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first_imgThis erratic path it is explained by taking a look at the list of sports directors that Josep Maria Bartomeu has been hiring and firing for five years without letting any project settle. He arrived with Zubizarreta, which barely lasted a year because after the Anoeta crisis and the sanction against grassroots football he was fired. During the Rosell years, Zubizarreta dispatched directly with Bartomeu, who was, as he is now, sports vice president.After an interim without covering this place in which the Champions League was won and elections were called (even the managing board signed Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal on their own in an unprecedented event in the history of the club) Bartomeu trusted Robert Fernández, who also could not settle and was fired to place Pep Segura, which barely lasted a year. Now, its functions are covered by the tandem formed by Abidal and Ramon Planes.This way of doing things has led the club to those who arrive to dedicate themselves to undoing what their predecessors did. One signs Alcácer and another sells it, for example. One renews Marquis as a future option and another sends him to Juventus to incorporate Matheus Pereira to square accounts while signing King Manaj del Albacete to play in the subsidiary.Nor does anyone appear willing to assume the responsibility of signings such as Todibo, Wague or Aleñá’s exit while in base football things are not going much better and Víctor Valdés was hired as a youth coach and was fired as soon as Kluivert assumed the command of formative football without having any experience in this position.Before this aluminosis, neither Setién now, nor Valverde before have enough tools to be able to restore the building. Beyond the topicality of the first team, which wobbles after the change of coach, the reality is that the building shows signs of wear. The situation facing the newcomer Quique Setién has its origin in a lack of coherent sports policy and continued in time that also led Ernesto Valverde ahead.The current Barça problem is beyond who sits on the Camp Nou bench. A situation that the arrival of Setién will not solve because it is far above it. The preparation of the workforce and the last cases of the departure of Carles Pérez, Todibo and the exchange of Alejandro Marqués by Matheus Pereira respond more to cash emergencies than to sports policy however much from the directive the coach is designated as responsible for the first case.Since the achievement of the Triplet in 2015, Barcelona has spent 1,000 million euros on 24 signings, of which only 10 remain on the roster and only three of them (De Jong, Griezmann and Lenglet) have played more than 70% of the minutes this season. The rest (Umtiti, Dembélé, Semedo, Arthur, Arturo Vidal, Neto and Junior Firpo) cannot be consolidated as holders.On the other side, the list of players who have come out the back door in five years gives a dread: Arda, Aleix Vidal, André Gomes, Alcácer, Cillessen, Denis Suárez, Coutinho, Paulinho, Yerry Mina, Malcom, Todibo, Murillo and Boateng.last_img read more

first_imgThe Lega of the Serie A communicated this Saturday, a few hours before the start of the day, that the Juventus-Inter, Milan-Genoa, Parma-Spal matches, Sassuolo-Brescia and Udinese-Fiorentina will be played on the next 13 of May because of the coronavirus alarm, which caused 21 deaths and more than 800 confirmed infected.“I have a lot of respect for the measures taken in favor of health of citizens but as a club manager I am very worried, especially considering that the calendar is very full of events“, Marotta said in statements to the Italian television “Sky Sport”.“If the Council of Ministers orders the blockade until March 8 I wonder how we will manage the next day, considering which also include teams competing in Europe, such as Atalanta-Lazio, Inter-Sassuolo or Bologna-Juventus, “he added.Marotta expressed concern because Inter, rival of Getafe in the knockout stages of the Europa League, he did not play for security reasons the clash with Sampdoria last week and another day will be lost this Sunday.If the Milanese club reached the final of the Europa League and the final of the Italian Cup, there would be no available dates to recover the garter matches before teams have to free their footballers to play the Eurocup. The CEO of Inter reported that requested a meeting extraordinary to “defend the balance and competitiveness of the tournament” and demanded that decisions be made uniquely. Series A has changed its mind: the five games that were going to be played behind closed doors for the emergency coronavirus (Juventus-Inter, Milan-Genoa, Parma-Spal, Sassuolo-Brescia and Udinese-Fiorentina), will be played