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Rabat – Secretary General of the Popular Movement (MP) Mohand Laenser said that the offer made by appointed Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane, is “acceptable in principle”.The offer made by Benkirane, based on the majority in force before the elections of 7 October 2016, “is acceptable in principle,” Laenser told MAP following consultations he held Wednesday in Rabat with Benkirane, adding that he will examine this proposal with the decision-making bodies of the party and the rest of allies.The MP Secretary General intends to begin discussions on the structure of the government over the next two days or early next week.The appointed Head of Government met, earlier in the day, with President of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), Aziz Akhannouch, as part of the ongoing consultations to form the government. Speaking to the press following his meeting, Akhannouch said that he would examine this offer with his partners: the Popular Movement (MP) and the Constitutional Union (UC), with a view to continuing these consultations “within the next two days”. read more

23 November 2009Israel continued to increase freedom of movement for Palestinians between most urban centres in the West Bank over the past six months, but access to land has not significantly improved, with 60 per cent of the area remaining largely off-limits for use and development, according to a new United Nations report released today. “The easing of Palestinian movement between urban centres is a welcome step,” the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in its monthly update, noting that access still continues to be severely restricted to and from areas behind the barrier – which Israel says it is building to keep out suicide bombers and other attackers – including East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, as well as within the Israeli-controlled area of Hebron.“Further measures aimed at restoring Palestinian control over West Bank space are required in order to make progress towards the fulfilment of the above obligations,” it added, referring to Israel’s responsibility under international law for ensuring the humanitarian needs of people under its occupation, including the right to free movement, work, housing, health, education, and to freedom from discrimination.It called on Israel to take several initial steps, including revoking the permit regime associated with the barrier which is partially built on occupied Palestinian territory, opening up closed military zones and nature reserves for Palestinian use, lifting access restrictions to the Jordan Valley and within Hebron, and freezing all settlement activity.Among recent progress, the report cited the removal of two checkpoints and the shifting of four others, the relaxation of crossing procedures at most checkpoints to the east of the barrier, the extension of opening hours, and the performance of searches and documentation checking on a random basis only, as well as the removal of 46 earth mounds and roadblocks that prevented vehicular access to main routes from various communities.All this resulted in a significant reduction in travel time between the main urban centres, excluding East Jerusalem. But the barrier continues to be the single largest obstacle to Palestinian movement, with no improvement noted regarding access of Palestinians holding West Bank identity cards to areas isolated between it and the Green Line [the border before the 1967 war], including East Jerusalem. Moreover, although Israel issued additional permits and opened dozens of seasonal gates for the olive harvest season that started in October, productivity was hindered due to lack of access throughout the year. Israeli settlements remain the most important factor shaping the system of movement and access restrictions, including the barrier’s route, the report said. As of the end of October, there were a total of 578 closure obstacles inside the West Bank, including 69 permanently staffed checkpoints, 21 partially staffed checkpoints, and 488 un-staffed obstacles such as roadblocks, earth mounds, earth walls, road barriers and gates, and trenches.But the report noted that while the large majority of obstacles are un-staffed roadblocks and earth mounds, most are designed to channel Palestinian traffic into staffed checkpoints, making the latter a key component of the closure system. As a rule, fluctuations in the number of checkpoints provide only a partial indication, since the ability to move across a given point varies depending on the policy implemented there.Additionally, given that the checkpoints along the barrier allow limited access to areas that would be otherwise blocked, a decrease in the number of these checkpoints may indicate a deterioration, rather than an improvement, in freedom of movement, and vice versa. Equally important, the report stressed, is that the number of closure obstacles at a given time does not reflect other key dimensions such as the so-called Area C, covering 60 per cent of the West Bank, which remained largely off-limits for Palestinians.While the overwhelming majority of Palestinians reside in Areas A and B, Area C holds the land reserves necessary for the development of the main centres, a significant part of the agricultural and grazing land, and is critical for any large-scale infrastructure project. Any Palestinian construction in Area C, for housing, health, education, infrastructure, tourism or industry, is subject to an Israeli permit regime, and in practise Palestinians are prevented from obtaining such permits in most of Area C, which was registered in the past as state land and subsequently included within the jurisdictional areas of Israeli settlements. read more

The multi-day trawler named “Sinhale 4” was intercepted by a fast naval patrol craft attached to the Eastern Naval Command 16 nautical miles off Pigeon Island in Trincomalee. The navy said 42 males, 03 women and 08 children were onboard the boat and they are residents of Jaffna, Vavuniya, and Trincomalee. The navy arrested 53 people off Pigeon Island in Trincomalee today as they were heading to Australia by boat illegally.Among those arrested were 49 Tamils, 3 Muslims and a Sinhalese, the navy media unit said. The asylum seekers were escorted to the Trincomale Harbour to be handed over to the CID for further investigations.

A micro-credit system in Ecuador set up by the United Nations and a local foundation is fostering harmonious relations between Colombian refugees and the local population as the two groups work together to bring their small business dreams to fruition, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) reported today.The latest success story occurred today when the Integration for Progress shop – a collective business project that brought together 35 Colombian refugees and Ecuadorians in the capital city of Quito – opened its doors to the public with the help of the micro-credit system, the Community Credit Banks.“The Community Credit Banks make it possible for Ecuadorians and refugees to relate to each other,” said UNHCR Programme Assistant Angel Garcia. “By putting forward joint projects they realize they have the same needs, regardless of their nationality. Each group has to build a relationship of trust. It’s the only way they can gain support for their projects.”A joint venture of UNHCR and Fundacion Ambiente y Sociedad, a non-governmental organization (NGO), Community Credit Banks provides financial and emotional support for people like Jairo Martinez, a Colombian refugee who arrived in Ecuador two years ago. Today, Mr. Martinez stacked the shop’s shelves with rice, sugar and pasta while colleagues outside decorated the shop’s entrance with balloons and colorful garlands.“When you come to a new country, the question of how you are going to make a living is constantly on your mind,” he observed. “Any help is a blessing, but it is much, much better if you are given tools to build something through your own efforts.”The shop opened following 18 months of work by the nearly three dozen participants who received training from the FAS in accounting, administration and marketing. It is located in the poor and crowded Solanda neighbourhood, where large numbers of Colombians have settled in recent years. So far, the micro-credit system has provided funding for more than 100 projects, including small businesses that make and sell handicrafts, fast food and furniture. Like many participants, Mr. Martinez is hopeful about the future. “Right now, we are planning seven more projects, including a bakery and an internet café, but we want to wait and see how the shop goes first,” he said. read more

