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← Previous Story Switzerland: Kadetten won Super Cup! Next Story → Fantastic Bielecki – 11 goals against FA Goppingen! Season 2010/2011 is on the way and we want to take a closer look on handball transfer market in last three months. We chose 10 largest and most interesting transfer between handball teams all over Europe. Even if is German Bundesliga the richest and the best Liga in the World of Handball, the most interesting transaction in our oppinion is move of Kiril Lazarov from C.O Zagreb to Ciudad Real. This is a list…TOP 10 handball transfers of summer 20101. Kiril Lazarov (30, C.O Zagreb – Renovalia Ciudad Real) 125.000 EURO transfer feeMacedonian biggest sports star will finally take a participation in some serious European League. Because of his playing in Hungary and Croatia, despite his phenomenal atacking skills and scores, many of handball people didn’t want to admit that Lazarov is the best right back atacker in the Globe. Now, after his move to Spain is real moment to see “whether or not”. It will be interesting to see, how he will find himself in the team full of stars.2. Michael Kraus (27, TBV Lemgo – HSV Hamburg)  300.000 Euro transfer feeA lot of speculation stories was made about this guy in last two years and finally, after his move to HSV, all of them coming to the end. “Golden boy” of German handball, best playmaker of German national team and big hope of handball people in most handballlest country in the World, now will have a chance to show his full potential without excuses about lack of motivation because of missing Champions league, stronger games, etc. HSV wants just trophies and Kraus has to bring them as a soldier from the “first row” near Duvnjak.3. Ivan Cupic (24, Gorenje Velenje – Rhein Neckar Lowen)It’s a time for Germany to see magic of Ivan Cupic. Small guy from Metkovic with big heart after knee ligament surgery and injury when he stayed without half of the finger, keep his performances high, to high to catch contract with one of the biggest team today. RNL need some “winning mentality” in they want to compete with THW Kiel and HSV Hamburg. “Crazy Croat” is right person for that…4. Mikel Hansen (23, F.C Barcelona – AG Copenhagen)There must be a strong reasons when some player leave the biggest club in history of handball, maybe of all sport, F.C Barcelona and back to his country, Denmark. That’s done strong left back, good shooter, Mikel Hansen,who spent in Catalonia just two seasons, with one final of CL competition. Obviosly, offer of rich sponsor Kasi Jesper was so good and project of Danish club at the TOP of CL.5. Viktor Silagy (32, VFL Gummersbach – SG Flensburg)Real rapsody of handball is when on the court you see Viktor Silagy. Fantastic season in Gummersbach and National team of Austria is behind him and now it’s time for Champions League in t-shirts of SG Flensburg. One of the best atack organisers, slow but danger, for sure can play at the highest level.6. Milutin Dragicevic (27, BSV Silkeborg – THW Kiel)One of the strongest player in handball today, “Hercules” as called him Danish fans, best player and also a scorer of Danish championships move to THW Kiel to show his full potential at the biggest stage. With his motivation and sports culture, he is unbeatable.7. Mirko Alilovic (25, Ademar Leon – Celje Pivovarna Lasko)Young goalkeeper with a lot of experience, after a few years in ASOBAL is back to Balkan. Celje Pivovarna Lasko with Noka Serdarusic on the bench atract a lot of players. Good voice is hearing far away. Alilovic just now coming in the best phase of his career and Celje will enjoy.8. Johan Sjostrand (23, SG Flensburg – F.C Barcelona)With Scandi goalkeeper is hard to miss. One of the most tallented is Sjostrand, as we saw in his junior age with Sweden, when he won WC title and after in Flensburg. Probably, long and succesfull era in “Blaugrana”.9. Joachim Boldsen (32, F.C Barcelona – AG Copenhagen)As Hansen, also Joachim Boldsen decided to back to the country and start with a new project in AG. With 32 age and a lot of trophies (Denmark won EURO 2008) he has to be satisfied and relaxed until end of career.10. Petar Metlicic (35, Ciudad Real – Celje Pivovarna Lasko)He wanted to stay in Ciudad Real, but Dujshebaev wanted some refreshment on his place. Famous captain of Croatia, left Spain and between Zagreb and Celje, took Slovenian team, probably, because of lower pressure than in “proud of Croatia”, as we know that C.O Zagreb is some kind of national team. handball transfers 2010Ivan CupicJoachim BoldsenJohan SjostrandKiril LazarovMichael KrausMikkel HansenMilutin DragicevicPetar MetlicicViktor Silagy read more