on May 13, postponing the final of the Italian Cup to day 20. In the statement, the Italian league explained that the decision has been taken “considering the urgent interventions of the Government to respond to this extraordinary emergency, defending health and public safety.”The idea of ​​postponing the games was developed yesterday, with meetings between sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora and representatives of the Football Federation, Series A and Series B and the president of the Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagó. The hope is that on March 7, when two weeks of the extraordinary measures due to the emergency have been completed, it will be possible to begin to return to normal and, thus, open all the stadiums.The Italians also wanted to avoid transmitting a Juve-Inter-level match with empty bleachers around the world, further reducing the image of a country that also faces an economic crisis due to the coronavirus, whose consequences are difficult to calculate. A situation never experienced by Calcio, which should already recover four games from the previous day (Atalanta-Sassuolo and Inter-Sampdoria have no date, while Verona-Cagliari and Torino-Parma will be played on March 11) and it must also consider the obligations of the European Championship, which further reduce the available dates.Marotta admits to being worried about the future of Series AThe CEO of Inter Milan admitted this Saturday that he is worried about the future of the Series A and asked the tournament Lega a “unique criterion”, after that five matches of the twenty-sixth day, including the classic Juventus-Inter, initially planned behind closed doors were postponed by the alarm for the coronavirus.last_img read more

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first_imgThere was a moment of absolute chaos in Parliament on Friday, during Opposition Leader Bharrat Jadgeo’s 2018 Budget presentation, after a woman invaded the Parliament Chambers dressed as Santa Claus, disrupting the proceedings.However, the chaos lasted for less than a minute, as the woman was bodily removed from the chambers.The woman dressed as Santa Claus entering ParliamentThe woman was immediately released through the back gate of the Public Buildings. However, this publication was informed that she is now in custody, as Police investigate the incident.The Clerk of Security at Parliament has since indicated that he is unaware of how the woman got there. The Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherdel Isaacs, is said to be probing the incident.Coincidentally, Santa invaded the chambers through the Government’s entrance, a mere couple of minutes after most of the Government’s MPs and officers had left the chambers.Isaacs said the person came into Parliament properly dressed, but changed clothes in the MPs’ washroom and then entered the Chambers. He said such a situation has never previously occurred, and he notes that it was a serious breach of security.“It is a matter for the Police. We have the security forces here; they are responsible for security during sittings. They are investigating the incident,” he said.The incident has raised concerns about the safety of the Members of Parliament and everyone else in the chambers, since the woman could have been armed and unleashed havoc.Since coming into power, the APNU/AFC Administration has increased the barriers around the Public Buildings with the explanation of increasing security. This increase in security measures has also caused chaos for commuters, since many bus parks are displaced during the sittings of the National Assembly.Guyana Times as recently as Tuesday reported that Christmas shopping in downtown Georgetown has gotten even more hectic, as security measures for the deliberation of Budget 2018 caused much inconvenience for citizens.An atmosphere of chaos had clouded the city for the past week as these sessions commenced, resulting in the displacement of several bus parks that operate around the Stabroek Market area.This is as several main roadways in the vicinity of the Parliament Buildings have been closed to civilian traffic to accommodate easy access and facilitate the safety of the Parliamentarians attending these sessions.In addition, almost all of the bus parks that operate around the Stabroek Market Square and its environs were moved further up Lombard Street, forcing passengers to walk a fair distance to get buses to take them to their respective destinations.When Guyana Times visited downtown Georgetown, outraged bus operators and commuters contended that these changes present major inconvenience to them.However, despite all these security measures, the woman was still able to invade and disturb the proceedings on Friday, which many viewed as a dangerous breach of security.last_img read more

