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We should discuss whether entrepreneurs should be smart

a successful brand, there must be a reason behind its success. A long time ago, there was a flaw in the soap packaging line used by unilever. They couldn’t sell the empty boxes to the customers, and they had to ask an automated postdoctoral student to design a plan to sort out the empty soap box.

Energy saving and environmental protection chain management skills more efficient and profitable man

now, a variety of environmentally friendly products began to win more people’s attention, and many people are very interested in this line. Many people will choose to invest in the environmental protection industry, which is the most popular choice. However, in order to improve the operation of the chain need to master a lot of skills, the details can not be ignored, the following is a detailed introduction.

See how to evaluate the display of goods

we all know that the goods are displayed in the supermarket have their own rules to follow, reasonable goods display allows consumers to find the products you want to buy the fastest, then, how to do a good job on display goods? How to display the goods and how to play it? A. position. In the five layer shelves as an example, if the company’s products on display at the golden display line, namely second,

Pasta in the process of joining these need to pay attention to

food and beverage market to join the industry so much, you choose the project did not? You don’t know across the food catering to join interested, anyway, Xiaobian know pasta join has become many businesses choose, a lot of people are the value of the huge business opportunities in the market and the choice of pasta, pasta now is investment, operators are finding new investors to join, pasta has too much everyone to learn shop

Cost killer Zheng Nanyan’s success

saves the cost, can make your net profit more, this is like countless entrepreneurs are a little pursuit, but in multiple consumer, a lot of people is difficult to achieve, but Zheng Nanyan was successful, but also a very high reputation, let’s see how successful he is. Zheng Nanyan file: 1992, founder of labor industry computer company; 2000, general manager and vice president of Ctrip Travel Network Chinese area; in 2005, founded the "7 days"

November 30th night to the province in December 2nd once again into the air temperature

Reporters learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, by the South Asian Trough eastward pressure split cold air impact, from November 30th to the night of December 2nd, the province has a hair, cool weather process. Meteorological department recommends that the relevant areas do a good job of forest grassland fire, livestock and agricultural facilities, such as cold insulation.

Bus IC card annual review is ongoing 200 thousand student cards, 130 thousand cards have passed the

With the start of bus IC card annual work once a year, since September 1st, a total of 200 thousand student card, 130 thousand elderly card through the year examined, at the same time, the New Year cards for students nearly million. this year, to participate in the annual examination of the bus Qatar 1.3 million, annual time start to October 31st from September 1st, heavy task, time is tight, fewer personnel is a problem

Cool summer tourists packed with Xining

would like to come to Xining to enjoy the cool, I am afraid to find a good place to live. Now Xining major hotel occupancy rate has reached more than 100%, more than four star luxury hotel already full. July, cool Xining into more and more foreign tourists, a total of 2 million 103 thousand and 200 passengers and tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 9.39%. Total tourism revenue 1 billion 724 million

The provincial government issued the deepening of Huangshui River Basin comprehensive water pollutio

In order to strengthen the comprehensive management of water pollution in Huangshui River Basin, the provincial government recently issued "on the further deepening of the implementation of the views of" the comprehensive management of water pollution from the Huangshui River Basin, accelerate the construction of sewage pipe network, accelerate the implementation of sewage treatment plant expansion project, to strengthen the depth of upgrading and reconstruction of industrial enterprises wastewater treatment, increase the construction of ecological

Xining 200 tons of coal-fired boilers during the transformation

is the air pollution situation improved in winter spring season, the provincial capital will be clean energy heating in winter as a major breakthrough in the blue sky project ", the implementation of the year to complete the urban area of 200 tons of steam coal fired boiler coal gas, reduce dust pollution of burning coal producing city. this year, the provincial capital repeatedly suffered haze pollution can not be ignored is that the sulfur