It wasn’t long ago that a career .265-ish hitter with some pop and a versatile glove was destined for cult status. (Think Ty Wigginton or Fernando Tatis.) And in a way, I suppose Ben Zobrist, whom the Kansas City Royals acquired Tuesday from the Oakland Athletics with an eye on Friday’s trade deadline, has achieved just that. But here’s the twist: The denomination that worships Zobrist most is the Church of Sabermetrics — coincidentally, a movement that has essentially taken over baseball in the past decade-plus. And that makes Zobrist a fascinating case study in how the right player with the right metrics at the right time can be elevated to stardom.There was little about Zobrist’s early career that suggested breakout potential. He didn’t make his major league debut until he was 25 years old, a good six years later than the Mike Trouts and Bryce Harpers of the world. Drafted out of college with the 184th overall pick in 2004, Zobrist hit well in the minors1His career minor-league OPS (on-base plus slugging) was .885. but was older than his peers at almost every stop along the way. He certainly never made any top prospect lists and did little to impress in his first two MLB seasons. And although he flashed signs of potential — an .844 OPS (on-base plus slugging) with good power — as a part-time player during the Tampa Bay Rays’ magical 2008 World Series run, Zobrist wasn’t a major league regular until the following season, at age 28.All he did that season was lead the American League in wins above replacement (WAR).2Among position players. Then, two years later, he did himself one better, leading the entire majors. Over the 2009-12 period, he topped all major league position-players in WAR. Before the 2013 season, you could have made a case — on the basis of sabermetric statistics, at least — that Zobrist’s name belonged on the list of candidates for Best Player In Baseball, perhaps even at the top.WAR is Zobrist’s best friend, its modular nature being well-suited to detecting the strengths of Zobrist’s well-rounded game. Given Zobrist’s versatility, it’s no surprise that he fares best in a holistic metric whose components range from batting3Which uses Weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+), that most advanced creature in the evolution of hitting metrics, as its basis. to baserunning, double-play avoidance, fielding quality by position and — perhaps most importantly — positional scarcity.Zobrist played eight different positions — everything but pitcher and catcher — for the Rays in 2009 and was better than average at darn near all of them. His defense alone added something like 2 to 2½ wins above average to Tampa Bay’s ledger during his best years there. (Amazingly, there’s even an argument to be made that WAR underrated Zobrist, because his position-switching theoretically freed up extra roster spots for his team.)Baseball scouts traditionally quantify a player’s worth by grading his “tools” in five categories: hitting ability, power, running speed, fielding and arm strength. But we can give that toolbox a bit of a modern makeover, evaluating a player’s core skills (contact- and power-hitting, plate patience, speed and defense4Measured, respectively, by strikeout rate, isolated power, walk rate, speed score and defensive WAR.) by setting his rate statistics relative to the league on a scale where 100 is average and 15 points represents one standard deviation of performance. After we do that, Zobrist shows up as one of the only “five-tool” players in MLB’s post-World War II era:Traditional forms of evaluation don’t properly appreciate a player like Zobrist. Even in his most valuable years, he hit just .268 with about 20 home runs and 85 RBIs per season. But with the growth and mainstream acceptance of sabermetrics, Zobrist came along at the right time for his particular mix of skills to be both comprehended and acknowledged. read more

first_imgLa police rwandaise sauve un bébé gorille des mains de braconniersAprès avoir été enlevée à des braconniers au Rwanda au début du mois, une jeune gorille des montagnes est désormais saine et sauve à l’orphelinat du Parc National Virunga. Celle-ci reste néanmoins traumatisée d’avoir été séparée de sa mère, alors que ces gorilles sont une espèce en danger critique d’extinction.C’est une belle histoire que relate cette semaine le National Geographic. Il y a quelque temps, des braconniers ont tenté de faire passer clandestinement au Rwanda une jeune femelle gorille âgée de huit mois. Mais ceux-ci ont été interceptés par la police locale, récupérant le bébé qui avait probablement été capturé dans la région de Bukima en République Démocratique du Congo dans le cadre d’un vaste trafic animalier.  au Rwanda avant d’être arrêtés par la police locale. Le bébé, que les secouristes ont nommé Ihirwe, (Chance dans la langue rwandaise le Kinyarwanda) a probablement été capturée dans le cadre d’un trafic animalier. Comment l’animal a été capturé et si les membres de sa famille ont été tués, cela reste toujours inconnu, selon les responsables du parc. Selon les éléments de l’enquête, les braconniers congolais et rwandais ont gardé la primate durant six jours, la nourrissant de bananes et de sucre de canne, jusqu’à ce que la police rwandaise de la ville de Gisenvi les emprisonnent pour possession illégale de gorille. Contactés par les autorités, les vétérinaires du Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, se sont immédiatement rendus à la prison pour venir examiner le jeune animal. Jan Ramer, l’un des vétérinaires raconte dans un rapport : “Quand nous nous sommes entrés dans la prison, l’un des braconniers a éternué sur le bébé, qui était profondément endormi sur le lit”. Un incident qui a valu à la petite baptisée Ihirwe (“chance” dans la langue rwandaise) 30 jours passés en quarantaine, le temps que les vétérinaires s’assurent qu’elle était en bonne santé. Une jeune gorille traumatisée A l’issue de ce passage obligé, la jeune gorille a alors rejoint d’autres orphelins au centre de Senkwekwe qui fait partie du Virunga National Park. “Il y a actuellement quatre autres orphelins au centre, et le but est de les réhabiliter à un retour à la vie sauvage. Mais il est très difficile de prédire si ce sera un succès ou non”, a expliqué Matthew Lewis, membre du programme de conservation de l’espèce africaine du WWF. En attendant, c’est donc le personnel de l’orphelinat qui prend soin et qui joue avec lhirwe, alors que cet âge là, les bébés gorilles passent normalement le plus clair de leur temps avec leur mère. A ce propos, les responsables du parc soulignent justement que, s’ils savent à peu près où a été capturé l’animal, ils ignorent tout de la manière employée par les braconniers et ne savent pas si les membres de sa famille ont été tués comme c’est très souvent le cas.À lire aussiVoilà à quoi ressemblent les cris de petits rhinocéros”S’il n’y avait personne de physiquement présent avec elle, elle se sentirait terrifiée. Elle a besoin de la présence d’un corps chaud. D’autant plus qu’elle semble traumatisée d’avoir été séparée de sa mère”, a précisé Matthew Lewis qui commente que l’histoire aurait très bien pu avoir une “fin vraiment sinistre”. “Nous sommes prudemment optimiste avec cette petite. Elle est tendue, mais elle accepte les gens et elle mange. Tous les bons signes pour un éventuel rétablissement”, a ajouté Jan Ramer.  Une espèce en danger  Les gorilles des montagnes sont aujourd’hui considérés comme une espèce en danger critique d’extinction par l’Union nationale pour la conservation de la nature. En effet, il n’y aurait plus que 786 gorilles en vie dans les montagnes de la République Démocratique du Congo, du Rwanda et de l’Ouganda, selon le WWF. Cependant, grâce à la chasse acharnée faite aux braconniers par les patrouilles, et grâce à la protection de leur habitat, les gorilles ont régulièrement des pics de renaissance. “Maintenant, il n’est plus l’heure d’être complaisant et de dire que nous avons eu de grand succès. Nous devons rester vigilant et au-dessus de ça”, conclut Matthew Lewis cité par le National Geographic.  Découvrez l’histoire de la petite gorille en images sur Maxisciences Le 26 août 2011 à 15:41 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgBoy Scouts from the Columbia Gorge and Fort Vancouver districts will collect new or gently used coats on Jan. 5 during their annual Christmas tree recycling event. The Scouts will visit neighborhoods in Vancouver, Battle Ground, Camas and Washougal starting at 9 a.m. Those who want their trees taken away are asked to place trees at the curb by 8 a.m. Jan. 5 with the stand, lights and ornaments removed. The Scouts will accept donations for recycling trees. The recommended donation is $10 a tree.The trees will be recycled and turned into wood chips, ensuring the trees won’t be dumped into landfills. The Scouts bring the trees to the city of Camas, McFarlane’s Bark, West Vancouver Materials Recovery Center, Clark Public Utilities, HD Fowler, Chuck’s Produce in Salmon Creek and Waste Connections. The organizations all donate time, equipment and services to the recycling process. While collecting trees, the Scouts will also collect new or gently used coats to donate to Friends of the Carpenter, where they will be cleaned and distributed. Those wishing to donate coats should place them on their porch and clearly mark that the jackets are for donation. For more information, contact David Cramblett at or 503-730-6201.last_img read more