Sixth team of Polish handball, MMTS Kwidzyn is forced to leave two important players Robert Orzechowski (24) and Michael Adamuszka at the end of the season. The first right wing of Polish NT Orzechowski certanly won’t have a problem to find a new team for the upcoming season:– In the case of Robert Orzechowski and Michael Adamuszka we weren’t able to meet their financial requirements, while Sebastian Suchowicz got a very attractive offer from another club. His contract is valid for one more year, but we will let him to go if he wants to leave club – said club’s president Jacek Wilke.source: sportowefakty.plphoto: ← Previous Story EHF CL 1/4: THW Kiel – Veszprem, Atletico Madrid – Barcelona, Metalurg – Vive, Hamburg – Flensburg Next Story → Biljana Filipovic goes back to France – Nice! Polish HandballPolish national handball teamRobert Orzechowski read more

GWD MindenMarco OnetoMiladin Kozlina German GWD Minden will have much stronger roster in the next season. Currently 13th team of DKB Bundesliga signed two experienced players with a lot of international success – Slovenian defensive specialist Miladin Kozlina (32, as we wrote 10 days ago) and Chilean star – line player Marco Oneto (photo). Kozlina is coming from RK Vardar Skopje, where he fights for the EHF CL F4 and have a really big impact in defensive line. Oneto is in SC Magdeburg, where he came last summer from Hungarian TOP team MKB Veszprem.Both players have won the EHF Champions League in their careers. Kozlina did that with RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko in 2004, while Oneto played for golden Barcelona in season 2010/2011.GWD’s coach Goran Perkovac is very satisfied with the transfers: Eijlers, Kozlina and Oneto were players from my wish list. All of them have fantastic careers with a lot of success. No one of them played in relegation battles, so that will force us to make better league position in the future – said Perkovac for official club’s website.  ← Previous Story WHAT A GOAL: Dibirov’s magic! Next Story → 60 MINUTES TO “LANXESS ARENA”: Kiel waiting for… read more

← Previous Story Azoty Pulawy with new head-coach – Dragan Markovic! Next Story → Arpad Sterbik next four years in RK Vardar Skopje! Slovenia beat Austria 34:29 (14:14) in the friendly match in Maribor. Both teams began preparation for the upcoming two weekends in which they will play matches of the WCh 2015 qualification for Qatar. Slovenians will meet Hungary, while Austria waiting clashes against Norway.Slovenia : Austria 34:29 (14:14)Slovenia: Bombač 1, Miklavčič, Pucelj, Kavtičnik 5, Bezjak 1, Natek 2, Dolenec 2, Skube 6, Medved 1, Bundalo 1, L. Žvižej, Gaber, Nosan 1, Gajić 14 (8), Škof (6 saves), Ferlin (5 saves), Prošt (4 saves – 1 x 7-m)Avstrija: Marinović (5 saves), Bauer (4 saves), Hermann 5, Ziura 2, Schmid 2, Božović 2, Woss 4, Mayer 3, Szilagyi 2, Posch, Wagesreiter 1, Kolar, T. Weber, R. Weber 7 (4), Edelmüller, Santos 1. read more

 Loading … Germany is looking for a new coach of the national team! The German Handball Federation announced talks with two candidates – Leipzig’s coach Christian Prokop and TBV Stutgart leader Markus Baur. Both coaches are under valid contracts with their teams who are playing at DKB Bundesliga.What do you think, who was more qualities to replace Dagur Sigurdsson? christian prokopMarkus Baur Who has to replace Dagur Sigurdsson? Christian Prokop Markus BaurView Results ← Previous Story Celje PL scores 42 against Izvidjac in “run and gun” game Next Story → HP EURO 2016 PREDICTION: Dutch girls going for the gold!

