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Xining First People’s Hospital with excellent results through the three assessment

after three years of active preparation, Xining First People’s Hospital finally ushered in the evaluation of the level of a comprehensive hospital in three. 22 December 2011 – 23, the Qinghai provincial health department organization of hospital accreditation group of 24 experts to the city hospital, according to the "three general hospitals of Qinghai Province, the review rules" requirements, detailed and careful review. After reviewing the group of experts on the two day of justice,

Xining Bridge Street office the elderly dying community care

April 22nd, the staff member of the Xining Bridge Street office Tian Guiqin holding a good stew of meat from home, rushed into the north of the city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine ward. March 19th, the newspaper published the "warm love, the old man’s heart" reported, after a lapse of more than a month, the 79 year old widowed king, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, may at any time to leave the world. In

Qing 71, promoting party building, innovation and development

"71" on the eve of the District Bureau of Justice Party branch organized political and administrative party members and cadres to join the party activists to celebrate the party’s birthday forum activities. In June 29th, combining with the development of the learning party organization construction and "police officers" of the core values of education activities, to further practice the "loyalty, for the people, justice and honesty" core values of police officers and men as the

Xining City, the deployment of the 2009 annual subscription issue of Party newspapers and journals

  October 31st, Xining city held the 2009 annual party ordering and distribution work meetings, arrangements for the New Year party issued. the meeting pointed out that the party newspapers and journals is an important position of public opinion of the party and plays an important role in building a socialist harmonious society. All localities and departments and units should stand on the in-depth study and practice the Scientific Outlook on Development height, fully understand

The work of art and Art Association will be held to promote the work

10 31, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department held a joint conference and the literary work will promote the work. The meeting reviewed and summarized in the general secretary Xi Jinping literary and artistic work forum important speech under the guidance of the development of literature and art work in our province, the deployment of the current and future period. the meeting noted that the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech forum for two years,

The first youth badminton passion start

In December 5th, our province the first Chinese sports lottery Lotto cup youth badminton tournament in the provincial capital of the start, hundreds of young people from across the province to compete on the same field, habayashi hegemony.

Xining 200 tons of coal-fired boilers during the transformation

is the air pollution situation improved in winter spring season, the provincial capital will be clean energy heating in winter as a major breakthrough in the blue sky project ", the implementation of the year to complete the urban area of 200 tons of steam coal fired boiler coal gas, reduce dust pollution of burning coal producing city. this year, the provincial capital repeatedly suffered haze pollution can not be ignored is that the sulfur

Three district construction year as a result

On the morning of January 13th, mayor Wang Yubo hosted the municipal government party (enlarged) meeting, study and implement the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee, arrangements for the deployment of a quarter of the key work in the five. Wang Yubo stressed that the members of the municipal government party must take the lead in-depth study and understand the spirit of the five plenary meeting of the twelve session

Xining customs clearance for the first time since the tax break 400 million yuan mark

Xining customs tax revenue has reached 419 million yuan, an increase of more than last year, more than last year, more than $31 million in tax warehousing. This is the Xining customs clearance, the first time since the tax break 400 million yuan mark. Xining customs revenue growth this year to two factors. On the one hand, our province’s economic rebound and constantly improve people’s lives the good situation, boosting the customs import and export

Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau held food safety into the community,

how to use the most simple way to identify the authenticity of tobacco and alcohol? How can I buy safe rice, flour, oil? What is the healthiest way to eat?……" The afternoon of October 10th, organized by the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce of the "food safety lecture" science knowledge into the community in the city area Shi Po Street community. The staff about the food safety problems to attend lectures and 60