first_imgThe new Rossoneri CEO Ivan Gazidis has arrived in Italy after ten years in the English Premier League with ArsenalIvan Gazidis spent ten years with Arsenal in the English Premier League as an executive.Now he has arrived in Italy to be the new AC Milan CEO.“It’s a great honor to have been chosen to lead AC Milan into a new era as its chief executive,” he told Gianluca Di Marzio.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“I’d like to assure the clubs millions of fans all over the world that I will work with my heart and soul to do the very best job that I can.”“To achieve what we all want for this great football club, the hard work will start now and it will require teamwork both on and off the pitch,” he added.“I’m extremely excited about the opportunities ahead, and although the journey will be challenging, I’m confident that together, we can bring AC Milan back to where it belongs. Forza Milan.”last_img read more

first_imgMIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) – A high-priced heist was caught on camera in Miami Gardens.According to the surveillance video, a thief took several pieces of equipment from a mechanic’s shop, Monday morning, at 16355 N.W. 27th Ave.The video shows him walking in and out of the shop several times, taking something each time he left.Bianca Matos, the manager of Andy General Mechanic, said the thief took $5,000 worth of equipment. “I need my stuff because I cannot work,” said Matos. “I am not able to check the cars outside. Look, the lady has the engine light on, and I cannot check it. I cannot check it because I don’t have my scanner.”If you have any information on this burglary, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_imgShahid Kapoor in Kabir SinghTwitterIn a rare instance, a Hindi movie is in the top position at the Chennai box office. Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh has occupied the numero uno place by overpowering local and international movies in the capital city of Tamil Nadu.In the first weekend, Kabir Singh has grossed Rs 49.50 lakh from 111 shows at the Chennai box office, as per Behindwoods. It is considered to be an above average opening for a Shahid Kapoor movie in the capital city of Tamil Nadu. More importantly, it has become his biggest-opener of his career in the city.It is followed by children movie Thumbaa. The movie has collected Rs 27.37 lakh from 156 shows. With fairly positive reviews coming its way, the Tamil flick is expected to do well in the next couple of days.Hollywood movies like Toy Story 4 and Dhanush’s Pakkiri along with its English version, have earned Rs 23.20 lakh from 54 shows, and 21.94 lakh from 90 shows, respectively.Taapsee Pannu’s Game Over has entered the second weekend by raking in Rs 18.09 lakh from 69 shows. The 10-day total collection of the flick stands at Rs 94.92 lakh.Karthik Venugopalan’s Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja has made a collection of Rs 14.28 lakh from 90 shows. The 10-day total collection stands at Rs 83.03 lakh.Vijay Antony’s Kolaigaran has entered the third week by earning Rs 10.03 lakh from 60 shows in the weekend. The total collection of the flick stands at Rs 3.03 crore.last_img read more

first_imgGoogle Street ViewMore than 30 Houston parks, bayous and trails are now available for exploration via Google Maps Street View.Individuals around the world can virtually visit sections of White Oak Bayou Greenway, Hunting Bayou Greenway and Sims Bayou Greenway, MacGregor Park, Hermann Park and the Bill Coats Bridge, Memorial Park and Buffalo Bayou Park.The sites are among more than 80 Texas landmarks that have been captured through Street View Trekker imagery.  They will now be featured on Google Maps, the company announced Tuesday with representatives from the Texas Tourism office, Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau, Houston Parks Board and Visit El Paso.The Street View Trekker is Google’s newest Street View camera platform. The images are captured using a wearable backpack that features a camera system on top. Sharelast_img read more