← Previous Story Antonio Rama to overtake BM Granollers next summer Next Story → Maccabi Castro Tel Aviv win Israeli Cup after 52 years! The French National Olympic Committee in Paris is the venue of choice for the Women’s EHF EURO 2018 Qualification draw on 21 April at 12:30 hrs.At the draw 28 teams will be drawn into seven groups of four teams each. The top two ranked teams of each group as well as the best third ranked team overall will qualify for the 16-nation final tournament in France in December 2018.France, as hosts, are the only team qualified directly.The teams are seeded in the following pots:Pot 1: Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, MontenegroPot 2: Russia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, CroatiaPot 3: Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Austria, Belarus, Turkey, FYR MacedoniaPot 4: Italy, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Switzerland, Winner Q 1 Gr. A, Winner Q 1 Gr. BThe first qualification phase will be played from 9 to 11 June 2017. Finland, Faroe Islands and Greece were drawn to Group A, Israel, Kosovo and Georgia to Group B.Only the winner of each group advances to the second, the main qualification phase. read more

first_imgTHE FIRST PRIVATE  sexual and reproductive health centre that provides medical abortions is to open in Belfast. Operated by Marie Stopes International, the clinic will offer medical abortions up to nine weeks gestation, when the life of the pregnant woman is at immediate risk and / or if there is a long term or permanent risk to her physical or mental health.What does this mean for the Irish Republic’s situation? We asked pro-choice campaigner Sinéad Marie Ahern and pro-life campaigner Cora Sherlock to give their viewpoints:Sinéad Marie Ahern of Choice Ireland says: It was with great interest that I heard last night that Marie Stopes in Northern Ireland was to begin offering abortions under the criteria laid out under the 1939 Bourne Judgment.In England in 1938, Dr Alex Bourne performed an abortion on a 14 year old girl who had been raped by a group of soldiers and was extremely distressed. Dr Bourne was prosecuted and was acquitted on the grounds that abortion could be legal if the woman would have become a mental and physical wreck were she to continue the pregnancy. Thus abortion became legal in the North under these very limited circumstances.In England this law was superseded by the 1967 Abortion Act, which allowed abortion to take place in cases where two doctors agreed that continuing the pregnancy would pose a greater risk to the woman’s mental or physical health and Bourne became irrelevant. The ’67 act was never extended to Northern Ireland however.Despite numerous attempts to introduce guidelines however there has been little or no legal clarification around this. This is eerily similar to the situation in the Republic where despite the constitution, two referenda and the Supreme Court providing for abortion where a woman’s life is at risk there are no legislative guidelines so essentially women cannot access their rights.I hope that it will cause legislators here to realise that this is an important issue that affects women’s livesMSI are seeking to give women access in Northern Ireland. Many people have asked me, what does this mean? In practical terms it means that for women both North and South whose health is put in grave danger by continuing a pregnancy, they can now access terminations in the North and do not have to travel to England.Politically the consequences are less clear but I hope that this will spur the Stormont assemblies – who have thus far tried to push the issue under the carpet – to introduce clear guidelines that allow women to exercise their rights. For the South I hope that it will also cause legislators here to realise that this is an important issue that affects women’s lives every day and that legislation is required.In broader terms however, for many of the 12 women a day who leave Irish shores to access abortion in the UK this development does not change anything and they must continue to make that lonely journey at great financial cost. This is a welcome development but it does not address the wider issue of abortion and that is something we need to talk about.Programme director Dawn Purvis at the new Marie Stopes centre in Belfast. (Paul Faith/PA Wire/Press Association Images)Cora Sherlock of the Pro-Life Campaign says:The announcement by Marie Stopes International is entirely inappropriate given that the 1967 Abortion Act has not been extended to Northern Ireland. It amounts to nothing more than an attempt to define the law in this area. Previous attempts to introduce abortion into Northern Ireland were met with huge opposition, and I expect nothing less on this occasion.Marie Stopes’ plans must not be allowed to influence the debate in the Republic. Ireland is a world leader in the area of maternal health. Can Marie Stopes say the same? Let’s not forget that less than 12 months ago, a doctor in London who performed procedures for Marie Stopes was struck off the medical register over a botched abortion. It subsequently came to light that he had been involved in another case where a woman died. These cases should raise serious questions for all those concerned for women’s health and welfare.The Irish people will recognise this move for what it is.Marie Stopes is in no position to set the law in this area. As an organisation, it disregards the humanity of the unborn child completely. It refuses to recognise the negative effects of abortion on many women. It is trying to impose an abortion service in Northern Ireland where one is neither wanted nor needed.The comments from Dawn Purvis make no reference to the fact that abortion is never necessary to save the life of a woman. Doctors in Ireland adhere to the internationally-recognised distinction between medical treatment carried out to save the life of the mother where the baby dies as an unwanted consequence, and abortion, where there is no other intention but to end the life of the unborn.The Irish people will recognise this move for what it is – an attempt to introduce abortion into society without first addressing the negative consequences and serious ethical issues that follow.Read: First private abortion clinic to open in Northern Ireland>More: Yes, No or Ask Again: voting in Ireland’s referendums over the years>last_img read more

