the BBC, was carried out as part of the unprecedented decision to send the Secretary General of football’s world governing body, Fifa, to improve the way that Caf was run. Concluding her six-month role in early February, Fatma Samoura presented her findings to leading figures in the Caf administration, who have said they will address the recommendations laid out by a joint Fifa/Caf taskforce. These include, among others, a major restructuring of Caf’s organisational hierarchy, introducing a term limit for both the president and ExCo members and the introduction of an ethics code. Whether ExCo members are prepared to approve fundamental changes when they meet on Friday is another matter. But a statement this week made the right noises. “More than 30 years of an outdated and patriarchal management at Caf have resulted in important shortcomings at all levels of operations,” Caf said. “Caf will persevere… to ensure that we achieve the highest international standards.” The damning audit highlights a raft of financial deals which require further investigation, with Caf President Ahmad, a 60-year-old from Madagascar, one of those under scrutiny. “From the email communication, it appears that Tactical Steel established the initial contact with Caf through Caf’s President office”PwC recommended an investigation into Ahmad’s role in the controversial decision to employ Tactical Steel, a little-known gym equipment manufacturer, to become a key supplier of sportswear to Caf. Mr Ahmad has previously told the BBC – in response to being asked if he had cancelled a deal with sportswear company Puma, worth $250,000, to take up a larger order with Tactical Steel, worth $1m, in December 2017 – that the accusations were “false, malicious, defamatory (and) part of a vendetta”. The Caf president blamed his general secretary, Amr Fahmy, who had formally complained to Fifa, for spreading the story. Caf’s finance director at the time, Mohamed El Sherei, also took the case to Fifa. “From the communications reviewed, it appears that Caf’s president office was directly involved in agreeing to the initial offer of Tactical Steel and then the additional handling and logistics costs without involving relevant departments in Caf such as Procurement, Marketing and Finance,” the PwC audit said. Tactical Steel is run by Romauld Seillier, a long-standing friend – and former army colleague – of Loic Gerand, Mr Ahmad’s attaché. During the course of this deal, several payments made by Caf to Tactical Steel and the latter’s affiliate, ES Pro Consulting Ltd, based in the United Arab Emirates, were returned to Caf for reasons that are unclear. “The refunds from Tactical Steel and ES Pro Consulting… are highly suspicious which could potentially indicate a kick-back arrangement between parties involved or a case of tax evasion through off-shore payments,” the audit said. In June 2019, Mr Ahmad, who took charge of Caf in March 2017, was questioned in the French capital, Paris, by anti-corruption authorities before being released without charge. PwC’s audit has also suggested closing down Caf’s Emergency Committee, a group involving the Caf President and any three ExCo members, which can bypass ExCo and fast track decision making. “Based on the documentation at hand, it appears that the decisions of the Emergency Committee has (sic) been taken in a less than transparent matter,” the report stated. The auditors observed “multiple payments for the same period/dates” when it came to claiming travel expenses. Although the report failed to mention Mr Ahmad by name in relation to expenses, the BBC revealed last year how the Caf president received two different sets of expenses when for being in two different countries at the same time. Given that the audit was conducted “in relation to Fifa Ethics guidance”, it remains to be seen what action, if any, will be taken against the Malagasy. “A large number of payments were made in cash. The use of cash for business expenses in this manner results in little or no audit trail to verify if the cash has been spent legitimately or not.”As part of its audit, PwC reviewed just under $10m of payments made with money that Fifa gave to Caf to distribute as part of its Fifa Forward programme, which aims to enhance football development in countries across the world. Loading…last_img read more

first_img I was watching him quite closely. It’s just the way he transitions between the positions like it’s nothing. That’s what makes him a world class player.” “Rooney. Or maybe Giggs when I first came in and he was coaching under [Louis] van Gaal,” added Rashford when asked who left the biggest impression on him. “He [Giggs] helped me a lot with what he used to say to me. read also:Rashford steps up rehabilitation exercise “But on the pitch, Rooney. You learn a lot when people speak to you but more when you’re on the pitch with them.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Manchester United star, Marcus Rashford, has said that getting to work with the likes of Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney was a true honor. Rashford held informal talks with the agency’s representatives in Miami last weekend Rashford grew up a United fan and got to emerge in the first team from their youth setup under Louis Van Gaal. Since then, he has gone on to become a key player, but he will always remember his early interactions with the likes of Giggs and Rooney. “To get the opportunity to play with him was an unbelievable experience and it was just the little things he did for our games that makes him a special player,” Rashford said of Rooney to Bleacher Report.Advertisement Loading… center_img Promoted ContentWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthInsane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street Art7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterBoys Deserve More Than Action-Hero Role Models6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s HystericalYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeSurprising Things Women Found Attractive 50 Years AgoPretty Awesome Shows That Just Got CanceledThe Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love Withlast_img read more