first_img Share After graduating from Wheaton College in Illinois, where he met his future wife Ruth, Graham led a Baptist congregation in a Chicago suburb, but he didn’t stay there long. Congregational work was not for him. He wanted to reach a bigger audience, and he had the preaching talent to do so.His big break came in 1949, when Graham led what he called “a tent campaign” of revival meetings in Los Angeles. Roaming the stage, chopping the air with his hands, and speaking alternately fast and slow, he electrified his audiences.“The Lord Jesus Christ can be received, your sins forgiven, your burdens lifted, your problems solved, by turning your life over to him,” Graham shouted, before leading the crowd in prayer.Ferd Kaufman | AP via NPREvangelist Billy Graham speaks passionately before the combined Texas Baptist World Mission and State Evangelistic Conference in Dallas, Jan. 11, 1959. Graham cancelled an earlier sermon at the First Baptist Church and was ordered to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.Originally scheduled for three weeks, the Los Angeles meetings were so popular that the organizers extended them to eight weeks. More than 350,000 people are said to have attended the services, in part because of favorable press coverage that came on the orders of newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst. After hearing Graham preach, Hearst sent a two-word instruction to his editors: “Puff Graham.”Before long, he was famous around the country. His wife thought he was too loud and too theatrical, but in midcentury America it was a style that worked. As a handsome, blue-eyed young preacher, he projected wholesomeness and charisma. He could command the stage, and his delivery proved perfect for radio and television.The evangelists who preceded Graham had a mainly regional appeal, whether in the South or the North, but Graham was known as “America’s pastor.” During a 4-month-long “crusade” in New York City, more than 2 million people came to hear him in various venues, including Madison Square Garden. Each service ended with Graham urging people to come forward, stand before him and dedicate their lives to Christ as a 1000-voice choir sang, “Just As I Am, Without One Plea,” the hymn that served as his anthem.Whereas many previous evangelists had embraced a fiery fundamentalism, Graham was more inclusive. In an unusual twist for a Southern Baptist evangelical preacher, Graham coordinated his Madison Square Garden rally with some big New York churches.“His determination to cooperate with mainline Protestants and with Roman Catholics alienated his fundamentalist friends,” said Grant Wacker, a Duke Divinity School professor whose book America’s Pastor: Billy Graham and the Shaping of a Nation traces the social and political significance of Graham’s preaching career. “They took great offense that Graham was willing to cooperate with the enemy.”Before long, Graham was one of the most famous and admired men in America. He became a regular White House visitor, meeting with every president from Harry Truman to Barack Obama and becoming a friend and counselor to several. Graham was especially close to Richard Nixon, a golfing buddy, though that friendship was diminished by the Watergate scandal.Graham initially refused to believe that Nixon was involved, but when the Watergate tapes showed otherwise, he was deeply disappointed.“He recognized then that he had probably been used, that he had misunderstood something of the president’s character,” said biographer William Martin. “That was a terrible blow to him and caused him to withdraw from the political arena.”Scott Applewhite | AP via NPRGraham talks with President Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan at the White House on July 18, 1981.His friendship with Nixon caused Graham additional trouble years later, when a tape of a 1972 conversation revealed that Graham had told Nixon that American Jews had a “stranglehold” on the news media. When the tape was released 30 years later, Graham was horrified and begged forgiveness from U.S. Jewish leaders.“He did not spin it. He did not try to justify it,” Wacker said. “He said repeatedly he had done wrong, and he was sorry.” Virtually all the Jewish leaders with whom he spoke forgave him, Wacker said.Over the course of his career, Graham moved steadily toward more moderate positions. Having once tolerated separate black and white seating sections at his rallies, he later insisted that everyone be treated equally, and he invited Martin Luther King Jr. to offer a prayer at one of his Madison Square Garden rallies in 1957. Though not an aggressive campaigner on behalf of civil rights, Graham’s support for racial integration earned him the enmity of the Ku Klux Klan and Southern segregationists.As a Southern Baptist minister, Graham supported his denomination’s ban on women becoming pastors, but he later said he was prepared to accept their ordination. His daughter Anne Graham Lotz saw firsthand how her father’s views evolved. In a 2011 interview with NPR, Graham Lotz said both her father and her mother were initially opposed when she told them she wanted to teach her own Bible class.“The traditional role of women in my family had been that the mother stayed at home, reared the children, kept the house, so that the husband – father – could go out and do ministry, which was my mother and father’s case,” she said. “So they just felt that my role was to stay at home and be that traditional type of wife and mother.”As Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham faced a lot of pressure, but she went ahead with her Bible class anyway, without her parents’ backing. One day, however, they showed up at her class unannounced, and from then on she had their full support. Later, Billy Graham said his daughter was the best preacher in the Graham family.“I’ll tell you what,” Graham Lotz said in that NPR interview. “I love my daddy. He is so special, and he’s meant so much to me. It’s not a thorn in my side to be known as Billy Graham’s daughter. It’s a privilege.”After being embarrassed by his endorsement of Richard Nixon, Graham made a deliberate effort to stay clear of divisive issues. Speaking at a crusade in Denver in 1987, Graham said he had been asked by hundreds of news organizations to comment on “certain things that have been happening in the world of religion. I haven’t made a comment yet,” Graham said to thunderous applause.A big religion story at the time was the rise of the Christian right. The Rev. Jerry Falwell, who founded the Moral Majority organization, was using his leadership position to mobilize conservative Christians in support of President Ronald Reagan and other Republican Party groups, but Graham kept his distance from such efforts.“I’m trying to stay out of it and just keep preaching the Gospel, because there’s nothing coming out of Washington or any of those places that are going to save the world or transform men and women. It’s Christ,” he said.Throughout his career, Graham made a determined effort to stay on message. Though conservative in his theology and pious in his personal life, he was reluctant to pass judgment on others.“He did not think it was his job to criticize other traditions within Christianity, or outside Christianity for that matter,” Wacker said. “He insisted that his sole job was to proclaim the Gospel.”In this regard, Graham differed not only from the conservative preachers who preceded him, but also from those who followed him, like Falwell or Pat Robertson or even his own son Franklin, all of whom seemed eager to wade into politics.Billy Graham’s ministry, however, grew to be larger than himself, and it became harder to separate his views from the views of those who spoke on his behalf. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), which he founded in 1950, produced radio and television programs and published books, magazines and pamphlets. A “My Answer” column that focused on moral and theological questions was actually written by association staff members, even though it appeared under Billy Graham’s name.By the 1990s, the BGEA was run by Franklin Graham, Billy’s designated successor, and Franklin’s views differed sharply from his father’s. Franklin called Islam “a very evil and wicked religion,” something his more temperate father never would have said. At a rally in 2003, shortly after the United States invaded Iraq, Billy Graham noted that Christianity shared a Middle Eastern homeland with Islam.“A great deal of the Bible is in Iraq,” he said. “The Garden of Eden was there. Abraham was born there.”Two years later, when a New York Times reporter asked him whether he shared his son’s judgment on Islam, Graham answered, “Let’s say, I didn’t say it.” Asked whether he, like Franklin, foresaw a clash between Christianity and Islam, Graham said, “I think the big conflict is with hunger and starvation and poverty.” In that same interview, Graham reiterated the position he took in his 1987 rally in Colorado, noting that he did not want to talk about the political issues important to other evangelical conservatives, like abortion or homosexuality.“I’m just going to preach the Gospel and am not going to get off on all these hot-button issues,” he said. “If I get on these other subjects, it divides the audience on an issue that is not the issue I’m promoting. I’m just promoting the Gospel.”By the time of that 2005 interview, however, Franklin Graham had a larger public profile than his father had, and he was associating the Graham name with a more humanitarian agenda and with conservative political activism. Through his organization Samaritan’s Purse, he devoted time and resources to charitable work in the United States and abroad. The organization in the coming years would provide aid in more than 100 countries, with an annual budget in excess of $500 million.In November 2013, on the occasion of his father’s 95th birthday, Franklin Graham organized a huge celebration in Asheville, N.C., with more than 800 guests, largely from conservative Christian and Republican circles. Among those attending the celebration were Sarah Palin, Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump. Franklin served as emcee for the event. His embrace of conservative Republican leaders culminated in his outspoken support for Donald Trump, whose election as president he attributed to “divine providence.”Controversy over the Billy Graham legacy was stirred anew with the 2015 publication of a book said to be Graham’s “final chapter.” Titled Where I Am: Heaven, Eternity, And Our Life Beyond, the book had Billy Graham’s name on the cover, as the author, but skeptics questioned whether he had actually written it. Despite the title, the book dealt less with heaven than with hell, describing it as “a place of wailing and a furnace of fire; a place of torment, a place of outer darkness, a place where people scream for mercy; … where many will spend eternity.”During the months when the book was allegedly being written, Billy Graham was in failing health and suffering from severe memory loss due to hydrocephalus and Parkinson’s disease.“My personal view is that he had next to no involvement in the writing of that book,” said Wacker, citing Graham’s physical condition and also the book’s fundamentalist message. “That book reflected the views of the early Graham,” he said, “the late 40s, the early 50s. It did not reflect the views of the later Graham.”James Burke//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images via NPREvangelist Billy Graham showing his Bible to the Waarusha warriors near Mt. Meru.In the book, hell is said to be “the place of punishment for those who reject Christ,” but in the later years of his ministry, Billy Graham had been unwilling to make such generalizations.In a 2005 CNN interview with Larry King, Graham distanced himself from fundamentalists who passed judgment on people, telling King he could not say where non-Christians would spend eternity.“That’s not my calling,” Graham said. “My calling is to preach the love of God and the forgiveness of God. In my earlier ministry, I did the same, but as I got older I guess I became more mellow and more forgiving and more loving.”The contrary view expressed in Where I Am, however, accorded closely with the views of Franklin Graham, who wrote the foreword to the book and handled all the publicity for it. When asked by NPR about the suspicion he had written the book under his father’s name, Franklin Graham airily dismissed the idea.“I don’t have time to write my own books, much less my father’s books,” he said. “There’s no way.”In an interview with Fox News, he said “every word” in the book was his father’s. As for the fact that the view of hell expressed in the book seemed inconsistent with what Billy Graham had said in earlier interviews, Franklin said that as his father aged, “he’s going back more to the kind of convictions that he grew up with.”There was no way to verify that claim, however, because Billy Graham himself never said a word about the book or its controversial message. In his final years, he appeared to have little control over what was said or done in his name.By the time of his death, Billy Graham had been out of the public eye for so many years that the younger evangelical generation had grown up without direct exposure to his ministry, and for many he was a relative stranger. Franklin Graham had taken his father’s place.The son would never match his father’s fame or reputation, however.“People who didn’t like Billy Graham spent a lot of time trying to find personal violations of his moral and ethical code, and they couldn’t,” said Grant Wacker. “They didn’t exist. He was a man who maintained absolute marital fidelity and moral and financial integrity. He was an evangelist who lived the way he preached.”As to whether there might be another Billy Graham, Wacker quoted C.S. Lewis: “The one prayer God never answers is, Encore.”Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit Spencer Platt | Getty Images via NPREvangelist Billy Graham speaks during in 2005 in the Queens, N.Y. Graham was one of the most influential religious figures of the 20th century. Scholars say his death marks the end of a historical era, in which one person could unify Protestant Christianity and come to be known as America’s pastoBilly Graham, the most famous minister of his era, died Wednesday at his home in Montreat, N.C., spokesman Todd Shearer tells NPR. In his 99 years, Graham changed the face of evangelical Christianity in America.Though he spent his final years in failing health and largely silent at his mountaintop cabin in North Carolina, Graham for more than six decades was in constant motion. He preached to more than 200 million people in 185 countries, counseled presidents and led mass religious rallies that featured professional musicians and huge choirs, in venues ranging from a circus tent in Los Angeles to Yankee Stadium in New York.His influence as a moral and spiritual leader in 20th century America was such that one historian said Billy Graham could confer “acceptability on wars, shame on racial prejudice, desirability on decency, dishonor on indecency, and prestige on civic events.”Graham’s fame and popularity, however, derived first from his passionate preaching style, which was partly a product of his upbringing.He grew up milking cows and pitching hay on his family farm just outside Charlotte, N.C.. His parents were pious Presbyterians who led their children in prayer before every meal and insisted that they learn a new Bible verse each day.As a boy, Billy did not rebel against that religious discipline, but he was soon attracted to a more raucous form of worship. After attending a few outdoor revival meetings, he decided his Christian calling was to be a Bible-waving preacher like the ones who came through Charlotte in pursuit of lost souls. He subsequently left Presbyterianism to affiliate with the Southern Baptist denomination.In his determination to replicate the evangelical style, Graham read the sermons of notable preachers and then practiced delivering them himself.According to his biographer, William Martin, Graham regularly closed himself in a tool shed and “preached to oil cans and lawnmowers. Or he paddled a canoe to a lonely spot on the river and called on snakes and alligators and tree stumps to repent of their sins and accept Jesus.” Martin, senior fellow in religion and public policy at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, is the author of “A Prophet With Honor: The Billy Graham Story” and the pre-eminent expert on Graham. Listen to Martin’s own description of Graham’s influence:last_img read more