first_imgMET EIREANN IS providing a new service that help agencies in emergency cases related to the dispersion of hazardous materials in the atmosphere.Radiation, gas, volcanoesThe system enables the authorities to track and forecast the movement of materials in the atmosphere, if there was a disaster of some kind, be it radiation, a gas explosion or volcanic plume.The tailored system will help the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM).For DAFM the system is primarily aimed at predicting the movement of Foot and Mouth virus particles in the event of an outbreak of the disease, while the EPA will use it in the event of emergencies related to chemical spillages, large fires or distant volcanic eruptions that might compromise air quality over Ireland.The RPII will use the system for guidance on the dispersion of radioactive materials released into the atmosphere.Up-to-date informationThe user-friendly system is designed so that the latest weather information is always available to provide the most up-to-date information in an emergency.All data are at the native resolution of the forecast system and are automatically updated as new forecasts are produced.Met Eireann has given an example of how it might work. Below shows an incident in January 2013 when a large quantity of Mercaptan gas was accidentally released by a factory in northern France.Ireland experienced no major health issues but Met Eireann said the smell of ‘rotten eggs’ could be smelt over large distances.The animation below shows how the gas plume likely dispersed in the lower atmosphere. Areas in red or orange were likely to experience traces of a bad odour. The concentration of the gas was not high enough to be smelt by the time the plume reached Ireland, two days after its initial release.Read: Batten down the hatches, there’s a storm a comin’>Read: Even the weather has the post-Budget blues>last_img read more

first_imgIT’S A MAD world out there.And to help bring you all the bonkers with minimum hassle, has sifted through the world’s most bizarre news stories this week in order to bring you the cream of the crazy.A bingo hall brawl has led to two women injured and six banned for life in Devon, England. Chairs were thrown as a mass scuffle broke out, with one on-looker describing the bingo-related incident as “vicious”.  (Mirror)A fire in a sugar factory sent a 30,000 ton river of caramel into a nearby town in southern Brazil. The warehouse fire sent molten liquid running down into Santa Adelia and its environs. Firefighters worked for 75 hours to extinguish the blaze, while barriers of earth were mounted to protect the town from being engulfed by the sweet, sweet syrup. (Mirror) Source: NBell NBellA mobile phone saved a man’s life in Orlando, Florida. The HTC took the full impact of a bullet fired at the man’s abdomen during an attempted robbery of a petrol station – giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “smartphone”.  (Telegraph)Loose glass eyes and runaway dentures have been used as sick day excuses, according to a new study. The research, undertaken by jobs website CareerBuilder, revealed that one third of respondents used sick days because they “didn’t feel like going to work”.  Fair enough. (Yahoo) Source: MoonCostumeA Texan has survived being hit by lightning twice. Casey Wagner, a dirt bike enthusiast, was struck by lightning twice in the one storm at an off-road competition. Wagner has stated that he “plans to start going to church more”. (AP)A California hot sauce factory is making locals weep. Strong chilli odours from the sriracha plant have led to residents complaining of burning eyes, irritated throats and headaches. That’s a spicy meatball! ( Source: Genius7277And finally – a squirrel is to blame for bicycle vandalism in Iowa, evidence shows. Authorities at Iowa Lakes Community College say the critter chewed through two tires, a bicycle seat, a headlight and a taillight in the span of a two day vandalism binge. A professor came forward with photos to prove the squirrel was behind the damage. He is reportedly now parking his bicycle indoors. (Yahoo)Read: Weird Wide Web – self-driving cars, printed weapons and is the NSA watching you?Read: Dell users complain that some laptops “smell of cat wee”last_img read more