first_imgEmergency crews are on scene along with utility companies.  Residents are asked to avoid the area at this time as the store has been evacuated.We will post more details as they become available.- Advertisement –last_img

first_img1 Modibo Diakite Sampdoria are interested in signing former Sunderland man Modibo Diakite.The defender joined Sunderland in June 2013 as a free transfer under former manager Paulo Di Canio.However, he was shipped out on loan to Fiorentina almost as soon as Gus Poyet took over in January that year and he had his contract ripped up by mutual agreement in September 2014, allowing him to join Deportivo La Coruna.The 27-year-old Frenchman now appears to have rebuilt his reputation enough for Sampdoria to be interested in snapping him up on transfer deadline day.last_img

first_imgDonegal celebrity chef Conrad Gallagher is giving it another go – this time in Hollywood.Conrad has started an online party food business.The Letterkenny cook has tried numerous ventures since leaving Ireland a couple of years ago.And this time the former Michelin star chef has opened his own online catering company. Vanity Catering does online upmarket catering for weddings, sixteen birthday parties and all sorts of high-brow functions.And just weeks after being set up, Conrad is catering for his first Hollywood wrap party with more than 1,200 guests this weekend.The chef is running the company with wife Candice out of their offices in Newport Beach, California.He has also secured a contract for a wedding for 800 guests at Newport Beach next June. But in between the major money gigs, Conrad is happy to pay the bills.For $580 including free delivery, Conrad will provide a buffet for 20 people.  IT’S A WRAP FOR COMEBACK CHEF CONRAD! was last modified: December 9th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Conrad GallagherVanity Cookinglast_img read more

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first_imgCreation-Evolution Headlines needs reader feedback to rank this week’s winners.  Some of these articles are so over the top, giving Darwin credit for anything and everything, it’s a wonder the Darwinists themselves don’t censor them – just to avoid public embarrassment.Evolve!  Sing Along:  New Scientist is letting you take part in the evolutionary process with music.  The headline “You have the power to make music… evolve,” is accompanied by a picture of Darwin wearing headphones.  So what’s this about?  “At, bioinformaticist Bob MacCallum and evolutionary biologist Armand Leroi of Imperial College London have devised a way to watch music evolve right before their eyes – and in doing so study the cultural analogue of biological evolution, also known as memetics.”  So how are they going about this?  “MacCullum’s computer program creates a randomly generated pair of ‘Adam and Eve’ ‘songs’–brief loops of sound.  They mutate, recombine and reproduce to form a base population of 100 descendants.”  OK, then what? Participants act as the force of natural selection by listening to the songs and rating them, from “I love it!” through “It’s OK…” to “I can’t stand it ”.  For every 20 songs, the 10 worst rated die off, while the 10 best rated go on to reproduce at random, with each “mating” producing two new songs.  Each daughter song inherits a mixture of the parents’ computer codes, just as a biological organism inherits a mixture of its parents’ genetic codes.Their idea compares “DarwinTunes” to chromosomes, altered notes to genetic mutations, and the junction of two random tunes to mating.  It appears this entire experiment is based on analogy – similar to how Darwin used artificial selection as an analogy to natural selection.  So have some fun and sing along.  Just don’t use any intelligent design.  Maybe the results will improve on John Cage.Bombs away to photosynthesis:  Did Jeffrey Touchman (Arizona State) really mean to imply that meteorites gave rise to oxygenic photosynthesis?  If so, that sounds almost miraculous.  Photosynthesis is one of the most complex mechanisms in the living world.  Here’s how the write-up on PhysOrg liberally employed the word evolution.  Watch for the miraculous meteorites:Oxygen, one of the by-products of photosynthesis by microbes such as cyanobacteria and their descendants (including algae and higher plants), transformed the Precambrian Earth and made possible the evolution of more complex organisms.His research is focused on genome sequencing and molecular analyses of heliobacteria, proteobacteria and a cyanobacterium with the ability to shift into anoxygenic (oxygen-free) photosynthesis in the presence of sulfide, a possible evolutionary ‘missing link’ between anoxygenic and oxygenic photosynthetic organisms.