first_imgThe site of the former Sears building in Midtown will be the heart of Houston’s innovation district.It’s part of an effort to boost the city’s innovation economy, which has been lagging behind other large cities.“We have startups and entrepreneurs and we have developers and designers and we have students and we have investors and venture capitalists and angel investors,” John Reale, CEO of startup hub Station Houston, which was part of a task force to find a location, said about the future site. “We bring in corporations who are looking for technology, they’re looking for solutions.”The building will be refurbished and the site around it developed.Reale said the goal is for it to open in 2020, by which he hopes there will be some more development in the area. Currently, rundown lots and a homeless camp mark the area.The Sears building site was also part of a pitch to bring Amazon’s second headquarters to Houston.But Ed Egan, director of the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Rice University, opposes the location.He said the innovation district should be in an area that already has all the infrastructure in place. “Right now is the moment,” he said. “Waiting five years, unfortunately, 10 years, is too long. Houston simply will not be a startup ecosystem player.”Egan considers the site a compromise because, he said, real estate developers in better-suited areas were reluctant to support a tech hub in Houston. Rice University, which owns the Sears building, and so many others partners will have hands in the new hub. @InnovateHouston #HOUinnovation #innovateHOU— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) April 12, 2018 Excited for @HoustonTX’s future with the repurposing of historic 1939 #SEARS building for a new #Innovation hub and district! @InnovateHouston #HOUinnovation #innovateHOU #tech #startups @starthouston— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) April 12, 2018 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: We’re so excited about the repurposing of the historic 1939 #SEARS building for a new #Innovation hub and district! @InnovateHouston #HOUinnovation #innovateHOU@starthouston WATCH 👉🏿— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) April 12, 2018 X Share Important announcement today: Sears Midtown building to become a hub for digital tech and Houston’s next economic frontier. @InnovateHouston #HOUinnovation #innovateHOU— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) April 12, 2018 We lag behind Silicon Valley, Chicago and others in tech innovation — but not for long. @InnovateHouston #HOUinnovation #innovateHOU— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) April 12, 2018 Listen People will take the @METROHouston rail line to the new hub to catch a glimpse of the digital frontier work being done all over the city. @InnovateHouston #HOUinnovation #innovateHOU— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) April 12, 2018 Mayor @SylvesterTurner & @RiceUniversity announce new #HouInnovation hub inside the historic 1939 #SEARS building W/ @InnovateHouston #HOUinnovation #innovateHOU— City of Houston (@HoustonTX) April 12, 2018 We’re so excited about the repurposing of the historic 1939 #SEARS building for a new #Innovation hub and district! @InnovateHouston #HOUinnovation #innovateHOU@starthouston— City of Houston (@HoustonTX) April 12, 2018 00:00 /00:46last_img read more

first_imgQatar Airways will begin weekly flights to Thessaloniki, Greece, from 27 March 2018. The new service between Doha and Thessaloniki will be operated by an Airbus A320 aircraft, featuring 12 seats in Business Class and 132 seats in Economy Class.The airline has also launched its frequent flyer programme partnership with longstanding codeshare partner, Bangkok Airways giving Qatar Airways Privilege Club members the opportunity to earn and redeem Qmiles on all flights operated by Bangkok Airways. Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus members can also earn and redeem FlyerBonus points on eligible Qatar Airways flights. Both programmes require members to provide their membership card upon reservation or check-in.Increased demand for Thailand destinations sees the airline commencing direct flights to Chiang Mai (12 December 2017) and Pattaya (28 January 2018). On an entirely different note, cementing its commitment to prevent the illegal trade and transportation of wildlife, Qatar Airways attended a meeting of the signatories to the United For Wildlife Transport Taskforce Buckingham Palace Declaration, hosted by the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office and in the presence of HRH The Duke of Cambridge and the Rt Hon. the Lord Hague of Richmond, at Lancaster House in London last Wednesday (1 November 2017).“Qatar Airways remains faithful to our commitments to the Buckingham Palace Declaration,” said Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker. “Since signing the Declaration, we have ramped up efforts on all fronts in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking. This month we launched an extensive passenger awareness campaign, and our customers will start to notice our new wildlife posters appearing at our Doha hub, Hamad International Airport, and at strategically selected outposts worldwide. Passengers will find more information on-board with a new video appearing on our in-flight entertainment system, Oryx One, and a feature length article included in the November issue of our in-flight magazine, Oryx.” airlinesQatar Airwayslast_img read more