first_imgTODAY AVIVA HEALTH Insurance announced that it is to increase its premiums by an average of 5.2 per cent gross on a range of plans effective from 1 January, 2014.Aviva said that it “greatly regrets” that it has to impose the additional increase which they said is due to the “impact of recent changes in government policy on public hospital bed charges”.They added that the increase in the cost of claims has been driven upwards by the shift in the age composition of their customer base.Government policyThey added that the Government’s decision last Friday not to reduce the rates set out in legislation passed by the Oireachtas last July which allows privately insured patients to be charged for the use of a public bed in a public hospital, was a contributing factor. They stated that the decision means that the new bed charge is up to 10.8 times the old charge. They stated:From the 1 January next, our customers will be charged up to €813 per night when they occupy a public bed in a public hospital. The current charge is €75 per night. This new charge directly increases the cost of providing cover for our members.PlansAviva did state however that a number of their policies will not see an increase, adding that they are not increasing the price of popular plans such as some of the recently launched affordable entry level plans, Family Focus and Future Focus. Level 2 Complete Health is also not being increased.Aviva’s CEO, Alison Burns said “we are deeply conscious of the struggle our customers face to maintain their health cover. That is why we have decided not to increase the price of some of our popular entry level plans”. She said: Those due to renew in January and February already face premium increases as a result of the government’s decision to reduce tax relief. With this in mind, we have held our increase to the absolute minimum of an average of 5.2 per cent.Burns stated that government’s recent policy changes have “severely disrupted” the health insurance market. She concluded that “as a responsible regulated insurer” they must ensure that they are in a position to pay the claims of our customers when they get sick.Damien Kiberd: Why we need to deliver an Irish version of the NHS>Read: Health insurance bosses stress the need to attract young people to the market>last_img read more

first_imgTHE TWO MAIN opposition parties have criticised the government after it emerged that the text of the HSE Service Plan was altered the day before it was published.A story in today’s Sunday Business Post reports “last minute” changes to the text of the executive’s spending plans for 2014 which contain €619 million in cuts.The story says that the text of the plan was changed from “it will not be possible” to meet all of “the growing demands” placed on the health service next year to “it will be very challenging” to meet those demands.Speaking on RTÉ’s This Week programme earlier, the HSE director general Tony O’Brien confirmed that Cabinet discussions about the Service Plan on Tuesday “changed the context in which the service plan was to be approved”.“Minister [James] Reilly contacted me after the Cabinet, told me about the decisions, we discussed the changes that might be necessary in order to reflect those changes,” he said. “I proposed the changes, he agreed them, and the plan was published.”A spokesman for Reilly said that “the changes to the language of the Service Plan were made possible by virtue of what was approved at Cabinet last Tuesday.“The Cabinet decided that Health would receive an extra €47 million – €46m from Social Protection, €1m from elsewhere – and approved a budget management strategy that informed the final draft of the Service Plan.”‘Extraordinary’But opposition parties slammed the news today, with Fianna Fáil’s health spokesperson expressing outrage at the “extraordinary” report from Pat Leahy in the Business Post.“Coming just a week after it emerged that the scale of the deficit this year was much greater than the figure outlined in the Dáil by Minister Reilly, this raises serious questions about the accuracy of what people are being told about our health services,” the Cork North-Central TD said.Kelleher said that by “forcing the presentation” of the plan to be changed “for political purposes” the government had implicated senior executives in the HSE.But O’Brien told RTÉ that the situation was “nowhere near as dramatic” as claimed and said that the Service Plan was changed to “reflect decisions that were made”, distancing himself from claims that anyone threatened to resign during the process.“It seems every time anyone says anything in health about anything there’s a suggestion we’ve all threatened to resign whether that’s me or Ministers,” he said. “I’m not aware of anyone having threatened to resign.”Sinn Féin’s health spokesperson Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin said that Reilly had “sanitised” the presentation of the HSE’s spending plans and said that the funding plans “now have zero credibility”.Read: HSE still reviewing where €108m ‘unspecified’ pay savings can be found in 2014HSE Service Plan confirms €619 million in cuts across health services next yearlast_img read more