“Knowing how photosynthesis originated and evolved is essential to obtaining the deep understanding required to yield improvements in bioenergy, agriculture and the environment,” Touchman says.Hidden in these organisms’ various genetic codes may be hallmarks: traces of early evolutionary innovations pointing to the origin of oxygen-evolving high-energy photosynthesis.”The arrival of oxygenic photosynthesis via transport of materials by external means, such as meteorites, could profoundly change the direction of biological evolution on a planet’s surface. The article twice employed one of science writer’s favorite stock evolutionary phrases: “‘Extreme’ genes shed light on origins of photosynthesis…. One of those actively shedding light on the origins and evolution of photosynthesis is Jeffrey Touchman, assistant professor in Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences.”  He got $867,000 from the National Science Foundation for his light shedding.Talk to your monkey:  Scientists have uncovered the “potential existence of precursors to human language in animal vocal communication.”  A reader might wonder what “potential existence” entails – especially if it is only a precursor to a real cursor (or curser).  Does it mean something like a possible pre-possibility?  Anyhow, Science Daily trumpeted “Syntax in Our Primate Cousins.”  Certain monkeys appear to be able to combine six alert calls into sequences that provide different warnings.  “This ability to combine calls may have appeared during the monkeys’ evolution to compensate for limited vocal flexibility (monkeys have less vocal flexibility than birds and cetaceans) and provide a way to encode new messages.”  Conundrum: If there’s a way, is there a will?  If evolution provided them with a way to encode messages, did the monkeys do the encoding by intelligent design?  Or did natural selection they pay their syntax for them?No dentures allowed in carry-on baggage:  Here’s an intriguing hypothesis: “Early birds may have dropped teeth to get airborne.”  Colin Barras at New Scientist gave free rein to the speculations of Chinese scientists with a new idea of why modern birds have no teeth.  “Archaeopteryx, at 150 million years old still the oldest known bird, had an imposing set of teeth,” he said.  “But within 20 million years, at least some birds were toothless.  Now a team led by Zhonghe Zhou at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing believe they know why.”  Presumably someone can believe they know something without knowing they believe something.    Maybe a new toothless bird fossil from China can shed some light here, too: “Their analysis shows that Z. yangi belonged to one of four bird groups that independently lost their teeth, implying that this loss was no evolutionary fluke.”  The parasites known as flukes (blood flukes, liver flukes, etc.) are not what they are talking about here.  The statement seems to imply that while there might be an occasional fluke (or happenstance) of evolution, there are also events that are purposeful or intentional – an idea which, or course, runs contrary to the whole Darwinian paradigm.    Z. yangi’s group is the most primitive among them,” the article continued, “suggesting it could provide clues as to why tooth loss occurred.”  A suggestion that a clue might be forthcoming implies that there are no clues yet.  Yet without clues, it seems, there can be no answer to a “why” question based on evidence.  Enter Darwin’s mechanism to the rescue: “They think natural selection may have put pressure on weaker fliers to lose their teeth in a bid to improve their skills by losing excess weight.”  A curious reader might wonder if birds bid on auctions or go to self-improvement classes.  An ornithology-astute reader also might wonder if the presence of gizzard stones makes this a zero-sum game for the bird, which must have compensated for the lack of teeth with additional digestive system modifications.    Reporter Colin Barras did redeem himself somewhat by quoting a lone skeptical voice: “That theory is ‘as good as any other’, says Mike Benton at the University of Bristol, UK, though he remains sceptical.  ‘Losing teeth wouldn’t make a huge difference to balance in the air.’” If one theory is as good as any other, is it also as bad as any other?  That would seem the only logical possibility in a set of theories lacking any ranking of good or bad.The emptiness of evolutionary speculation approaches a vacuum.  We should abhor this vacuum.  With no evidence at all, their belief in evolution is allowed to substitute for evidence.  A gushy media with no guts to challenge fact-free speculation plays into the hands of belief masquerading as science, imagination masquerading as knowledge.  They’re shedding light on evolution, all right (shed., verb: to discard, abandon, cast off).  They walk in darkness, the blind leading the blind into the ditch, bragging about all the light Darwin gave them.(Visited 17 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