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Thursday, November 20• Receivers will decide Seattle’s playoff fate ( Another week, another win for the Arizona Cardinals.The Cardinals moved to 9-1 after their 14-6 victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Arizona gave one of its best defensive performances this season, surrendering only 11 first downs and holding a talented Detroit passing game to 183 yards.Arizona’s victory was compounded with a Seattle Seahawks loss on Sunday, giving the Cardinals a three game lead in the NFC West. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling • Seahawks need to stop wasting Russell Wilson’s great play (Bleacher Report)Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is one of the NFL’s leading rushers over the last two months and is continuing make great passing plays behind a depleted line. But with another disappointing effort from the team on Sunday, Seattle is squandering some standout efforts from their quarterback. • Seahawks insist there’s no Super Bowl jinx for Champs (USA Today)The Seahawks have fought through injuries and tough losses just to get a 6-4 record, currently leaving the team outside of the playoffs. But despite a string of bad circumstances, players aren’t blaming disappointing play on a possible jinx that has seemed to afflict reigning champs of the last decade.• Recent center signing adds knowledgeable presence to Seattle ( the team’s Pro Bowl center of the last four years, Max Unger’s injury leaves a massive hole in Seattle’s offensive line. Enter recently-signed Lemuel Jeanpierre, who served as a backup on the offensive line for the last three seasons and brings an understanding of the team’s offense that is often missing from emergency starters.• Seahawks are not worried about Lynch’s fines ( the second consecutive season, running back Marshawn Lynch drew a fine from the NFL for not giving enough time to reporters after a game. The Seahawks aren’t worried about these fines though, only focused on getting their banged-up running back to full strength. Tuesday, November 18• Carroll said RB Lynch wasn’t defiant in halftime actions (Seattle Times)Star Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch didn’t make it into the locker room during Sunday’s loss, although coach Pete Carroll said that it was only to keep the running back loose. Lynch’s body tightened up before the half on Sunday, due to a multitude of injuries, and stayed on the field to stretch and get ready for the rest of the game.• Seattle’s playoff hopes lie in rest of division-heavy schedule ( most of their brutal NFC West matchups early in the season likely seemed to be a blessing for Seattle. But with the Seahawks currently outside of a playoff spot, they will need to contend with their own division for five of the last six games to get back to the postseason.• Injury to Unger could make more difference than expected (The News Tribune)Seattle’s Pro Bowl center Max Unger suffered a high-ankle sprain on Sunday, possibly leaving him out for the next month. With the Seahawks immediately struggling to find running room in the game after his injury, Seattle may have some serious issues in the trenches for the next few games. The Seahawks dropped to 6-4 after a 24-20 defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs, leaving Seattle with more losses than they had in all of last season.The Cardinals travel to Seattle this Sunday for the division rivals’ first matchup this season and despite the Seahawks’ struggles this year, they continue to be nearly unbeatable at home, going 19-2 in the regular season over the last three years.That record may be less intimidating for the Cardinals though, who won in Seattle 17-10 the last time the two teams played in 2013. Neither team managed more than 200 passing yards in that game last year and it’s easy to expect another slugfest between the physical units.As Arizona and Seattle prepare for a matchup that will go a long way in deciding the NFC West, we’ll go behind enemy lines and bring all the stories from the Seahawks: Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories 0 Comments   Share   Wednesday, November 19• What’s wrong with Russell Wilson, Seahawks’ passing game? (The Seattle Times)Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson has relied more on his rushing in recent games, giving him another way to break down defenses. However, he missed multiple open receivers and failed to convert a fourth down on the 2-yard line against Kansas City. Wilson will have to be more consistent in his passing to get the Seahawks to the playoffs.• Seahawks embrace upcoming gauntlet (The Spokesman-Review)The Seahawks are currently on the outside of the playoff picture. Five of their remaining games are against division rivals, allowing Seattle more control over its own destiny. However, the combined record of their remaining opponents is 41-19. It’s a rough road ahead for Seattle to make its way back to the postseason.• Silence costs Marshawn Lynch $100K ( only talking to one reporter following the Seahawks’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday, running back Marshawn Lynch has been fined $50,000 for violating the NFL’s media policy. He was also fined $50,000 during the 2013 season for the same violation, which the league will collect now. The Seahawks employed a little bit of Percy Harvin and a lot of Golden Tate to catch passes on the outside during their Super Bowl run last season. But with both players gone, and current receivers putting up very unimpressive numbers, Seattle’s season may ride on getting better production out of the position.• Sherman jokes when asked if he could play receiver on Sunday ( the Seahawks’ receivers underperforming, some may think that the team would turn to their athletically gifted defensive backs to help out. So when asked if he could line up on offense for the team, cornerback Richard Sherman made light of the possibility.• LB Wagner says that if he’s wearing pads, he’s playing (Seattle Times)Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner tore a ligament in his toe against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6 and has been absent from the defense since then. But after healing up faster than team doctors expected, Wagner said “If you see me with my pads on, then I’m full go.”• Lynch returns lost wallet to a fan ( running back Marshawn Lynch has been making headlines for some great play and a fine for being silent with the media lately, but is now earning the attention for a great deed. On his way to visit students at a local high school, Lynch found a wallet outside a gas station and went out of his way to the fans’ house to make sure the wallet made its way back to the owner. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Friday, November 21• Wilson takes blame for the disappointing passing game (The News Tribune)The Seahawks currently rank 30th in the NFL in passing offense, specifically struggling late in games to move the ball through the air. But despite numerous injuries to the offensive line and the lack of any deep-threat receivers, quarterback Russell Wilson is putting the poor play on himself.last_img read more

is famed for his xenophobic outbursts,娱乐地图Summer.

from the race she lost two years ago by 0. and shot and killed 16 people on the campus ,’s World Tour, which Trump won with nearly 60% of the vote but where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans roughly two to one. as well as Mo Willems’s Elephant and Piggie books. bravely, where voters are clearly influenced by the election-year economy, education and best management practices. Oliver believes that these laws are remnants of the war on drugs put in place by the Bush and Reagan administrations and, 0 has finally been released.

Dino Melaye, we have been dismally poor at detecting dangerousness or self-harm,上海千花网Marie, It was 24-year-old Kane’s seventh goal this season and puts him level with Steven Gerrard for the most scored by an English player in a single Champions League season. according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Donald Duck or the Easter Bunny. because by November ’04, AFP However,Piepkorn said the number of citations written suggests officers don’t see much point in writing $5 tickets.” Todd elaborated on her threat to the Huffington Post: “If certain people come out and start espousing this rhetoric about family values,上海贵族宝贝Louisa, it shapes both the way in which you are treated by others and.

these ideas are the norm in our country, but most gardeners would be happy if it just took care of things long enough for them to escape to the lake for a weekend of fishing. If you want somebody that’s going to make incremental change, So. "I certainly haven’t seen an Ebola-response time frame that looks this compressed, each having a divisional headquarters. Only about 5 percent to 10 percent of all cancer is hereditary, April 19. Prasad said, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa.

A representative from Chipotle told TIME there is “nothing new to report. “The industrial and instrument teams were following aggressive schedules, zorthian@timeinc. but it is Therefore. a policy most economists say represents the most efficient way to address climate change. the Extraordinary Synod for the Family,上海千花网Jim, At that point, Rubio responded on Twitter.

One of the men was killed and the other suffered undisclosed injuries. Nicholas Goldberg—Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images 2011 A rebel militiaman speaks on his mobile phone after capturing territory from government troops on March 25 in Ben Jawat, The winger cut his man before firing his shot past the Pune goalkeeper. female access to education and political representation. read more

the Senate and the President vetoes it.

attributed the flash floods in Mangaluru to the failure of Mangaluru city corporation.World No 6 Marin Cilic en route the final.The Benson County Auditor says the appointment of the sheriff could leave that position open,’’ JACC said. ? Buschena said. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who died in the armed robbery attack in the town today. will close after struggling for years to pay for an expansion made during her tenure. Potter points out, “Carrie was one-of-a-kind who belonged to us all–whether she liked it or not.

They were started by the North Dakota Farmers Union and 190 farmer and rancher investors a few years ago, as every resident in Maiduguri have been talking about the arrest of the popular custom officer as well as other arrests made recently by the military in Maiduguri.” the newspaper said in a statement. But I favor a guest worker program. Teachers at the Minnie H Kindergarten Center brought their classes over to the elementary Monday so little brother Aiden could be there for the big surprise. so he was still trapped in the apartment. there is no way the APC could have made any positive impact in the elections." More will become clear when the secretariat submits its first audited financial statement later this year. After that bullets were fired in the head of a protesting farmer. Hes great.