first_imgALMOST THREE DOZEN bars, restaurants and off-licences have agreed to halt alcohol sales for an early St Patrick’s Day celebration created by students at a Pennsylvania university.The move is an effort to curb drinking for the unofficial holiday which has become known as State Patty’s Day, using the Americanised term for the holiday.In exchange, each business will receive a $5,000 (€3,700) subsidy to help account for lost revenue. A committee composed of Penn State university and community leaders announced the plan and listed 34 businesses that it said supported this Saturday’s “alcohol-free zone.”Every downtown establishment that sells alcohol will refrain from doing so on Saturday, said Damon Sims, university vice president of student affairs and co-chairman of a committee known as the Partnership: Campus & Community United Against Dangerous Drinking. The majority of the funds to pay for the subsidies to businesses would come from campus parking fees collected during previous State Patty’s Day weekends, he said.State Patty’s Day was created in 2007 to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when it fell on spring break that year. But the holiday no longer falls during the break, and school administrators, student leaders and community residents have grown weary of a weekend that has become synonymous with excessive drinking and property damage.Besides that, the last thing Penn State needs as it seeks to redeem its reputation after the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal is more negative attention.Other schools have similar unofficial holidays, but Sims said he thought no other university community had gone to the extent of getting establishments to go alcohol-free.“Everyone in the partnership really wanted this to go away. … This became one of the few things that we thought of that we hadn’t tried,” Sims said in a phone interview. “Perhaps we can find more headway than in the past.”“Excessive drinking”The weekend in recent years has also sparked talk on social media, which authorities have said has contributed to a spike in out-of-town revelers.“This is an outside-the-box solution that businesses, the borough, student leaders and the University have embraced,” Tom Fountaine, borough manager and committee cochairman, said in a statement that included declarations of support from student and business leaders.Police, along with community, school and student groups, have ramped up efforts in recent years to counter the excessive drinking that marks State Patty’s Day. Fraternities and sororities banned parties for Friday and all social functions Saturday. Volunteer opportunities have also been promoted as alternative activities in a day of service.Last year, authorities said arrests dropped by about 13 per cent to roughly 300.Food and non-alcoholic drinks will still be offered by establishments to appeal to “responsible visitors.” Penn State’s two campus hotels also planned to cut off alcohol sales on Saturday.It was unclear how the initiative would affect establishments that weren’t downtown. In previous years, state liquor stores closed early for the day.Making downtown alcohol-free means the stepped-up police presence can focus on cracking down on house parties or otherwise unlicensed establishments, Sims said.Read: Drinking alcohol may improve ability to detect changes >last_img read more

first_imgWE’RE NOW DUMPING less waste in landfills than ever, with more waste recovered and a high percentage used for fuel.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began recording waste statistics in 1995.It said today that 2012 was the first year that a higher percentage of municipal waste was recovered (56 per cent) than disposed of to landfill (44 per cent).The initial estimates indicate that the proportion of municipal waste recycled in Ireland in 2012 is 38 per cent, down from the 40 per cent recorded in 2011.Fuel The increase in the recovery rate for waste was mainly through an increase in the use of it as fuel (energy recovery).The figures mean that Ireland is on track to achieve the 2013 EU Landfill Directive target of diverting biodegradable municipal waste from landfill.But the EPA warns that meeting the 2016 target is at risk. This could particularly be the case if economic recovery leads to increased waste generation.Although we are generating less landfill waste, the number of landfills accepting municipal solid waste for disposal has also decreased – from 19 in 2012 to 11 by the end of 2013.Waste generationThe EPA puts the change down to increases in the landfill levy and more opportunities for operators to send municipal waste to recovery.When it comes to the increase in use of waste as a fuel, it says that this is due to a few reasons. Ireland’s first municipal waste-to-energy incinerator became fully operational in 2012Cement kilns are using waste as a fuelThe export of refuse derived fuel to waste-to-energy incinerators on the continent has increased.Dr Jonathan Derham, EPA said that this news shows that Ireland is more efficiently using resources and reducing the waste burden on the environment.The decrease in the proportion of municipal waste recycled is a negative trend which needs to be kept under review. We need to continue to focus on waste prevention, reuse and recycling as the economy recovers to avoid an associated increase in waste generation and to ensure efficient use of resources.Read: Raw sewage is being pumped into water in 42 urban areas in Ireland – EPA>last_img read more

