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Take 5000 yuan gift money business a year later 160 times

college students a lot of entrepreneurs, many of whom are successful. When the general college students to their parents for money to buy clothes, pay tuition, students from the original Yang Hu Ruiwen opened the shop month turnover of nearly one million, enough to earn tuition, travel fees at the same time, also accumulated reserve funds for future business expansion. School of Journalism and communication at Henan University

How to open solar stores

although many families have used electric water heater products, but there are still a lot of people still retain solar energy products, especially in rural areas, after all, the product meets the needs of the market environment. Since the market demand, then someone to invest. So how to open solar stores? If you want to know, come and see.

How to easily operate infant supplies stores

in today’s society, with the development of technology, more and more baby brands appear in our life, baby products stores a lot of friends of the brand, the brand shop to open, how to better operate? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction. baby supplies stores in order to make the business bigger, you have to learn how to cooperate, baby supplies stores how easy to operate? Find some partners who do not have a competitive

Specialty venture money the latest specialty shop business plan

products industry a huge profit margins, is a good choice for entrepreneurs to get rich quick, but the first step to success is to start a good business plan, so that others can understand your ideas, the following small for everyone to bring the new specialty store business plan, in order to provide the reference for entrepreneurs. , a specialty supermarket profile: in the downtown area is located in Xiasha University City, we students own

Successful entrepreneurs are reading six books

successful entrepreneurs have a habit, that is, love learning, love reading, because reading can bring them more entrepreneurial inspiration. So what do successful entrepreneurs usually read? Here are six books recommended to you, have time to read. 1, Steve’s biography of "" Jobs is not the history of the world’s best entrepreneurs, but it must be one of them. Jobs is like a roller coaster of wonderful life and hot intense character achievement of a

Tailor made wedding market

to get married this sacred moment, a lot of people in life only have once, so have a wedding dress has become a common practice of many people now, but if you go to the store to buy it, there is always this or that the shortcomings, so now has become tailored countless people’s choice, bring the development of the market and the new industry. with intention to become the most beautiful bride, is every

6500 yuan to join the opening of a tea shop

although there are a lot of people want to join the opening of a milk tea shop, but a lot of investment funds are very large, the average entrepreneur simply can not afford. At the same time, a lot of milk tea stores have said that the cost of investment is not large, six thousand or seven thousand can easily shop. Don’t be fooled by these bad businesses. Today, Xiaobian for you to expose the

Examples of college students how to guard against fraud

example of college students how to guard against fraud now is a lot of criminals find many get in by every opening, they like to fraud, as the saying goes, one foot in mind, also have their own methods of college students to cheat. at the fair, a few enterprises under the banner of the recruitment of students under the guise of deception do MLM or even other illegal things have occurred. Xinxiang Medical University