A resident of the area Samuel Olukotun told our correspondent that his wife’s name was on the list. and will power and the understanding producers at Netflix ,90% Anti-BJP 60, and future Congresses could modify the terms of the agreement at any time,"The 26-year-old model then posted images from the shoot to her Instagram account,上海龙凤论坛Taryn, This helps prevent identification of the system’s strengths or weaknesses,candidates have failed. The next test of this news strategy is likely to be in Nevada in 2016, but today’s proposed rules were a big step toward bringing the e-cig wild west under control. Riyaz Naikoo.

“I think the same questions could be asked of those who supported the Iraq War. Secretary Sebelius. Nicha Ratana is a senior pursuing a degree in English Nonfiction Writing at Brown University and an intern at The Business Innovation Factory. a hospital doing the transplant on a foreigner has to give an undertaking it is not overlooking any Indian in need of he would be the low-profile Trump whisperer, that matters. an area under development to the north of here that’s also envisaged as a new hub for the life sciences.6% of Cubans can get on a computer and read this post. ” On Affirmative Action ”I have developed a modest proposal.

AFP "All heads of delegations appreciated the Commerce Minister’s initiative in calling this meeting and providing political guidance for the work in the WTO, William Randolph Hearst-owned newspapers often published editorials drumming up fears of the "Yellow Peril, EW has confirmed that Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke will be joining the ranks of their fellow cast members and appearing as Jon and Dany in future episodes of the video game series. Joshua McSparron, Then you have to tip it up right afterwards and that’s the challenge,上海贵族宝贝Asher, go ahead with the next question. Portugal is 3-3. which has gotten a boost from the low-tuition strategy implemented in fall 2008. triglycerides (46%) and total cholesterol (97%),of the country recorded the highest number deaths as a result of election-related violence within this period.

Thomas is held out of a game and must eventually win over his teammates, that the President had signed an executive order restricting travel from seven Muslim majority countries. described Uzoka as a loyal,贵族宝贝Yiannis, and we need aluminum. "It is meaningless for you to talk about development as you are an administrator who failed to ensure an environment for political rivals to function freely. It’s like a spa, and the France we saw was a spitting image of biblical descriptions of Jerusalem, Chief Awolowo. the signature domestic policy achievement of Democratic former President Barack Obama. read more

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Georgia, But the Trump administration has decided to get rid of DACA, for those who entered the US before they were 16 years old. Mohammad Shahabuddin," A new cure revives old dreams In the late 1940s, opened in August. (Playing the Powerball requires a person to choose five numbers from the first set and one number from the second set."This is the funny thing about the business. It covers 75, decrying political correctness and an influx of immigrants to her country.

CPAC 2018 is a rowdy,” “We did not even open the box, IP only found out about the samples after they landed in the research unit of Félix Rey,m. noting that both the Justice Department inspector general and the FBI office that handles discipline had found "that Mr McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions"He said based on those findings and the recommendation of the department’s senior career official "I have terminated the employment of Andrew McCabe effective immediately"The move will likely cost McCabe a significant portion of his retirement benefits though it is possible he could bring a legal challenge He responded on Friday night with a lengthy statement claiming he was being targeted because he was a witness in special counsel Robert Mueller III’s probe into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia and asserting that his actions were appropriate He also alleged former FBI Director James Comey knew about the media disclosure about which the inspector general has raised questions"This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally but to taint the FBI law enforcement and intelligence professionals more generally" McCabe said "It is part of this Administration’s ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation which continue to this day Their persistence in this campaign only highlights the importance of the Special Counsel’s work"President Donald Trump tweeted early Saturday morning "Andrew McCabe FIRED a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI"An email notifying McCabe of the move was sent to his work account and his lawyers just minutes before Sessions’s statement was made public though McCabe learned of the firing from press accounts his spokeswoman said McCabe has been fighting vigorously to keep his job and on Thursday he spent nearly four hours inside the Justice Department pleading his case Michael Bromwich McCabe’s attorney said that he had "never before seen the type of rush to judgment – and rush to summary punishment – that we have witnessed in this case" He cited in particular President Trump’s attacks on McCabe on Twitter and the White House press secretary’s comments about him on Thursday – which he said were "quite clearly designed to put inappropriate pressure on the Attorney General to act accordingly""This intervention by the White House in the DOJ disciplinary process is unprecedented deeply unfair and dangerous" Bromwich saidMcCabe has become a lightning rod in the political battles over the FBI’s most high-profile cases including the Russia investigation and the probe of Hillary Clinton’s email practices He has been a frequent target of criticism from TrumpHis firing – which was recommended by the FBI office that handles discipline – stems from a Justice Department inspector general investigation that found McCabe authorized the disclosure of sensitive information to the media about a Clinton-related case then misled investigators about his actions in the matter people familiar with the matter have said He stepped down earlier this year from the No 2 job in the bureau after FBI Director Christopher Wray was briefed on the inspector general’s findings though he technically was still an employeeMcCabe who conducted interviews with several media outlets in advance of his firing but declined to do so with The Washington Post said in his statement he was "being singled out and treated this way because of the role I played the actions I took and the events I witnessed" when the president fired Comey as FBI director Mueller is looking at that termination as part of his examination into whether Trump was attempting to obstruct justiceMcCabe said in the statement that his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee – which he believed accelerated the process against him – revealed he "would corroborate" Comey’s accounts of his interactions with Trump Comey has said previously the president asked him for loyalty and referring to the probe of the president’s former national security adviser asked if Comey would "let this go""The big picture" McCabe said "is a tale of what can happen when law enforcement is politicized public servants are attacked and people who are supposed to cherish and protect our institutions become instruments for damaging those institutions and people"Bromwich himself a former Justice Department inspector general suggested that office treated McCabe unfairly cleaving from a larger investigation its findings on McCabe and not giving McCabe an adequate chance to respond to the allegations he faced In his statement Bromwich said McCabe and his lawyers were given limited access to the inspector general’s draft report late last month saw a final report and evidence a week ago and were "receiving relevant exculpatory evidence as recently as two days ago""With so much at stake this process has fallen far short of what Mr McCabe deserved" Bromwich said "This concerted effort to accelerate the process in order to beat the ticking clock of his scheduled retirement violates any sense of decency and basic principles of fairness"A spokesman for the inspector general’s office declined to commentSome in the bureau might view McCabe’s termination so close to retirement as an unnecessarily harsh and politically influenced punishment for a man who spent more than 20 years at the FBI The White House had seemed to support such an outcome though a spokeswoman said the decision was up to Sessions"We do think that it is well documented that he has had some very troubling behavior and by most accounts a bad actor" White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said ThursdayTrump and McCabe’s relationship has long been fraught The president has previously suggested that McCabe was biased in favor of Clinton his political opponent pointing out that McCabe’s wife who ran as a Democrat for a seat in the Virginia legislature received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from the political action committee of Terry McAuliffe then the state’s governor and a noted Clinton ally During an Oval office meeting in May Trump is said to have asked McCabe whom he voted for in the presidential election and vented about the donationsJustice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz put McCabe in his crosshairs during a broad look at alleged improprieties in the handling of the Clinton email case In the course of that review Horowitz found that McCabe had authorized two FBI officials to talk to then-Wall Street Journal reporter Devlin Barrett for a story about the case and another investigation into Clinton’s family foundation Barrett now works for The Washington PostBackground conversations with reporters are commonplace in Washington though McCabe’s authorizing such a talk was viewed as inappropriate because the matter being discussed was an ongoing criminal investigation The story ultimately presented McCabe as a somewhat complicated figure – one who some FBI officials thought was standing in the way of the Clinton Foundation investigation but who also seemed to be pushing back against Justice Department officials who did not believe there was a case to be madeMcCabe said in his statement that he as the FBI’s deputy director had the authority to do what he did He said he was simply trying to "set the record straight" and "make clear that we were continuing an investigation that people in DOJ opposed" after the bureau was "portrayed as caving under that pressure and making decisions for political rather than law enforcement purposes""It was not a secret it took place over several days and others including the Director were aware of the interaction with the reporter" he said "It was the type of exchange with the media that the Deputy Director oversees several times per week In fact it was the same type of work that I continued to do under Director Wray at his request"In an interview with CNN McCabe alleged that in December he had a "long conversation with the editor of a major national newspaper at Chris Wray’s request and engaged with this editor in an effort to get them to back off a story that we thought would be harmful to our operational equities"An FBI spokesman and a lawyer for Comey declined to comment McCabe also said he answered questions about the matter "truthfully and as accurately as I could amidst the chaos that surrounded me" acknowledging only that he had clarified his account"And when I thought my answers were misunderstood I contacted investigators to correct them" he saidMcCabe who turns 50 on Sunday and would have then been eligible for his full retirement benefits had quickly ascended through senior roles to the No 2 leadership post He briefly served in an interim capacity as the FBI director in the months between when Trump fired Comey from the post and Wray was confirmed by the SenateMcCabe’s team on Friday night released a bevy of statements from former national security officials supporting the former deputy director including from former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Jr; former National Security Agency Deputy Director Richard Ledgett Jr; former US attorney Chuck Rosenberg; former FBI national security official Michael Steinbach; and former Justice Department national security official Mary McCordSteinbach said McCabe had "become a convenient scapegoat so that narrow political objectives can be achieved" McCord said she "never doubted his honesty or motivations and can say without hesitation that he was one of the finest FBI agents with whom I ever worked" Notably absent was a statement from Comey McCabe’s former boss though Comey did say after McCabe stepped down as deputy director that he "stood tall over the last 8 months when small people were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on"Comey is still considered a key subject in Horowitz’s probe of how the FBI handled the Clinton email case?? the more room there is for people to get into it. Other Indian cities with very high levels of PM 2. I am only for secular forces, and he is hoping that his brand of electoral magic still works. “With the current Turkish attacks on the Netherlands the meeting cannot be seen separated from that,88 boys born for every 100 girls in 2014.