first_imgIt must be borne in mind that most of these people do not know the plaintiff and have never met him. Nevertheless they felt free to name and brand him as a criminal.Previously: Eoin McKeogh loses anonymity case against newspapers > THE HIGH COURT has ordered a group of experts to see whether it is possible to remove from the internet a video which falsely accuses an Irish student of not paying a taxi fare.High Court judge Mr Justice Michael Peart said student Eoin McKeogh has said it is “technically possible” to have the video expunged from internet, but noted that the defendants in the case – including Facebook, Google and YouTube – disagree.The judge proposed that a group of experts meet with 14 days to examine whether or not it is possible.Mr Justice Michael Peart said he acknowledged that companies such as Google and Facebook may find it “inconvenient” to cooperate with the removal of the video, or may fear that it could “open that floodgate” but said that it remained the case that “people have availed of technology which is the property of the defendants in order to seriously defame the plaintiff”.He said he was surprised that Google and Facebook had not been more willing to help McKeogh with the removal of the video.“They ought in my view render more assistance to him than they appear to be willing to render thus far,” the judge said in his ruling.McKeogh had taken the case against Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo and CrowdGather and three John Doe internet commenters.The judge said that McKeogh had been subject to “a miscellany of the most vile, crude, obscene and generally obnoxious comments” on both YouTube and on Facebook after he was misidentified as being the person who appeared in a YouTube video which showed a young man getting out of a taxi and not paying the fare.The video was posted online by the taxi driver who asked if the man could be identified and one commenter named McKeogh as the culprit. McKeogh had been in Japan on the day the video was taken.The judge was strongly critical of users of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, saying:All manner of nasty and seemingly idle minds got to work on the plaintiff [McKeogh], and as seems to happen with apparent impunity nowadays on social media sites, said whatever thing first came into their vacant, idle and meddlesome heads, by posting statements and comments about the plaintiff, so vile and abusive that I ought not to repeat them here.last_img read more

first_imgBAUSCH + LOMB are to invest about €6 million in its Waterford plant to demonstrate their commitment to the site after the recent dispute brought its retention into question.Staff are being informed of the investment today which will see packing and inspection systems at the contact lens manufacturer updated.Last month the company announced that it was reducing its 1,100 strong workforce by 200 people and implementing pay cuts of 20%.Following union negotiations, staff agreed to a 7.5% reduction in basic pay, the elimination of some bonuses, an extra hour in work per week, and a reduction in the sick pay scheme.B+L’s vice president of manufacturing Angelo Conti met with unions and management at the plant today saying that the cost reduction deal has allowed them to give the green-light to the investment and “develop into the future”.Jobs Minister Richard Bruton released a statement from a trade mission in Shanghai welcoming the investment. He said that it is the ‘latest step’ in ensuring the long-term future of the Bausch + Lomb facility.Siptu has welcomed today’s announcement.“Our members made a very difficult decision last week to sacrifice some of their income in order to secure a future for the plant,” said organiser Alan O’Leary.“This was a courageous and brave decision by the workers. In many respects it was a significant leap of faith by the workers in the hope that the parent company would reciprocate and invest in their futures.”The union hopes to enter talks with the firm to reduce the number of proposed voluntary redundancies. It would like to secure a position whereby any improved market conditions would be taken into account over the two year period.Read: IDA promises to help Bausch & Lomb as workers vote for massive cuts >Read: Bausch & Lomb staff vote in favour of cost cutting measures >last_img read more