first_imgBatlharos, Friday 29 January 2016 – Today, Brand South Africa in partnership with Shout SA and Breadline Africa handed over a newly built, and fully equipped mobile library to the learners and teachers at TT Lekalake Primary School.The handover ceremony was attended by members of the community, parents as well as representatives from neighboring schools. Mr Tumisang Rabi, principle of TT Lekalake said “this library is not only a facility for the learners of this school, it is a resource for the community at large. It is impossible for a community to grow and improve without proper literacy skills. This library will instill a love for reading in the smallest of children. It is very important for young children to learn to love reading, as this is a primary skill to ensure success not only in later grades, but also in life in general.”Ms Jade Orgill, Project Manager at Breadline Africa articulated the importance for the library for TT Lekalake in particular, “This school is a government quintile 1 school, which means that they are the least resourced as per government’s poverty quintile ranking. The lack of access usually translates into low literacy level such as is the case at TT Lekalake. One of the positive measures currently in place is the learner development programme that has been initiated by the governing body, teachers and parents.” This programme is just one example of the active steps taken by the community of Batlharos to improve the state of education in the district.The National Development Plan (NDP) mentions that education is a prerequisite for South Africa’s development, and the community in Batharos encourages learners to be dedicated, studious and focused children is response to this.Circuit Manager of John Taoco Gaetsewe District, Mr Mpho Malele encouraged parents to play their part and “make reading a priority at home. Initially the children will read a slowly and get frustrated, but it is important to encourage them to persevere, because the more they read, the better they will read and the faster they will read. The Department of Basic Education has instituted a compulsory reading period for all schools, teachers need to set small goals for their learners throughout the year, which will contribute to the improvement of the literacy levels in the district.”Mr Malele called on the community at large to play their part and support education initiatives in the community, “by attending school events, you are showing the children that you are committed and care about their education, which will instill the same values in them.”The 2014 Annual National Assessment (ANA) Results revealed that there is a significant gap between children reading, understanding and interpreting information. The library resource at TT Lakeleke combined with the commitment of learners and teachers aims to bridge this gap – improving the academic results of the school, and creating better opportunities for the learners as they progress into adulthood.Kabelo Mabelane co-founder of Shout SA, wrapped up the programme by calling on the children to stay in school, respect their teachers, and read! “Readers are Leaders, Mabalane said, and Leaders are Readers! We all need to play our part and develop a love of reading in our communities”.Follow the conversation on #EducateSAAbout Brand South AfricaBrand South Africa is the official marketing agency of South Africa, with a mandate to build the country’s brand reputation, in order to improve its global competitiveness. Its aim is also to build pride and patriotism among South Africans, in order to contribute to social cohesion and nation brand ambassadorship.About Play Your PartPlay Your Part is a nationwide programme created to inspire, empower and celebrate active citizenship in South Africa. It aims to lift the spirit of our nation by inspiring all South Africans to contribute to positive change, become involved and start doing. A nation of people who care deeply for one another and the environment in which they live is good for everyone.Play Your Part is aimed at all South Africans – from corporates and individuals, NGOs and government, churches and schools, from the young to the not-so-young. It aims to encourage South Africans to use some of their time, money, skills or goods to contribute to a better future for all.For more information or to set up interviews, please contact:Kelly DavidsTel: +27 11 712 5072Mobile: +27 (0) 74 928 4285Email: kellyd@brandsouthafrica.comVisit www.brandsouthafrica.comlast_img read more