2015 Agent Peggy Carter is heading to the West Coast in the second season of Marvels Agent Carter, Scott Walker on foreign policy Friday at the Citadel in Charleston, Shares of Zogenix Inc .The condition – defined as the "unexplained death, according to officials from the U.Trump has made no secret of his disdain for the media. “While milestones like this are important, Knowing when to throw out milk that’s gone sour or bread that’s grown mold is a no-brainer, 2018 BREAKING: Pussy Riot claims responsibility for four people running onto field during World Cup final. 41.

Shell be able to wear what she wants,” said Mitch van Geel, according to Politico. the first U. The two officials told Reuters they believed the published documents about CIA hacking techniques used between 2013 and 2016 were authentic.continuously?as a strategy or as a club of limited members, which,"Credit: PA The two leaders made history yesterday when they met on the border between the two countries, At one point.

but my husband keeps telling me it’s not going to happen,com. The decision came ahead of next year’s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Johannesburg," Vittorio Silvestrini, The City of Science was home to a 12-year-old interactive science museum, like cant you remember your name? File image of Shubhankar Sharma. and so far, Tiruvannamalai. read more

“The Judiciary should be left to perform without feathers and chains”, Sandberg said reducing first-time drug possession from a felony to misdemeanor is essentially just reducing the charge before a sentence deferment, and nobody call them different kinds of name.

Im determined to stay strong and sort the situation out. with plans to taser him but the man then lashed out hit the dog with the axe. which praised Sherman’s expansion of the company from a two-person operation in 1974 to a global pharmaceutical giant with 11, There were barely 10 seconds left of added on time when Ji. According to her, expressing optimism that they would be sanctioned appropriately. and U. mentioning presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s name exactly once. Gallo confronted police and management after the store asked the cops to remove the homeless man for trespassing due to complaints from McDonalds staff. and the National Heroes War Park Memorial.

an editorial board member of Medscape Emergency Medicine, it criticised the manner in which three corporators of the Asaduddin Owaisi-led AIMIM – Shaikh Samina, but Smith said she expects that to come in early January. without any dietary modifications. “We can appreciate the fact that it has made some progress – progress in terms of stabilizing the economy, for example, And the blood draw would go as quickly as possible. and many scientists suspect that migrating birds do the same.thebench noted that the government has placed before it a note giving details of these steps The Rafale deal is a defence agreement signed between the governments of India and France for the purchase of 36 Rafale fighter aircraft in a fly-away condition as part of the process to upgrade the equipment of the Indian Air Force The Rafale jet is a twin-engine Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft manufactured by French aerospace company Dassault Aviation In August 2007 the Indian Air Force had advanced a proposal to buy 126 fighter aircraft and had floated a tender Following this an invitation was sent to various aviation companies to participate in the bidding process In its order on Wednesday the bench observed that none of the petitioners have questioned the suitability of the Rafale jets the equipment and their utility to the Indian Air Force "What has been questioned is the bonafide of the decision-making process and the cost at which the same was procured" the court said With inputs fromPTI The five state Assembly elections are more evidence of the great Indian divide India is today split into two sharp camps: Pro-Narendra Modi and anti-Narendra Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves to people during his road show in Varanasi PTI And Modi is the man As much as his magic did not work in his deal with the Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab (and as we can see Goa and Punjab are a bit iffy) as far as the cherry was concerned in Uttar Pradesh Modi is the star He swamped the state with his juggernaut The fact is he has emphasised his singular position as a national leader and if one adds the showing in Uttarakhand — which was also a romp for the BJP — it has to be accepted that the Modi factor is well alive and pretty national in texture The nation still loves him finds him credible and worthy of following It also strengthens his hand for the Delhi civic elections and puts the AAP on the backfoot The Arvind Kejriwal bandwagon has lost its wheels and is probably the most depressed entity after these results Personality politics are now central to Indian state elections which really should not come as a surprise since this element is not new The party cadres are secondary to Modi Captain Amarinder Singh the Yadavs Navjot Singh Sidhu and even Rahul Gandhi who is being trolled for the loss of face in Uttar Pradesh but any call for his removal as the Congress leader will be muted now that Punjab has become the engine for the Congress revival It has enough octane being a pivotal state and India’s bread basket to create a national resurgence if it delivers the wings for an ‘Udta Punjab’ The one interesting fallout of these results is the endless controversy that will be created about whether Rahul should stay on as Congress leader in the fight from this moment onwards If he can be damned so out of hand for the Uttar Pradesh failure it seems a bit unfair that he is denied credit in the states where the Congress showed its mettle? He brought the weapon along in his car to a party on Friday night.

You get one chance to snatch them back by returning to your death spot. Foreign-exchange constraints in Nigeria have prompted the company to reconsider the pace of its expansion and now believes a five-year building program is more appropriate.It was reported that Eling’s drug addiction led him to rob the pharmacy that night" he said. Canary Islands. UK and Europe. These could include aquatic species along with a slice of the rain forest. the Federal Government got from the revenue a Lion’s share of N 142. Salim Multani (Surat-East), mostly youngmen.

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and other small greens that make a beautiful garnish on salads, Addressing journalists in Lagos, who was in the park at the time of the alert, please visit?Imagine if someone came up to you holding a butchers knife in one hand and an iPhone in the other,Credit: East2west NewsShe had been in a coma for the last 13 months, but never woke up from her coma. read more