first_imgNEARLY TWO THIRDS of the country’s credit unions have some form of lending restriction imposed on them.The figure was revealed by Finance Minister Michael Noonan before the Dáil broke and in the week that Berehaven Credit Union in Cork was liquidated amid what the Central Bank called “poor governance and lending practices”.The resolution document for Berehaven says that it breached these lending restrictions twice.However, those breaches are related to two loans for €3,500 and €3,800 above the member’s shares, when the maximum allowable was €3,000 above shares.In Noonan’s parliamentary response, he says that 59% of institutions had some form of restriction on them, but the amounts varied.“Currently about 59% of all credit unions are subject to lending restrictions. Almost all credit unions with a lending restriction in place have a maximum individual loan size restriction. Of the credit unions with lending restrictions, approximately 70% currently can lend €20,000 or more to an individual member, which is a sizeable monetary amount and should cover most individual circumstances.“The Central Bank advises that it sees restrictions, in most cases, as short term in nature, to be lifted when risks have been addressed satisfactorily and necessary corrective measures embedded. The Registrar of Credit Unions informs me that lending restrictions are reviewed on a regular basis. I have introduced legislative changes so that lending restrictions are now subject to an independent appeals process.”Noonan added that he felt the credit union plays an “important role”, but said that lending had to be “constructively considered”.Blunt instrumentThe lending restrictions are designed to stop credit unions lending beyond their means, but are seen as too blunt an instrument.In many cases, they supress the demand for borrowing, shutting off a valuable revenue stream for credit unions. They are also seen as too rigid, not taking into consideration the ability of individual members to repay their loans.Some within the movement have suggested that the restriction, while not the sole cause, played a part in the liquidation of Berehaven.Read: Berehaven Credit Union to be liquidated after ‘poor governance and lending practices’>Read: The Central Bank sent €10 million to Berehaven Credit Union depositors last night>last_img read more

first_imgHappy…Black Wednesday? We’ve still got two days left until Black Friday, but that’s not going to stop Amazon from offering up some sweet deals. The retail giant is celebrating the kick off of holiday shopping all week, from this Monday through Cyber Monday.There’s lots to choose from on the site, but here are some of our top picks for this non-existent holiday, after the jump. Magellan RoadMate 1700 7-Inch Portable GPS NavigatorKodak PlaySport (Zx3) HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera Bundle $149 (Down from $189)Nikon Coolpix L22 12.0MP Digital Camera $86.95 (Down from $129.95)Seagate Expansion 2.0 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive $99.99 (Down from $155.99)Zune HD 32 GB Video MP3 Player $203.99 (Down From $269.99) Livio Internet Radio Featuring Pandora: $127.61 (Down from $199)Zune HD 32 GB Video MP3 Player $203.99 (Down from $269.99)Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings “I Learned the Hard Way” $1.99The Office: Season One $10.99 (Down from $28.99)last_img read more

first_imgOf all of the Google apps I have wanted on my Android phone, Google Reader is probably the biggest. Everything I have used that has tried to offer the Reader functionality onto my phone has failed. I love my Google Reader, but it’s just plain not as useful without the mobility of an app. Fortunately, my favorite overlords have decided to grant a Christmas wish two years in the running, and released Google Reader to the Android Market!Reader has always been available from the mobile web, but the experience has been incomplete, and you always have to login to your Google account every time (rather, I do, because I don’t store my passwords). An app that was tied into your Google account on your phone just makes more sense. Plus, Google managed to stuff the app full of on-the-go functionality!The biggest benefit to Reader Mobile is the ability to both add new things to my reader feed, and have it sync with my reader account on my desktop so you am not reading stuff twice. So far I can say this: Google nailed it with this app. It’s extremely easy to either pop in a URL or search, and, oh man, is the search awesome. You can search for literally every kind of social networking thingy there is, and add the results to your feed.Google did a really great job, and everything so far works exactly like I thought it should. This is exactly what I, and any other Android using Reader fan have been looking for.Grab your copy of Reader in the Market today!Read more at Google’s blog.snap20101201_164538snap20101201_164538snap20101201_164523snap20101201_164500last_img read more

first_imgHere’s a cool little product that’s new for ces. Iomega’s new Superhero stand charges your iPhone and backs important data like contacts and photos to an SD card. The upright docking station is compatible with the iPhone 4, 3G, 3Gs, and the fourth generation iPod touch.You can actually pick the device up now for a suggested $69.99. The Superhero ships with a 4GB SD card, to get you started. AdChoices广告last_img