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New England Network and Third Sector Systems Partner to Help Youth-Serving Agencies Measure Outcomes

first_imgSector Systems, a provider of organization-wide software solutions for nonprofits, in partnership with the New England Network for Youth, Child and Family Services, a nonprofit organization that works collaboratively with child and youth service organizations in New England to strengthen social services and promote best practices, have announced a collaborative effort to help child- and youth-serving agencies effectively collect, analyze and report their outcomes to their funders and the communities they serve.Both organizations will promote NEN’s ImProve, a pioneering organizational development tool that identifies and tracks outcomes by recording participant achievements. Tracking outcomes enables agencies to create integrated information management plans that can measure clients’ incremental progress. Those outcomes help agencies retain existing funding, gain additional funding, and share their clients’ achievements with their community. ImProve is implemented using Third Sector Systems’ database technology.“As pressure has mounted on agencies to demonstrate positive outcomes, they’ve struggled to develop outcome measurement tools that work. Several strong methodologies have been developed, but many of them have not been implemented because agencies haven’t had a database flexible enough to accommodate them,” said Melanie Goodman, Executive Director of NEN. “Third Sector Systems enabled us to incorporate ImProve into Mission Maestro and produce the kind of reports agencies need to evaluate their programs, satisfy their funders and constituents. I am thrilled to offer such an innovative solution to our members and other agencies.”“Agencies’ ability to show how dollars from individuals, foundations and government agencies are turned into measurable results is crucial to their survival,” said Yves Gonnet, founder and CEO of Third Sector Systems. “Together, NEN and Third Sector Systems will show agencies that a solution to the problem they have been struggling with finally exists.”Third Sector Systems ( is external)) provides integrated organization-wide software solutions that connect all departments of nonprofit organizations. Third Sector Systems also provides free fundraising software to nonprofits at is external). Third Sector Systems has offices in Waterbury, VT and New York, NY.The New England Network for Youth, Child and Family Services ( is external)) is the training and networking center of choice for over 100 public and private child, youth and family service agencies throughout the region, with headquarters in Burlington Vermont and offices throughout New England.last_img

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