first_imgMejica, meanwhile, was detained in thecustodial facility of the municipal police station, facing charges./PN He was Jan Robert Mejica Barangay Sulangan,Dumangas, police said.   ILOILO City – A 20-year-old collegestudent was arrested after he allegedly stabbed his schoolmate in Barangay PDMonfort North, Dumangas, Iloilo. Police were looking into personal grudgeas the motive in the stabbing. Police investigators said the incidenthappened around 10:28 p.m. on Friday when Mejica challenged Michael JognSimasu-ay, 20, to a fist fight. Simasu-ay allegedly ignored Mejica and walkedaway but this prompted the latter to stab the victim on the back of his body.Simasu-ay received treatment at the Dumangas District Hospital. last_img

first_imgVice President Leni Robredo is off to a good start one week into leading the government’s crackdown on illegal drugs, Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo says. PCOO “That is the constitutionalrequirement,” Panelo told reporters on Friday. Duterte’s spokesperson Salvador Panelosaid that a medical bulletin “comes into play only when the President is inserious illness.” MANILA – Malacañang sees no need torelease a medical bulletin regarding President Rodrigo Duterte’s back pain.  Duterte had scrapes and bruisesfollowing a motorcycle accident inside the Presidential Security Group compoundwithin the Malacañang Complex on October 16. But Panelo said what the President didwas just a form of exercise. (With GMANews/PN) Panelo confirmed that Duterte went fora ride on an all-terrain vehicle on Thursday night in the Palace complexdespite the advice of the President’s doctor for him to take some rest andlimit his physical activity. He had to cut short his trip to Japanon Tuesday, where he attended the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Naruhito,because of an “unbearable pain” in his spinal column which his doctor said wasa case of muscular spasm.  He added the 74-year-old President hasbeen transparent about his health by telling the public what ails him.last_img read more

first_imgWhile most of it has remained in Rome,the return of the small fragment was widely celebrated by Christians in theregion.(BBC) The relic had been in Rome since the7th Century. A fragment of a wooden relic, reputed to be from Jesus’ manger, is displayed ahead of its transfer to Jesus’ birthplace in Bethlehem for the official launch of Christmas season on Nov. 29. REUTERS/AMMAR AWAD Officials said it would now be kept inthe Franciscan Church of St. Catherine, next to the Church of the Nativity,where tradition says Jesus was born. VATICAN City – A fragment of woodbelieved to have formed part of Jesus’ manger is set to be returned toBethlehem after over 1,000 years in Europe. It was briefly put on display inJerusalem before continuing its journey to Bethlehem to coincide with the startof Christmas celebrations there. Pope Francis ordered the return of thethumb-sized relic from Rome’s Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore as a gift.  last_img read more

first_imgCHR will also be holding a forum on the RiceTariffication Law in coordination with the Jaro Archdiocesan Social ActionCenter (JASAC) on Dec. 9. The venue would be announced soon. Backed by JASAC, CHR will set up, too, humanrights desks in parishes. This is one of its ways to mark the NationalHuman Rights Consciousness Week (Dec. 4 to 10), according to Atty. JonnieDabuco, CHR regional director. Tubungan as venue of the caravan is aninspired choice. Dabuco said CHR Region 6 aims to reach out to people infar-flung areas. Tubungan is 41 kilometers from Iloilo City.Dabuco said the caravan would also be serving people from neighboring towns andeven if their legal concerns are not related to human rights. ILOILO City – Tomorrow the Commission on HumanRights (CHR) in Western Visayas is bringing its free legal aid caravan toTubangan, Iloilo. JASAC personnel will man the desks after atraining on Dec. 14. “We want people to feel our presence,” saidDabuco. Human rights desk personnel may serve as firstresponders in human rights-related incidents, said Dabuco. The director thanked JASAC for partnering withCHR which has limited personnel. Dabuco said concerns over extrajudicialkillings prompted CHR to think of setting up human rights desks is localities./PNlast_img read more